The Book Critique Corner - Honest Reviews To a Library Of Books

The Book Critique Corner - Honest Reviews To a Library Of Books

I don't take review submission requests. I give my personal opinion on the book and that is okay. If you're on the fence about reading a book, get a second opinion. But if these reviews help you to pick faster and avoid wasting time, then I'm glad to help. Book reviews are completely honest, but clicking on a book and purchasing may lead to incantari earning a paid commission, and that's the way the cookie crumbles! It's no secret that I am a content creator, entrepreneur, writer, spiritual justice advocate, and cultural preservationist... We all need to eat, so if you click a book and buy a book, thanks for the love and support.


Book 1

Meeting the shadow: The dark hidden power of human nature

Great intro into shadow work, besides going into Carl Jung's theories on archetypes and our subconscious. It puts into practice these situations shows us what it looks like when our shadow self is ignored, suffocated and even when it's triggered. It's not to say that our shadows are evil, we all intake information and situations differently. Our shadows are our repressions and sometimes, that hurts those around us. Meeting the shadow is a great start to understanding shadow work from both psychological and personal.

Rating: ★★★

Book 2

The Cafe on the Edge of the World: A Story About the Meaning of Life

While spirituality is a great way of putting explanation on subjects society refuses to acknowledge or address, it can’t always be our answer in life. We all need a purpose and in today’s day and age of the Apocalypse, we’re all pretty fucking tired and lost, confused at the bare minimum. This is where this book comes in to place, it’s not a long nor difficult read. It’s inspirational and reminds us of why life is worth living. We all need a little reminder now and then, of why we hang in there to begin with. And this Summer of Chaos thanks to Astrology has been a lotttt, take a breathe and a break. Then do yourself a favor and read this book, remind yourself of Joy and how crucial it is.

Rating: ★★★★

Book 3

Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing (First Peoples: New Directions in Indigenous Studies)

Don’t be scared at a large text book like book that is not what this is. Very rarely do I say this about books I’ve read but damn is this one well written book, besides the immaculate research supporting its theories…its absolutely perfectly woven together and such an easy read!! It connects so much history to modern day healing techniques, for birth during and after births. If you’re looking for holistic Indigenous rituals, rites and overall reproductive healing information than this is the book you’ve been dreaming about. Ironically talks about dreams being a crucial part to analyzing our health but I digress, you’ll have to read it yourself. I shall be re-reading it for years to come. And while I am not nor am seeking to become pregnant Also learned more information than I could have dreamed about, the connection the author was able to paint with ancient healers to modern ones today was just beautiful honestly. Give it a shot, i promise you will not regret it!

Rating: ★★★★★

Book 4

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

The toltecs are an ancient Mesoamerican group and while this book is based on their wisdom and ways of life, you need not know a single one in order to understand and use the martial in this book. It’s a best seller for a reason and has stayed so for over decades, its a great reminder that we make problems far larger than they need be or even are. The agreements are four questions that essentially make us: who you are, what you feel, what you believe and how you behave, the totality being your personality. When our lives are ruled by numerous “agreements” it’s hard to keep up with it all. This book is essentially the novel version of “Keep it simple stupid” but in a wise tone of course.

Rating: ★★★

Book 5

Sacred Teachings of Mayan Astrology: Secrets of Tzolkin: Comprehensive Guide to Mayan Astrology and Divination Practices

Did you think Western and Eastern astrology’s were all we had to work with? Think again loves, the Mayans are quite notorious for their calendars and ancient astrology. Why this book and not any other one out there on Mayan Astrology? Because besides being cohesive, it takes its time to explain a lottt of information in the most clear format, as a reader, I appreciate that. It holds the key principles to Mayan astrology and then some, it clears up any confusion you’ve ever had on the Mayan calendar…lol and yes, I had many. It was quite the eye opener on how much there still is to learn.

Rating: ★★★

Book 6

Stories of Ancient Astrology: A Fascinating View into the History of Astrology in Different Cultures Around the Globe

This book focuses more on how the myths turned into zodiacs and the correlation between them. It briefly travels through the ancient worlds and their versions of astrology. While it won’t focus on how the signs and planets function in relation to us. It does explain why they are known as they are and how that came about. It goes into detail about famous figures like Pythagoras and his mathematical contribution to astrology and his spiritual schools. This book is a quick and immersive read, it’s a great book to begin with when you just simply want to understand where all these beliefs come from and most importantly WHY…

Rating: ★★★★

Book 7

Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape

This is not your average Astrology book, especially because it focuses so deeply into retrogrades but most importantly because it focuses on the science and the spiritual simultaneously. This book is deep and packed fill with information and mythologies. Not necessarily the first book a beginner should pick up but definitely a book that should be in every astrologers personal library! You find yourself reading along and coming to the same conclusions as the author announces them, Sullivan does such a great job at waiting a picture of his thoughts that we have no other choice but to see it clearly and loudly. Great read, will honestly have to keep re-reading, it’s definitely one of those books that you learn something new every time you go back to it.

Rating: ★★★★★


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    Hey – I didn’t realize you do book reviews! I love your videos on Instagram. I wrote a novel about plagues and pharmaceuticals, publishing right around the time the lockdowns started. 😱 Anyway, it’s written around the zodiac wheel and each of the 12 chapters focuses on a specific sign. I’d be very curious about your review since you’re actually knowledgeable about the signs and most people seem to miss what I was trying to throw down. Happy to send you a physical copy and custom zodiac wheel bookmark if you’re interested. Thanks!

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