Venus in Leo: Are you ready for a Messy Summer?!

Venus in Leo: Are you ready for a Messy Summer?!

Good morrow loves, today we're diving into the intoxicating transit of Venus in Leo! From June 5 to October 8, Venus will be in Leo and also retrograding in it. With a retrograde period from July to September, this celestial dance is here to shake things up and bring both excitement and introspection. Leo's are known for their main character energy, combine that with Venus seductiveness and over the topness...we are bound for some gossip gold this summer. Darlings, the TEA will be astronomical! Venus in Leo will be in direct opposition with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, which can have us feeling either super inspired and motivated or anxious and overwhelmed. It will also be squared with Jupiter, Uranus, & North Node, focusing on the areas in our lives where we've yet to accomplish our destiny's.


If you're seeking some astrological guidance at the moment, we suggest trying Pink Moon's skin care products based on astrology. They were co-created with an AAPI astrologer who can help you navigate this astrological transit. So, if your goal is to use the power of Pluto's retrograde for deep healing and transformation, then Pink Moon has got you covered! You can find their collection on Incantari here! All summer, the sky will essentially be pushing us all to our destiny's; whether we want to our not. So, are you ready? Remember that retrogrades are for reflecting and slowing down: Ask yourself, if this is bringing good to your life or holding you back? Not only will Venus be going into retrograde this summer but also Neptune, Saturn and Uranus (don't forget about Pluto either). So let's explore how this energy will affect each zodiac sign; we'll all be creating a little chaos in our own way. Just picture it, ALL 12 zodiac signs giving major Main character energy 😭, so let's dive in!

Aries: This celestial event is focusing on your 5th house, enjoy the inspiration and get creative; this is what you've been craving! Mars is also being enhanced by this placement, amplifying your motivation and taking your creativity to the next level. While the past transits have brought about some inspiration, this will be the transit that forces momentum into your creations. Question is, will you get it done or let your fears control you? Don't forget to take a step back and reflect on what you’ve created during the retrograde seasons. That's what they are there for. 


If you're looking for some extra motivation during this Venus in Leo transit (or this Leo summer overall), then we suggest Pink Moon's Fire Element collection. This ritual is designed for those who wake up early and want to activate their bold inner child energy using the energizing power of the fire element. This collection will help motivate and inspire you during this time but most importantly, it'll give you that push you need to get shit done! It's especially beneficial for those with acne-prone and moody skin. The three-step process enlivens and awakens the skin. Find the collection here!

Taurus: With Venus as you ruling planet, you’ll be feeling this transition tremendously Taurus, tis the hosting season darling! Have fun and get out there, you've been to inward that you've forgotten how to let loose. Just remember to keep the retrograde in mind, your friends and family dynamic will come into question during. Are your surroundings aligning with your highest self and your destiny or are they holding yo back?

We suggest trying Pink Moon's Earth Element collection, which is designed for those who want to bring a sense of calmness and balance into their lives.  This will help you stay grounded during this messy season. This ritual helps with grounding, self-care, and stress relief by calling in the nourishing properties of nature. It also promotes healthy cell renewal and encourages physical healing. Find the collection here!

Gemini: Dear Gemi’s…feeling chatty lately? lol that’s because both Mars and Venus are in Leo and we can’t seem to stop smiling. Leo's and Gemini's have a lot in common, mostly their childlike humor and love of socializing. Where a gemini is a curious butterfly, Leo is the king of the jungle, so fins your inner roar dear Gemi's and take advantage of this strong energy! A summer full of Leo placements means there’s bound to be a ton of DRAMA…and us precious Gemi’s are simply here to help spread awareness 😇 of said tea. For us the retrograde will focus on our flakiness dear Gemi’s, stay strong lol and fight the will to bail. Remember that retrogrades are there to help us not hold us back, what have you overlooked? 

We suggest trying Pink Moon's Air Element collection, which is designed to give you clarity and insight during this time, in other words not all TEA is good tea.  This ritual will help to open your mind and heart to new possibilities while allowing the energy of the air element to provide you with much needed mental clarity. It also helps with emotional balance and enhancing intuition.Find the collection here!

Cancer: For you lovely Cancer’s, this transition will be happening in your 2nd house and focusing on your stability and financial self-worth. The need to treat yourself will be high! Just remember, there’s treating yourself and theres breaking your bank…learn the difference or life will teach you. Thankfully that what retrogrades are for, if you over indulge, the retrograde will remind you of it. So have fun just be aware of what's self-care vs. self-destruction. 

We suggest trying Pink Moon's Water Element collection during this transit, which is designed to help with calming and cleansing the mind. This ritual helps to clear away any mental fog and brings clarity during this time of change. It will be quite helpful during this transit in keeping you calm and level headed. It also encourages emotional balance and healing by providing a sense of comfort and restoring joy. Find the collection here!

Leo: well well Leo’s, aren't you in your Main character energy, as you should be! Enjoy the energy loves, just remember not to step over others to get to your truths. This summer will be all yours and you'll finally get the recognition you've known was yours all along. When the retrograde occurs, it’ll help you reflect  over your relationships and your part within them. So don’t go breaking too many hearts if you fear yours being hurt…just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️.

If at any point in this summer you find your energy dwindling then we recommend using Pink Moon's Leo essence for this transit. This serum essence can help boost your confidence and charisma, as it hydrates, softens, and nourishes your skin like a multivitamin. It'll be a game changer during this summer. Additionally, it can help fight against acne and prevent breakouts.Find the essence here!

Virgo: Darling Virgo’s for you this transit will affect your 12th house, you’ll be feeling this transition differently. While everyone else is in the front line, you'll be thinking behind the scenes. You’ll find yourself analyzing and questioning the things and people in your life, as an outsider looking in. When the retrograde occurs, you’ll notice patterns within the relationships you’ve decided to have in your life and whether they are worth staying for not. Remember Virgo, its main character energy time and for you that means looking at your life, overall and organizing it to its full potential; you've got this love!!

For this transit, we recommend using the Virgo Essence from Pink Moon. This serum has properties that are similar to Virgos in terms of being detail-oriented. But it will help nourish you during these complex times. Not only does it hydrate, nourish, and soften the skin, but it also helps balance energy and promote harmony.You can get this essence here!

Libra: For you Venus and Mars transit are occurring in your 11th house so your bound to be feeling social and seductive! Enjoy it while it lasts love, while jumping from human to human can be quite entertaining it also means you never get any depth from your experiences. These interaction will cue brief and superficial, which is what your retrograde will focus on. Has this been helping you or holding you back? What relationships are you keeping that should’ve been disposed of season ago…

We recommend using Pink Moon's Libra Essence for this transit, as it can help bring energy and clarity. This serum contains clear quartz and is formulated to promote balance and harmonize the skin, while also providing hydration, nourishment, and softness. You can get the essence here!

Scorpio: Dear Scorpios, for you this transit will be all business, with tons of play! This transit will affect your 10th house of legal and reputation and it'll have you feeling like one hell of a CEO. Venus in Leo will bring the needed energy to make you a boss ass bitch, finally. SO whatever it is you've been pinning for but just couldn't figure out how to get it...tis the season bitch! Venus' retrograde will be quite positive for you, you’ll finally understand what your path is!

We suggest using the Scorpio essence from Pink Moon during this transit. This serum essence will hydrate, nourish and soften your skin while also connecting you to Scorpio's deep intuition and awakening your third eye. Get your essence here!

Sagittarius: This transit will have you under a spotlight Sag, stand up for your beliefs, they will be tested. Not that you have any problem being super deep and though provoking. However, an opportunity will come during this transit that helps you align to your path, are you truly ready to take it or was it all talk? Just keep the retrograde in mind and stay humble. No easier way to loose our path than to be controlled by our Ego’s.

We recommend using the Sagittarius essence from Pink Moon during this transit. This serum is formulated with natural ingredients that help to nourish and protect the skin, while also encouraging courage and confidence. Get your essence here!

Capricorn: For you Cap, this transit will center on your 8th house. It’s time to face the shadows within your love life dear Caps. i know, I know, no one truly enjoys shadow work but it's necessary to get to the next stage in life. Are you speaking your truth, is this truly the love you want in life. Take the retrograde as time to reflect and healing your self-love. It’s easier to understand another’s love language, once you’ve learned to love and values yours. Figure out what you want Caps, or don't settle for less!

We suggest using Pink Moon's Capricorn moisturizer during this transit.This moisturizer is enriched and can also be used as an overnight mask. It nourishes the skin, leaving it supple, firm, and radiant. The moisturizer contains active ingredients such as ceramides for skin repair, peptides for rejuvenation, and calendula for calming effect, can someone say 'new love language'! Get your moisturizer here!

Aquarius: This transit will focus on your 7th house of compromise, deals and relationships. Bask in that energy Boo and enjoy it, your relationships will be blooming during this time, both friends and partners. The community around you will quite literally blossom and you'll feel right at home. Tis time to be your true self loves, regardless of the options of others. Sometimes, the thing holding us back, is our very own fear and not those around us. 

We recommend using Pink Moon's Aquarius moisturizer. This whipped cream contains natural ingredients such as licorice, rice bran, and gotu kola that have been known for their skin-boosting properties. It can help brighten and hydrate your skin to give it a radiant and youthful look. Get your moisturizer here!


Pisces: Venus will be shining upon your 6th house dear Pisces, focusing or your daily self-care love and health. You’ll feel newly inspired and creative, thrive in that energy loves! During the retrograde, don’t forget to nourish yourself with self-care, the more relaxed you are the more in tune and aligned you will become.  Dear dreamers, with Venus shining upon your 6th house, nurturing your daily self-care and well-being is absolutely crucial. Feel the newfound inspiration and creativity, and thrive in that energy. But remember, during the retrograde, prioritize self-nourishment to align yourself with your true self.


We suggest using Pink Moon's Pisces moisturizer. While you're applying this moisturizer, tap into the Pisces qualities of daydreaming, creativity, and sensitivity. Visualize yourself achieving your biggest dream as you do so, because the power of manifestation really exists. This deeply hydrating and moisturizing formula contains skin-nourishing and hydrating superfoods such as cucumber water, marshmallow root, and seaweed, which will be absorbed by thirsty skin.Find it here!

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