Clarity Ritual consists of bathing ritual , candle, herbal burn bundle, herbal tea, anointing oil and dream journal
Candle called goddess whispers 8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle
Bathing ritual called soul therapy in a 1 oz glass tube
Herbal tea ritual called green fairy in a 3.4 oz glass jar
Dream journal small tan notebook to record dreams
Anointing oil called essence Of midnight in a 10 ml glass tube
String tied herbal burn bundle with rose petals

Clarity Ritual

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Our clarity ritual is crafted through astrological and ancient mysticism beliefs; this ritual box consists of goddess whispers, soul therapy, green fairy, dream journal, essence of midnight and astral shield, that together create one ritual intended to induce prophetic dreams, astral projection and the meaning behind them. The items within this ritual are meant to remove traumatic chakra blockages and achieve a physical and mental clarity that will allow prophetic dreams and astral projection.

Ritual includes six full size products:

Goddess Whispers (8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle)

The soothing candle consists of lavender, jasmine and rosemary creating an intoxicating bouquet of calming scents. The moon cleansed crystals, oils and herbs within the candle work to purify and cleanse the space; while our hand crafted witch braid wicks, created through knot magic, prepare both the body and mind for astral projecting as the braid burns and unravels.

Soul Therapy (1 oz)

Our Balancing bath salts include 7 herbs & 7 seven oils that target, unblock and balance the users chakras. Chakras are energy vortexes that control and increase our well being and spiritual energy. Spiritual baths are an ancient witchcraft ritual used in many different crafts for spiritual cleansing; the moon charged herbs, flowers and oils within this spiritual bath invoke a calming and relieving effect within the body and soul through the waters.

Green Fairy (3.4 oz)

The bitter witch's brew induces sleep, enhances psychic abilities and produces clear vivid memories of the previous night's dreams. The witch’s Brew should not be taken habitually, nor by pregnant women, because of its hallucinogenic tendencies. Can be served as warm tea, iced beverage or combined with spirits for a heightened effect.

Dream Journal

As vividly as we remember our dreams when we wake up, they tend to fade as the time goes by. Which is why we highly encourage writing down as much of your dream as you can remember as you awaken, to better interpret the meanings behind them.

Essence Of Midnight (10 ml)

Your third eye is the gate to your spiritual and intuitive self, your connection with the universe. The crystal roll on, oils and herbs within this anointing oil cleanse and power the third eye creating a clearer connection to the spiritual realm and our higher selves.

Astral Shield

Smudging is practiced within many different crafts: it’s the action of burning dried bundled herbs to rid negative energy from a place, person or object. The herbs within this smudge are meant to enhance prophetic dreams, induce sleep and cleanse the surrounding area.

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