Unpacking Old Wounds and Patterns During the 1st August Full Moon ...

Unpacking Old Wounds and Patterns During the 1st August Full Moon ...

August's astrology starts right off with quite the bang on August 1st with a super full moon in Aquarius and that's saying quite a lot, since this summer of chaos has been followed our ever moment with a new cosmic event that shook our beings. The full moon in Aquarius is a great time to let go of those things that have been hindering our progress and allow us to move forward with clarity. With the amount of retrogrades and reflecting we've done this summer, it shouldn't come as a surprise.

This full moon will bring up a lot of inner dialogue and personal issues that have been suppressed for some time, so it's important to give yourself the space and time to work through these emotions without judgement. What is no longer serving you during this time? To fully move on, what do you have to finally let go of? Super full moons have a tendency of being intense so it's important to practice self-care and find something that will help you ground. They appear bigger and brighter because they are at the closest point of their orbit to Earth. This full moon will be a great time for reflection, decisions and forward movement. Especially on the relationship/ friendship route, this full moon offers a chance to make changes for the better. Are the people in our lives supporting our greatest good or are they in the way of it...

This full moon will not only be super but will also be creating a T-square in the sky. This is when two planets create a square and both oppose a third planet at the same time. In this instance, the Leo Sun, Jupiter in Taurus and the full moon in Aquarius will create this exact shape in the sky. The Leo sun is urging us to step into our power and trust ourselves. Jupiter in Taurus, on the other hand, is pushing us to question if we're content with where we are right now so that we may experience abundance in all areas of life.

This will force us to take a hard look at our lives and the portions of it that need to be changed in order to move into a better version of ourselves. There's a lot of action in the sky today ya'll, expect to feel exhausted, take time to care for yourself during this time. Remember, full moon's have a tendency of revealing that which is hidden. As if all that wasn't enough, dear Mercury has entered the picture, since July 28th its been in the sign of Virgo and will stay that way for quite some time. But that's not the kicker, it's going to exactly oppose Saturn August 1 to the 2nd...yup, during Super Full moon time. SO please, take a break if you need to, this is some A-fucking-LOT.

This will create a tension between our inner self and the public face we present to society, it encourages us to be our true selves and not let the judgments of others affect us in any way. We are all unique and have stories that inspire us, Mercury in Virgo urges us to use this season as an invitation to honor ourselves by being who we are. Saturn's influence will force us to look at what needs to be sorted within our lives. Now, although the fixed sign's will be feeling this Super Full moon the most, let's see how each zodiac sign will be affected and what they can do during:

  • Aries: This full moon will be highlighting your 11th house of friendships and ideals, so take some time to assess which relationships and beliefs are actually serving you. Let the rest of cosmic energy guide you, don't get discouraged. Not everyone we meet in life is meant to be in our lives forever, that's not selfish it's life. Cherish what you've had but ask yourself honestly is it for your greater good or is it time to let go?

  • Taurus: This full moon phase will occur in your 10th house of career and ambition, it's time to make a move. Don't be afraid to take that risk because you will not regret it. The stars are quite literally in your favor. Use this opportunity to advance in life in whatever direction you've been longing for. You'll be feeling quite inspired and that's all thanks to the current cosmic placements. This isn't time for holding back dear Taurus.

  • Gemini: This full moon phase will land in your 9th house of higher education and adventure. It's time to explore a new path that goes beyond the ordinary and let's be honest, you've been feeling restless lately. Take some time to learn something new, travel or grow spiritually. Your mental health is very important right now as well as your sense of curiosity. Let yourself be amazed by all the wonders of this world again, remember why life is worth living to begin with, it's the little things that give us the greatest sense.

  • Cancer: This full moon phase will occur in your 8th house of joint resources and shared finances. Your financial situation will need to be looked at closely dear Cancers, it's time to take charge and make a plan for the future. Don't be ashamed of your current situation, use the current energy to encourage you to keep moving forward. And remember to keep yourself grounded during this time it'll be easy to confuse our emotions from that of others during this time.

  • Leo: This full moon phase will take place in your 7th house of relationships. It's time to assess what you need from a partner and whether or not the person you're with can give it to you. Don't be afraid to set your standards high, after all this is someone who should mean something special. Are these relationships causing frustration or progress? During this time let the full moon reveal what's necessary for you to know and make those final steps.

  • Virgo: This full moon phase will be in your 6th house of day to day work and health. Your physical health should always be priority, make sure you're taking care of yourself properly. This is not the time to let go of those healthy habits, instead double up on them and take even better care of your wellbeing. What unhealthy habit have you been ignoring? Is it burning you out? Is any of it truly worth it? Put yourself first Virgo, you can't achieve your goals with a depleted body, get it the fuck together.

  • Libra: This super full moon will take place in your 5th house of romance and creativity. It's time to explore new ways of expressing yourself, don't be afraid to go for those dreams you've been thinking about. You'll be feeling inspired and creative, use this energy to fuel your passion projects. Enjoy the moment and let yourself be overjoyed, it's been a heavy Summer for you. Let your wildest imagination run free, at this point, what do you have to loose dear Libra?

  • Scorpio: This full moon phase will land in your 4th house of home and family. Take some time to make sure your environment is filled with positive energy. It's important to each of us to have a safe place that we can call home, take care of the space around you and cultivate a sense of peace within your walls. This full moon is giving you a burst of energy and creativity, use it! Whether that's redoing your home or evaluating whom you consider friends and family over all. Move about and get shit done, enough wallowing.

  • Sagittarius: This full moon will occur in your 3rd house of communication and creativity. It's time to explore your voice and express yourself, be it through writing, painting or designing. Use this opportunity to express all those wild ideas that have been running through your mind lately. Don't be afraid of the unknown, who knows what this journey may bring? For now, just let go and enjoy yourself, you know you desreve it.

  • Capricorn: This full moon phase will take place in your 2nd house of income and possessions. There's a lot of change coming, it's important to be aware of the different paths that will open up for you. Don't let yourself be intimidated by this transition, instead take advantage of it and make sure your finances are in order. You've got this Cap, one step in front of the other love.

  • Aquarius: This full moon phase will fall into your first house of self and identity. It's time to take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself what it is that you want from life and how can you make it happen? Don't be afraid to set your intentions high, this is the perfect opportunity for some major self-reflection.

  • Pisces: This full moon phase will be in your 12th house of spirituality and contemplation. It's time to take a step back and go within, take some time for yourself this week. Use this opportunity to revisit old wounds or patterns that you might have been ignoring. Don't be afraid to reach out for healing if needed, remember you are never alone.


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