2024's Astrology: How Will your sign be affected?!

2024's Astrology: How Will your sign be affected?!

Oh 2024, how we've awaited your arrival! Throughout the year, let's take a moment to reflect on how we connect with the world and harness the power of fire because unlike 2023, this year is bursting with activity and action. The influence of Mercury retrogrades, occurring in fire signs for most of the year (except for a brief period in Virgo), adds to this enchanting theme. And by enchanting....I mean these retrogrades are about to be aggrisevly bat shit crazy. At least we can't claim 2024 to be a boring year. With the North Node and eclipses in Aries, and the South Node and eclipses in Libra, it's vital to ensure our actions align with our true selves.

With Pluto entering Aquarius and leaving the sign of Capricorn finally this year, not speaking your truth and embracing the collective, just isn't an option anymore. By staying connected to our inner compass, we can navigate our path with clarity and purpose. Remember, you can't help others, if you yourself are struggling. Make 2024 your self-care year, better the world by bettering yourself or at bare minimum, know when pesky Mercury Retrograde is around the corner so you can hide better. Regardless of your reason why, don't forget to pick up your Astro Self-Care Calendar!

Another major transit this year is Jupiter transitioning from Taurus, the sensual throne of self-worth and value, to Gemini, the curious sylph, on May 26th. Think of Jupiter like a student who gains wisdom and then becomes a teacher. In the realm of ideas and open-mindedness, we have the chance for more conversations and less rigid thinking. Follow your curiosities beyond the screen and into real-life experiences. Did I mention it's highly lucky Tendencies? Yup, from May 26th to June 10th there may be many lucky breaks in any communication related field.
Get ready to expand your horizons and broaden your perspectives because Jupiter in Gemini brings a sense of adventure and growth. Grab our sigled enhancement mug this year and bring a little extra luck your way!

This transit encourages us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace new experiences, even if they may seem unconventional or risky. Pluto will start the year by moving into Aquarius again on January 21st, coinciding with the Sun's entry into this sign. It will then retrograde back into Capricorn from August 31st to November 18th, one last time (it's been there since 2008), before returning to Aquarius where it will stay until 2043. Pluto represents power, control, psychology, and self-regeneration. Its movement into Aquarius will bring shifts in how we approach technology, community, and individuality. As we continue to adapt to a more connected world, Pluto's influence may bring both positive and challenging changes. Keep that energy protected as not everyone will welcome change so easily, with our Evil eye collection!

Aquarius symbolizes an exhilarating era of boundless information and the immersive digital age. It's nota ll peace and love as the song goes. It's a dynamic and ever-changing landscape where knowledge flows freely, yet often confines us to our own echo chambers. As Pluto makes its celestial journey, it compels us to focus on personal empowerment and self-discipline within this digital realm. In the relentless battle for attention, Pluto embodies our primal energetic instincts. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to align with these instincts, for they hold the key to our destiny. The presence of the North Node in Aries amplifies the importance of willpower as a divine gift, igniting the flames of our passion. By harnessing and mastering this extraordinary gift, we unlock the mystical realm of potent enchantment and seize control of our very own narrative.


Relationship dynamics are in a constant state of evolution, guided by the mesmerizing dances of eclipses and the influential signs of Aries, Pisces and Libra These cosmic events compel us to create a sacred haven where we can fearlessly explore and authentically express our deepest desires. While some may embark on this journey with effortless stride, for others, it's an invigorating new adventure, filled with exhilaration. Eclipses act as cosmic mirrors, brilliantly illuminating our blind spots and liberating us from lingering resentments and unfulfilled expectations. It's time to release the weight of people-pleasing and embrace the invigorating power of crystal-clear clarity and directness. Remember, you hold the sacred right to vocalize your desires and carve your very own destiny. Now, let's see what's in store for each sign, remember to read your rising, sun and moon signs to get a clearer picture of your 2024:

Aries: Aries 2024 is quite the epic yer for you! This year, the lunar north node will be hanging out in Aries, guiding the collective evolution of humanity. It's a rare cycle that happens about every 18 to 20 years. Your genre-defying ideas and fierce individuality are exactly what the world needs right now. On a personal note, in 2024, you might go through a major identity transformation and find a new path for your talents. It could be a bit mysterious and chaotic at times, so having a mentor, like a Yoda, can help you navigate this epic journey. Don't forget to mark April 8 on your calendar, as a total solar eclipse in Aries will bring moments of deep transformation and enlightenment. But hey, here's the deal - before you go out and spill all your exciting plans, take a moment to exercise a little patience. Wait for the expansive and expressive Jupiter to enter the communicative Gemini on May 25. Trust me, that's when you'll have all the right words to articulate your vision and make a real impact. Oh, and mark your calendar for the solar eclipse on October 2 - it's gonna bring a fresh-start energy to your relationships.Getting a handle on your willpower is key to shifting from impulsive behavior to conscious focus. This transformative journey, guided by the North Node in Aries, will be ongoing until January 2025. Keep an eye on the nodes to see where the eclipses will show up. Don't forget to grab your Aries affirmation mug!

This transit stays strong all year long, but the eclipses really ramp up its effects. They bring about revelations, whether about yourself or what's happening around you. These impactful moments coincide with your birthday season and Libra season this year. The North Node embodies the best qualities of your sign, and this unique transit won't happen again for another 18.5 years. So, grab the opportunity by checking out your relationship with fire, which rules Aries. Fire represents action, drive, and venturing into the world. It also stands for purification and clarity. Take a good look at how you use your fire, your willpower. What are your intentions and motivations? Do they align with your desires or are they just impulsive and scattered? Can you let go of anything that holds you back? Notably, the North Node aligns with Chiron for most of the year, staying in Aries from 2019 to 2027. From April 3-25, a Mercury retrograde in your sign will draw attention to these aspects. It offers a great chance to reflect on how you show your Aries nature.

Remember, embracing the best version of our sign is a journey of self-acceptance and embracing those inherent qualities. This ritual is for people looking to love waking up early and want to energize their "inner child" with the bold energy of the fire element. It's great for moody, acne-prone skin, and includes a Tiger's eye stone. This collection is perfect for those who want to feel invigorated and awaken their inner fire along with their skin. Tiger eye is known for its solar energy – bringing in joy and warmth. A stone of courage, tiger eye enhances confidence and self-esteem while providing motivation in times of change and upheaval. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Incantari's newest Self Care Planner: Chakra Balance edition. A 112-page guide meticulously crafted for those seeking balance, growth and a touch of self-care magic. Dive into the profound wisdom of the twelve chakras, fostering holistic well-being and personal evolution.  

Taurus: Dear Taurus, get ready for an enchanting journey that awaits you in the first half of 2024. As Jupiter and Uranus align in Taurus, brace yourself for truly magical moments that will elevate your personal growth to new heights. This celestial event offers an incredible opportunity to take bold leaps, whether it's finally penning that book, exploring uncharted territories, or assembling a dream team of developers to breathe life into your app. If you find yourself unsure of your path, fear not. Embrace the freedom to explore different possibilities and discover what truly resonates with you. Trust me, once Jupiter bids farewell to your sign on May 25, things will settle down, and you'll find more stability in your streams of income. Stay grounded during this transformative year by prioritizing your well-being and seeking support from your loved ones.

Oh, and until May 25, you might be too dynamic for Cupid's arrows to catch up with you! In the second half of the year, make sure to cherish quality time with your loved ones and plan an amazing vacation. And for those who are single and searching, keep your eyes open for opportunities around the April 8 eclipse. Since Jupiter entered your sign last May and will be staying until May 26 this year, you've been blessed with a sense of optimism and a broader perspective on what's possible in your life. Nourish these possibilities by taking care of yourself through daily and weekly rituals, making them feel even more tangible. Uranus, the planet of change, will continue to shake things up in your sign until April 2026, particularly in the areas of finance and agriculture, which align perfectly with your Taurus nature. Be prepared for unexpected shifts in these areas, even if you typically prefer stability and long-term plans. Embrace this extraordinary cosmic influence and embark on this enchanting journey that awaits you, dear Taurus! 
We recommend Pink Moon's Earth collection for some extra grounding assistance. This restorative ritual is designed for individuals who feel connected to nature or desire more grounding in their life. The earth element embodies principles of stability and is both grounding and awe-inspiring. Earth encourages us to slow down and pay attention to the details in our lives.

Gemini: Greetings Gemy's! Jupiter is embarking on an exciting journey through Gemini, a rare occurrence in over a decade. Brace yourself for a year filled with incredible experiences until June 9, 2025. Throughout the year, Saturn and Neptune will unite in your career zone, emphasizing the importance of honing your skills or exploring a captivating new path. If you need support, don't hesitate to reach out to influential people in your network. Keep an eye out for a grand debut during the autumn eclipses on September 17 or October 2. On May 26, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and your opposing sign, ventures into Gemini for a year, promising an exhilarating ride!

Jupiter symbolizes the wisdom of experience, playing the dual role of both student and teacher. During this fortunate transit, you will be guided towards profound wisdom through real-life experiences. It's time to move beyond mere theoretical knowledge and immerse yourself in the real world, allowing your understanding to deepen through hands-on encounters. As you embark on this transformative journey, consider how you can fully embody and apply your knowledge. The Libra eclipses, along with the influence of Mars, will have a positive impact on your sign, offering clarity on instances where your adaptability may have veered you off your unique path. During this year, allow yourself to be guided by the community-focused nature of Aquarius and the balance-seeking qualities of Libra. This collection is designed for people who want to feel refreshed, uplifted, and want to improve their skin's radiance. The ingredients include Licorice root, gotu kola, rice bran, olive squalane, sodium hyaluronate and ylang ylang, which will make you feel like you're floating among the clouds, again.

Cancer: Throughout the year, Cancers will come across the destiny-driven north node in their career zone, opening up new paths or expanding possibilities in their current profession. Financial gains will come from investments, commissions, or the sale of creative work. If you're thinking about moving or improving your home, the process might speed up during the eclipses on March 25th and October 2nd. When Pluto arrives in your eighth house of lasting connections in 2024, it'll add an enticing touch to the idea of settling down.

Exciting things are in store this summer, with a pair of Capricorn full moons shining a light on your seventh house of relationships on June 21st and July 21st. The nodal axis and eclipses happening in Aries and Libra will create a powerful aspect pattern with Cancer, known as a T-Square. While this transit will continue throughout the year, the eclipses in March, April, and October will provide energetic release valves. This aspect can create internal friction, which can be beneficial even if it's not always comfortable. With Saturn in Pisces throughout the year, it will form a supportive aspect to your sign, helping you establish or reaffirm the foundations of your energetic and emotional boundaries. Remember, just because you have a gut feeling about a situation or can sense others' emotions, it doesn't mean you have to act on it. In summary, it's an incredible year for focusing on self-awareness. For you we recommend the Water collection. This collection is all about cleansing your skin with natural, plant-based ingredients. These products will help bring balance to your mind and body energy while simultaneously nourishing and protecting your skin. Experience ultimate hydration with this soothing ritual that incorporates the cooling and cleansing properties of water. This ritual includes the use of rose water, Irish moss (seaweed), aloe vera, cucumber water, marshmallow root, and blue lotus to help you connect with your innermost desires. Chrysocolla is a stone that is characterized by its rare, bright blue-green color, which is similar to the color of water and the sea. It is known for its ability to help alleviate stress and negative emotions in a way that evokes the calming and cleansing power of the ocean.

Leo: Dear Leo, It's time to share your unique philosophies with the world! Keep an eye out for an extraordinary travel opportunity near the April 8 eclipse that will expand your knowledge and take you on an intoxicating journey. With Jupiter and Uranus in your tenth house of prestige in the first half of the year, your visionary ideas are destined to spread like wildfire. But here's the real tea, my loves, are they scalable? On May 25, our growth-agent Jupiter moves into Gemini, propelling your popularity to new heights. Just remember to include others in your pride without compromising your creative control. By the October 2 eclipse, we could be celebrating a triumphant victory as a team. Saturn and Neptune in your deep-diving eighth house suggest that you have the power to turn romantic fantasies into real-life experiences, and who knows, maybe even nuptials! However, with Jupiter and the lunar nodes fueling your wild child energy, be cautious about blindly following someone else's checklist.

So, Leo, let's embrace this mystical journey together and let your brilliance shine like never before! With Jupiter in Taurus until May 26th, the first half of the year is showering you with optimism, luck, and amazing opportunities in your work and responsibilities. But hold on tight, because from May 26th, as Jupiter transitions into Gemini, your natural curiosity will be ignited, urging you to dive deep into what truly brings you meaning. This cosmic journey symbolizes a mind-expanding adventure that, when aligned with Leo, feels delightfully playful. And that's not all! The eclipses in Aries and Libra in March, April, and October will also bring forth supportive energy, propelling you towards your dreams. While you may still feel their impact, it's worth reflecting on how you express and channel your inner fire. As a fire sign, it's important to note that all of the Mercury retrogrades this year occur in the three fire signs. Throughout much of your birthday season, from August 5th in Virgo to August 28th in Leo, take a moment to contemplate how you can harness and express your fiery nature.We recommend the Leo essence for you, which is inspired by the traits of Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). This essence contains white rose hydrosol that is known for its high frequency vibration and association with the heart. It helps to maintain emotional balance, provides light moisture, and soothes inflamed skin. The formula contains clear quartz, which helps promote harmony, purify energy, and balance the production of oil.

Virgo: With Jupiter and Uranus as your co-adventurers in your worldly ninth house, the first half of 2024 holds the promise of exciting travels, enriching experiences, and continuous growth. Embrace the imperfections and open yourself up to the invaluable lessons that come from trial and error. And as a Virgo, this is the perfect year to cultivate your own personal master class and share your knowledge with others. The lunar nodes spanning your money axis suggest the potential for fortuitous work opportunities or wise investments. When enterprising Jupiter makes its way into Gemini on May 25th, prepare for career expansion. Whether it's securing a prestigious client or pursuing further education for a lucrative degree or certification, the possibilities are abundant. If you have a promising business idea, keep an eye out for potential investors in the second half of the year. As grounded Saturn and dreamy Neptune journey together through your partnership house, relationships become a powerful mirror for self-discovery.

Be prepared for both positive and challenging reflections. Remember, seeing yourself through someone else's eyes can lead to profound personal growth. This year, Virgos may encounter someone who could be a potential life partner or decide to formalize a current relationship. However, be cautious of self-sabotaging tendencies that may emerge around the September 17th eclipse. Mercury's yearly retrogrades will predominantly occur in fire signs, with a brief visit to your sign before settling into Leo. Use this strategic period to assess how you channel your passion and take action in your life. Fire, as an astrological element, represents self-expression and willpower. Additionally, Pluto will retrograde into Capricorn from Aquarius between August 31st and November 18th, forming a supportive aspect to your sign. During this time, reflect on your long-term aspirations and overall life direction.

Libra: I hope you're ready for an extraordinary journey Libra! With the lunar south node in Libra—a rare occurrence that happens only once every 18 to 20 years—you're about to embark on a profound spiritual growth. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions as you navigate life-changing moments during the eclipses on March 25 and October 2. And trust me, they'll happen faster than you can imagine! But wait, there's more! In the first half of 2024, a fusion of expansive Jupiter and innovative Uranus will ignite your passion for mysticism, eroticism, and unbridled creativity. And that's not all! When Jupiter transitions into Gemini on May 25, get ready for a year-long adventure filled with travel, media ventures, education, and even starting your own business. Get ready to embrace the extraordinary, my friend!

Get ready for a year filled with love lessons as the destiny-driven north node journeys through Aries, igniting your relationship domain. It's time to step out of the supporting role and nurture a mutually beneficial connection that propels both parties to thrive and succeed. With potent Pluto embarking on a 20-year pilgrimage through your passionate fifth house, get ready to embrace sultry experimentation, delve into tantric pleasures, explore role playing, and indulge in other sex-positive delights. The South Node reveals the shadow aspects that emerge for acknowledgment and transformation, both within yourself and as a collective. So, what might unfold? Here are a few possibilities: With the North Node in Aries, everyone, but especially you, will be shown the power of being authentically in touch with your own wants, needs, and desires (distinct from those of others). It's crucial to create a safe space, or fortify the one you already have, to live and communicate from that place, and to take bold initiative and action to manifest the life you truly crave.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey ahead! Consider bringing balance and harmony into your life by applying Libra's essence, which values equilibrium in all relationships. The white rose hydrosol, which is associated with the heart and is known for promoting emotional balance while providing light moisture and soothing inflamed skin, has the highest frequency of vibration in the plant world. This is inspired by the free-spirited Air Signs such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda have valued Moringa as an antioxidant for centuries due to its richness in vitamins and minerals, and its ability to hydrate and plump the skin. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey you could always use a guide and a journal to help you track and get through your daily divinations. This journal guide covers two main divinations, tarot cards and runes. It provides a brief but important history about each one then walks you through journaling, tracking and explaining your daily divination practices.
The divination journal guide is perfect for all experience levels and serves as a resource for anyone trying to learn and keep an organized history of daily divination practices.

Scorpio: Hey Scorpio, your partnerships pack a serious punch! Throughout the year, lucky and abundant Jupiter cruises through the dynamic duo zones of your chart, smashing down any walls that keep others at bay. While you might still put them through loyalty tests, you'll discover fresh ways to form alliances—for work, fun, artistic pursuits, and more—that let both sides maintain their independence. Your cosmic ruler, the mysterious and captivating Pluto, is going through a major transformation. In 2024, it wraps up its 16-year journey through your communication zone in Capricorn and settles into Aquarius, influencing your fourth house of family and home for the next couple of decades. Get ready for deepened connections within your inner circle, and some Scorpios could even score big bucks from real estate ventures. A surprise travel opportunity could come your way around the September 17 eclipse. Embrace it with open arms! In the first half of the year, liberating Jupiter and Uranus join forces in your partnership house, potentially turning you into a relationship rebel. Feel free to make your own rules, Scorpio, because it's nobody's business but yours.

As Jupiter moves into Gemini and enters your passionate eighth house on May 25th, get ready for some exciting and boundary-pushing experiences. But hey, amidst all the thrill, it's important to establish a solid commitment and seek a relationship that combines desire and trust. Meanwhile, Pluto keeps making big transformations. It starts the year in Capricorn, briefly moves into Aquarius on January 20th, then retrogrades back into Capricorn from August 31st to November 18th. Finally, it settles into Aquarius, embarking on a nearly twenty-year journey in the realm of the digital age: encompassing the internet, decentralization, artificial intelligence, ideologies, communities, and the nervous system. With Saturn in your fellow water sign, Pisces, throughout the year, you have the potential to build or strengthen the foundations that keep you connected to your own energy and emotions. Your instinctual radar is highly attuned, making you fluent in the language of subtext. We recommend the Scorpio Essence to keep you energized and focused during this year. This essence will hydrate, nourish, and soften your skin while connecting you to Scorpio's intuition and awakening your third eye. You can embrace your intuition and experience the captivating fragrance of blue lotus and sandalwood to stimulate your third eye. This fragrance is influenced by the creative Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). 

Sagittarius: Sag take a moment to regroup and dive into a world of possibilities. It's time to evaluate budgets, set timelines, and gain crystal-clear clarity on your next steps. Brace yourself for a breakthrough when lucky Jupiter aligns with experimental Uranus on April 20th. And with stabilizing Saturn in Pisces, you can build a solid foundation for the future.Prepare yourself to rise to fame and popularity as destiny-driven lunar nodes align in your favor. Create your very own "studio" for video recording or cultivate your passions to let your unique talents shine. The lunar north node in Aries brings not just romance, but delightful opportunities knocking at your door. And mark your calendars for April 8th, when a total solar eclipse unveils hidden treasures and opens doors to new possibilities. On May 25th, Jupiter enters Gemini, giving you a whole year to invest in partnerships and plan extraordinary experiences. So gear up, embrace the journey, and get ready to make 2024 your most memorable year yet!

In the first half of the year, get ready to embark on an exciting cosmic journey! Your ruling planet Jupiter dances through Taurus, inviting you to explore your self-worth and establish grounding rituals. But that's just the beginning...On May 26th, Jupiter switches gears and enters Gemini, infusing your life with playful energy and fresh perspectives. Meanwhile, Saturn in Pisces nudges you to embrace structure and commit to personal growth. And let's not forget about the North Node in Aries, urging you to reconnect with your deepest desires and align your actions with your true self. This year is all about taking action and engaging in self-reflection, guiding you towards a path of authenticity and fulfillment. Prepare yourself to embark on an extraordinary cosmic journey! We recommend the Sagittarius Essence to enhance this period of growth and self-reflection. This essence is designed to stimulate your senses and awaken your inner goddess. This moisturizer contains green coffee oil, ginseng, hibiscus, and vitamin C that can soothe and energize the skin. Its silky, serum-like texture makes it great for those with rosacea or redness-prone skin. This product is also ideal for adventurous Sagittarius individuals who dislike stagnation as the ginseng, green coffee, and hibiscus can take you on a sensory journey.


Capricorn: Hey Cap, guess what? November 19 is the day Pluto finally leaves your sign after all these years of challenges since 2008. So, what's up next for you? It's gonna be a smoother ride where you can focus on meaningful work and the people who light up your passion. Oh, and don't forget to mark March 25 and October 2 on your calendar because they bring two Libra eclipses that'll give your career a nice boost. You might even find yourself needing to seize a growth opportunity, even if you don't feel completely ready. And hey, in 2024, your home life will take the spotlight as the lunar north node shines on your domestic sphere. So, strengthen those bonds with loved ones, host cozy gatherings, and consider making some changes to your living situation. Oh, and starting from May 25, when Jupiter moves into your sixth house, your wellness goals will be reignited. And with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, you'll have the freedom to explore relationships in any form. Whether it's proposals, pregnancies, or power-coupling, you have the ability to bring your vision of love to life.

Get ready for a cosmic double feature! Brace yourself as we experience consecutive full moons in Capricorn on June 21 and July 21. These lunar events are set to ignite your passions and fuel your emotions. And that's not all - there's more celestial magic in store! The grand finale of Pluto's journey through your sign is happening between August 31st and November 18th. It marks the end of a transformative era for you. Since January 2008, Pluto has been your cosmic guide, taking you on a profound journey of self-discovery. These deep dives into your own identity have helped shape a stronger sense of self, enhancing your wisdom, intuition, and creativity. Now, it's time to clear your schedule, tap into your intuitive side, and reap the many benefits that await you. And with the North Node in Aries all year, harnessing your willpower and setting powerful intentions is the key to unlocking your true potential. So get ready for a cosmic adventure like no other! We recommend the Capricorn Essence to help you stay focused. This moisturizer is rich and can be used as both a moisturizer and an overnight mask. It contains active ingredients like ceramides, peptides, and calendula which help repair and rejuvenate skin while soothing it. It leaves skin feeling supple, firm, and radiant. Just like the hardworking and driven Capricorn, this moisturizer works hard to nourish your skin.


Aquarius: Get ready for a cosmic spectacle! On January 20, mighty Pluto returns to Aquarius, an event that only occurs every 250 years. Brace yourself as this transformative planet takes up residence in your first house of identity, unearthing hidden aspects of your personality. Your idealism and innovation are about to shine, unleashing a wave of prosperity and empowering connections that will shape the next two decades of your life. But that's not all! Mark May 25 on your calendar because adventurous Jupiter enters Gemini, propelling your confidence and fame to stratospheric heights. It's time to put your exceptional communication skills to work—whether it's through writing, podcasting, or launching your own entrepreneurial ventures. Just remember to keep an eye on your finances, as responsible Saturn will be keeping a watchful eye on your money throughout the year.

Love is in the air, my friend! In February, the love planets Venus and Mars unite in your sign, igniting a romantic awakening. However, this year, settling down might not be your top priority. With Jupiter in Gemini from May 25, you're on the hunt for an equally passionate playmate who shares your visionary ideals and expands your world. Get ready to embrace the extraordinary, my friend. The stars have aligned in your favor! You gotta have someone who's honest and reliable, whether your setup is traditional or not. The second half of the year might bring some big changes. Watch out for the lunar eclipse on September 17, it's gonna be a real make-it-or-break-it moment. You'll have to decide: stick around or make a move? When the Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th, it'll be joined by Pluto. Pluto, which made a brief appearance in your sign last year, represents the digital age we're living in. From August 31st to November 18th, Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn, then it'll move into your sign until 2043. Real transformation will come from letting go of things through your body. And on May 26th, Jupiter will make its way into Gemini, adding some excitement to the mix.

Pisces: Welcome to the realm of the taskmaster planet! Pluto graces us with its presence only once every 30 years, from March 7, 2023, until Feb. 13, 2026. Don't fret if you encounter challenges in 2024 - embrace your resilience, dear Pisces. Remember, every sacrifice you make molds you into a formidable individual capable of conquering anything. This year, with the dreamweaver Neptune also in Pisces, your inner growth can blossom into something truly magical and artistic. Keep a watchful eye for the Pisces lunar eclipse on September 17 - it might unveil a profound realization about your future. In 2024, love lessons will leave a lasting impact on Pisces as the karmic south node ventures through Libra, and your intimate, seductive, and transformative eighth house. Be mindful of your inner saboteur, which might manifest as jealousy or insecurity, especially around the two Libra eclipses on March 25 and October 2. While it's important to acknowledge these emotions, remember that they may stem from past pain that you're now prepared to heal.So, let's make this our mantra for 2024: Change the way you perceive things, and the things you perceive will undoubtedly change, got it? On May 25, when Jupiter transitions into your domestic zone, exciting opportunities for cohabitation may arise. Get ready for a thrilling year ahead!

Saturn has been on a transformative journey through your sign this year. Reflect on how this celestial transit has impacted your life since it entered Pisces in March 2023. Wherever Saturn lands, it meticulously examines the existing foundations. With your Sun residing in this sign, it's a potent and advantageous transit. Yet, it may not always feel like a breeze, as Saturn brings a dose of realism, sometimes stark realism. For a dreamy and creative sign like yours, facing harsh realities can indeed be a challenge. But hey, remember that Saturn, the lord of time and space, unveils the harvest of our planted seeds. And guess what? Your ruler, Neptune, is still cruising through your sign (April 2011 to January 2026) and will join forces with Saturn on June 7th. The approach to this conjunction will be intense, and its effects will likely be felt for weeks beforehand. The last time this cosmic rendezvous occurred was in 1989. It brings to mind the great Einstein, a 10th House Pisces Sun, which means he had a dash of Capricorn-flavored Pisces energy. His time spent in his imagination and beyond was purposeful and fruitful.

Keep a keen eye on the unfolding of your social and intimate relationships. With the South Node in Libra, a collective purge and evolution are taking place. It's a time where we might be prone to avoiding necessary conversations or conforming to others' expectations instead of staying true to ourselves. Stay engaged and authentic on this fascinating cosmic journey!We recommend the Pisces Essence to help you stay connected with your intuition. This moisturizer contains skin-nourishing and hydrating superfoods such as cucumber water, marshmallow root, and seaweed, which deeply hydrate thirsty skin. Pisces is a zodiac sign that is dreamy, imaginative, and sensitive. While applying this moisturizer, try to channel your inner Pisces and envision yourself living out your biggest dream since the power of manifestation is real. 

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