About Our Craft

Incantari was born out of the need to express how normal alternative spirituality is and to release the stigma in hopes to create a world more accepting of the misfit, strange and the science that has yet to be explained, other wise known as witchcraft. All of our arts come from a life long practice of ancient ancestral traditions intertwined with holistic organic products to create everyday self-care witchcraft to help achieve all of our deepest desires.

Incantari's purpose is to support any spiritually open minded individual looking to heal and help themselves get through everyday life issues such as; high stress, low self esteem, low libido, high anxiety, loneliness, depression, insomnia, mood swings, hypersensitive emotions and much more.

Our Co-founder Sasha has lived her entire life divided between two religious and cultural beliefs. Her mother is a practicing pristest of Santeria and her father is a conservative catholic. Her parents were very opposite and most of the differences were set aside and suppressed for during their marriage, but unfortunately and fortunately they were able to be themselves again after they seperated from each other. Sasha happily learned and practiced along side of her mother which her ancestors have done before her. However, when splitting her time between parents Sasha was expected to divide her beliefs and support her fathers love for Catholicism as well. This was no issue for Sasha because although she is deeply connected to her witchy manifestations she has a limitless love for her lord and savor Jesus Christ. Ultimately, this leads Sasha down a very interesting path of discovery and acceptance in what she feels is an accurate belief of her own. As she grew older, her love for both Santeria and Catholicism grew, but so did her love for history, archaeology and research. This resulted in a path of becoming educated archeological, then her traveling across America and Mexico to partake in excavations for artifacts. As this progressed she began obsessing and researching various cultures and their versions of religion and magical practices. 

Sasha has always felt like there's been a stigma against her beliefs because "witchcraft" has a negative connotation to it. However, if she were to just say she is catholic most would accept that as a viable "normal" life style. Sasha felt this empowering drive to rid the stigma of this by showing the world how ALL cultures and ALL religions have their own kinds of manifestations, spells, enchantments and that it even though we all vary in details the underlying intentions align as one. Sasha then devoted her magic, religious beliefs and trained skillset to solving immediate problems in her life hoping to share it with the world. This is how incantari emerged and is now in service to anyone willing to accept it's guidance.

incantari is our practice. It is Sasha's product to help solve the stigma by combining many well known facts, science, magic, cultures, religions all into one ritual meant to help any individual through self-care magic. The focus is to aid and support within yourself so that you can achieve and manifest all your desires.