What You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde & Your Zodiac Sign

What You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde & Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury Retrograde is here again, and this time it's in Taurus, the sign of the bull. From April 21 to May 14th, Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, and travel, will be moving backward in the sky, creating a period of introspection, reflection, and reevaluation. This retrograde period in Taurus will affect all zodiac signs, but Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio will feel the energies more intensely. This retrograde period will focus significantly on karmic energy since we are in the midst of an eclipse season. Additionally, the challenges we are facing during this season will be emphasized due to the eclipses. Taurus is an earth sign known for its practicality, stability, and love for comfort. During this retrograde period, we'll feel the need to control everything, including our relationships, finances, and career. However, this is a time to let go of the need for control and embrace the unknown. Trust the universe to guide you in the right direction and have faith that everything will work out for your highest good; tis the point of eclipse season after all.

During Mercury Retrograde, glitches are likely to happen, and technology and communication may become less reliable. However, you can make the most of this introspective time with some self-care tips. Be prepared for the possibility of encountering exes who may unexpectedly come back into your life. Take this time to reassess and reflect on past experiences and relationships, asking yourself which ones played a positive role in your life and why. Ensure that you are making decisions with intention rather than being reactive to situations. Take some time to be with yourself and relax as the energy from the Solar eclipse is affecting us and will continue to do so during the upcoming lunar eclipse. During this time, it is important to pay attention to the karmic energies around you and utilize them to create the life you want. Remember to triple check every email and allow extra time for travel, delays and mistakes are simply bound to happen during Mercury Retrograde.This is not a good time to begin any new projects. While some contracts might be necessary, make sure to triple-check everything to minimize errors during this hectic period. As annoying as these glitches may be, Mercury's retrograde is a time to reflect and detox from technology...as much as we can in this day and age. Now let's see what the zodiacs have in store during this epic Mercury Retrograde:


Aries: The current Mercury retrograde in Taurus is happening in your second house, which pertains to your sense of stability and self-esteem. You may find yourself reflecting on your values and how to make them align with the life you want to create. This is a great time for Aries to focus on the practical aspects of their lives, such as finances and career goals. Moreover, this is happening a DAY after the Solar Eclipse in Aries. It is essential to pay attention to your intuition during this time and be mindful of how you’re spending your energy. During this retrograde, you'll experience a significant event that drastically impacts your understanding of yourself. Don't freak out, you'll have additional time to regroup before moving forward, so proceed at your own pace. That's the point of retrogrades, to take our time and truly observe and reflect.

For you we recommend PAVVANI's Calm & Cool Tea ritual. This fresh and minty tea can help to calm down and reduce excess heat in both the body and mind. The tea is a blend of alterative herbs such as Brahmi and Hibiscus, which work to cool, purify and bring balance and equanimity to your internal systems. The tea is especially useful during hot summer days, after workouts, when feeling overwhelmed or when experiencing an imbalance in pitta dosha. This will help you keep your cool throughout the chaos of eclipse/ retrograde season. Check out the ritual here!

Taurus: This Mercury Retrograde will be occurring in your 1st house, which pertains to your identity. This time will bring a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want out of life. You may struggle with balancing the material world with your spiritual side during this time, but try to keep an open mind and take it one step at a time. Figuring out who you are isn't an easy nor quick task, so take this retrograde as a chance to really dive deep and go with the flow. Ignore the comments and opinions of others, this life lesson includes only you. It's difficult to separate ourselves from others especially loved ones but the goal of this retrograde is you, who are you truly and are you willing to find out!

For you we recommend Pink Moon's Fire Collection during this Mercury retrograde in your sign. While you're known for your grounding abilities, what you need during this time is some fire to awaken your identity. This ritual is for people looking to love waking up early and want to energize their "inner child" with the bold energy of the fire element. It's great for moody, acne-prone skin, and includes a Tiger's eye stone. This collection is perfect for those who want to feel invigorated and awaken their inner fire along with their skin. Tiger eye is known for its solar energy – bringing in joy and warmth. A stone of courage, tiger eye enhances confidence and self-esteem while providing motivation in times of change and upheaval. Check out the collection here!


Gemini: Dear Gemi's, it's that time of year again - Mercury is in retrograde and as it's our ruling planet, these retrogrades tend to affect us more intensely. This retrograde in Taurus will be affecting your 12th house, which pertains to our subconscious and inner fears. This may bring up some buried emotions that you have been avoiding for a while. It is important that you take this time to really be with yourself and understand the why behind your reactions, so you can make peace with them. This retrograde will also bring a deeper awareness of your place in the universe and your larger purpose in this lifetime. Be gentle on yourself and allow for any changes that are presented to you during this time. This will be very karmic energy, reflect and let it the fuck go, STOP OVERTHINKING!

If you feel yourself doing so or having a hard time letting go, then we recommend Pink Moon's Air Element Collection. The air element shifts all the other elements and is the catalyst for change. It rules new beginnings, carefree feelings, and an open mind and heart. This dreamy, lightweight ritual feels like floating among the clouds. Especially created for those who want to feel light, inspired, and breezy and are seeking more luminosity in their life (and skin). The collection also brings an amethyst piece; amethyst enhances psychic abilities and helps connect you to your consciousness. This collection will help you stay light and inspired during this challenging Mercury Retrograde while keeping that skin glowing. Who says you can't be a bad and balanced bitch! ? Check out the collection here!

Cancer: Dear Cancer, the retrograde is happening in your 11th house of community. This means that you will be thinking about your relationships and how they are affecting your life. Keep an eye out for any patterns or behaviors that have been holding you back from living the life you desire. You may also find yourself reviewing friendships and connections to ensure they are still healthy and supportive ones. This is a great time to re-evaluate your friendships and prioritize the ones that are truly beneficial to you. Take the time to nurture relationships with those who see and appreciate you for who you are, instead of conforming to other’s expectations. This retrograde is a great opportunity to realign yourself with your core values and what truly matters in life.

For you we recommend PAVVANI's Bliss Blend. This Bliss Blend is tridoshic, meaning that it balances all Ayurvedic doshas. Calm the nervous system & promote mental clarity with traditional Ayurvedic herbs, Gotu Kola & Tulsi, also known for their richness in antioxidants. Floral notes of Lavender, Chamomile & Rose combine with Lemon Balm & Ginger to de-stress the mind, open the heart & cultivate overall bliss. Check out the tea ritual here!

Leo: This Mercury retrograde in Taurus is occurring in your 10th house of careers. You may find yourself reflecting on your current career path and how it lines up with your values. This is the perfect time to make any changes or adjustments you feel are necessary in order to reach success, as challenging as they may be the growth will be worth it. You may also be presented with a chance to break out of a stagnant situation and pursue a new opportunity that better serves your passions. If you take the leap, don’t doubt yourself or your decisions, trust that you are making the best choice for your future. Remember to be confident not cocky and you'll glide right through this retrograde/ eclipse season. Listen to your intuition and stay focused on reaching your goals during this time. You have all of the power to create a successful and balanced life - so go get it!

For you we recommend PAVVANI's Rooibos Chai Blend tea ritual. This blend of Chai helps to balance the slow and heavy qualities of Kapha. It contains Red Rooibos which is caffeine-free, along with classic Chai spices and sweet Lemongrass. This blend aims to provide inspiration and movement without putting too much pressure on the nervous system. It is also packed with antioxidants and helps to support a healthy digestive system. It'll help you stay balanced and healthy throughout this energetic season. Check out the ritual here!

Virgo: Mercury Retrograde is occurring in your 9th house of philosophy, travel and learning. This means that your thoughts, beliefs and perspectives may all be up for review. You may find yourself questioning long held beliefs or challenging yourself to understand different view points - a great way of doing this is by having intellectual conversations with people who think differently than you do. During this retrograde, you may feel the urge to rediscover a truth that you were once aware of but have since forgotten. The retrograde can inspire you to pursue a deeper sense of purpose in your life. It's okay to feel lost and wander before finding what you're looking for. Keep searching for the significance you crave.

 For you we recommend Pink Moon's Earth collection. The earth element is grounding, awe-inspiring, and is the principle of stability. This ritual is designed for people who feel a connection to nature or desire to incorporate more grounding "earth" energy into their lives. It is specifically created for those who want to take a break to unwind, slow down, and indulge in versatile products. The ritual incorporates the use of green aventurine, a stone known for attracting good luck and abundance. It utilizes the energy of the earth element to provide stability, grounding, and centering. This stone is particularly advantageous for individuals born under earth signs who tend to overanalyze things, as it helps to bring them back down to earth. Check out the collection here!

Libra: Your mind is on the money at the moment dear Libra, this retrograde is occurring in your 8th house which pertains to investments, finances and joint resources. This is a great time to focus on money matters and in turn, early preparation for financial freedom! Evaluate where you're spending and make sure you are investing wisely. This is also a great time to review and triple check any contracts or agreements you have, ensuring that all of your documents are in order. Make sure to ask questions if you're unsure about something, until everything is clear. The solar eclipse in Aries had a strong impact on you and is still emphasizing the need to let go. Release what doesn't serve you, money or life wise and keep it moving Libra!

For you we recommend Uproots Mood booster tea trio, that includes: Sencha Green Tea, Peppermint Leaf tea and Makai Black tea. This trio of tea is designed to boost your mood, promote relaxation and help you stay focused. The Sencha Green Tea will help to clear the mind and bring you clarity. The Peppermint Leaf Tea helps to alleviate stress and depression while calming the mind, and body. Lastly, Makai Black Tea is great for when there’s a lot on your plate and you’re feeling overwhelmed. It helps to keep you focused and energized, so that you can complete the tasks at hand and achieve a sense of accomplishment, without the burn-out. Check out the tea trio here!

Scorpio: Your retrograde is occurring in your 7th house of partnerships, both platonic and romantic. This is a great time to take stock of the relationships in your life assess how healthy they are. Are you giving too much or taking too much? This is a perfect time to learn how to give and receive equally in any relationship that may need adjustment! In addition, pay attention to patterns or behaviors you may notice from the people around you. Chances are; whatever is being mirrored back to you, is something that needs some personal attention on your part. You may encounter attempts from past exes and friends to reconnect. Avoid holding onto any negative emotions and let go of any anger or resentment. It's better to move forward and not bring past negative experiences into your future. Remember, just because you were hurt in the past doesn't mean you should allow it to affect your present and future.

For you we recommend the Water Element collection by Pink moon. Water is essential for the mind and spirit as it represents emotions, dreaming, and healing. To boost your water intake and moisturize your skin, try this ultra-hydrating ritual. Its cooling, calming, and cleansing properties invite the healing powers of water. This collection has been specifically designed for those who want to relax, refresh, and restore mental clarity. The ritual features chrysocolla, a rare blue-green stone that symbolizes the sea and its ability to wash away stress and negative energy. This stone has been known to help with decision making and communication, which can be especially helpful during this retrograde period. Let this collection help you let go and heal dear Scorpio. Check out the collection here!


Sagittarius: Mercury Retrograde is taking place in your 6th house of health and wellness. This is a great time to reevaluate your habits and routines, both physical and mental. If you're feeling sluggish or unexcited about activities, take this opportunity to mix it up! This is also a great time to clear up any thoughts or memories that may have creeped up-unresolved- since the Solar Eclipse in Aries. If you find yourself tackling some emotions, give yourself the space to do so! Reconnect with your body, listen to what it needs and make necessary adjustments in order to bring balance. Our overall health doesn't just include our body but our spirt and mind as well dear Sag. So allow yourself time to process, rest, recharge and spring the fuck back up. There's no shame in processing love.

For you we recommend Zelos' Avaris Tea. Avaris blend is named after an ancient Greek healer and priest of Apollo. It is a tisane made of herbs, flowers, and roots that are carefully selected to help you relax. To enhance its taste, add a spoonful of the all-natural and distinct flavor of Chian tangerine peel. Enjoy each cup and revitalize your body and mind, as it helps to clear away all the mental fog you may be feeling during this retrograde. This tea is known to help reduce stress, boost energy, protect against common colds, improve digestion and blood circulation. It's a light yet flavorful option that can help you during these next few weeks. Try it now and thank us later! Check out the tea here!

Capricorn: Mercury Retrograde is occurring in your 5th house of creativity and self-expression. This time is meant for re-discovery, finding what sparks you and gets you excited! Take this opportunity to explore different creative outlets such as painting, sketching or writing. Choose activities that bring you joy and allow your imagination to run wild. You might be feeling like developing feelings for someone new or ready to improve the romance in your current relationship. Despite the Mercury retrograde, there will be several wonderful experiences to look forward to, so it's not all doom and gloom. You may reconnect with an old lover, and this could bring back a feeling that you've been missing, lol not the lover. Be grateful for your messy ex-partners as they have the power to inspire you to seek something better.

For you we recommend The Elements truffle set. Sweetened with just honey and infused with ancient Ayurveda superfoods. These chocolates are raw and organic. They are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten, palm oil, GMO and artificial anything.Made by meditators in micro-batches with high vibrational music playing in the background, as the chocolates are being made. They have a unique combination of cacao, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and black pepper that supports the healing powers of Mercury retrograde. So nibble away Capricorn! You deserve it. Check out our truffle collection here!


Aquarius: Mercury Retrograde is occurring in your 4th house of home, family and roots. This is a great time for you to reconnect with yourself, who you are and where you come from. Reflect on the history of your family and honor where you came from. Acknowledge their struggles and triumphs that have impacted your life today. It's a great time for you to take care of your home and create a cozy, nurturing environment. Maybe even find a new hobby that brings you joy from the comfort of your own space. Remember to be gentle yourself as this is an ongoing process, family isn't always what we want or need so reflect on what you do and especially on the love you deserve. This is a beautiful time for you to let yourself fall apart and come back together in the comfort of your own home.

For you we recommend PAVVANI's Coconut milk bath. Milk bathing is an Ayurvedic ritual that cleanses the body, pampers the skin & calms the senses. Allow time in your day for self-care & relaxation, as you steep your body in a warm bath of healing Ayurvedic herbs. Moisturizing Coconut Milk blends with Himalayan Salt & Cardamom to deeply hydrate, detoxify & gently cleanse the skin. Turmeric & Epsom Salt soothe sore muscles, while Lavender & Rose lovingly nourish the skin & calm the body & mind. Let this ritual be a way for you to show yourself love, compassion & kindness during the Mercury Retrograde period. Check out our Coconut Milk Bath here!


Pisces: Mercury Retrograde is occurring in your 3rd house of communication and learning. Expect miscommunication and glitches galore in your life during this time Pisces. This is an excellent time for you to learn to listen and observe before speaking or acting. You may also find yourself reflecting on past conversations, reading up on astrology topics or researching your ancestry tree. Be sure to take a break when needed as the information overload can become too much at times. Reevaluating your self-talk and making sure you're speaking kindly to yourself is also a great exercise. The key is to take things one step at a time, be gentle and learn from your mistakes. This Mercury Retrograde will open new doors of understanding but don't forget to practice self-care as you go along.


For you we recommend KALIO's Throat Chakra kit. Our Throat Collection includes Throat Body Oil, Body Butter, and Essence to deeply nourish, moisturize, and add a euphoric fragrance. The kit also includes throat energy medicine to enhance your physical and energetic bodies with a refreshing, invigorating, earthy, and slightly minty aroma. The organic essential oils and 5 elements of energetic infusions in this kit help restore balance to your throat chakra, empowering you to express your truth with confidence and clarity. Check out the collection here!

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