The Super Full Moon in Cap: July's Inevitable Shift...are you ready?!

The Super Full Moon in Cap: July's Inevitable Shift...are you ready?!

Today, July 3 at 7:38 a.m. ET, the Super Full Buck Moon arrives, marking an important celestial event to witness.If you're wondering why the moon randomly looks's because it is. Well, it's closer but you get it. Super moon's are known for being brighter and larger than usual, with some say a special power or energy attached to them. This particular super moon has another special attribute that you may not have heard of before: it is also known as the "Buck Moon." This name comes from Native American folklore, which associated different full moons with the activities of animals and plants during each month; in July, bucks start to grow their antlers, and so it became known as the Buck Moon. This super full moon lands in the sign of Capricorn. By contemplating on Capricorn-related themes like career, legacy, discipline, and authority during this full moon, you can gain useful insights into your purpose and future. The Super Full Moon in Capricorn, which is an earth sign, represents the stability and support we need to fulfill our life's purpose.


This Super Full Moon is connected to Jupiter in Taurus, a period of great fortune and abundance (you can learn more about this in May's blogs). Consider the transit in May and how it relates to the North node and our destiny. Leading up to this full moon, it's a good moment to ponder on the new moon that happened in Capricorn in December 2022 (which has been eventful for many of us), and observe how this cardinal earth sign influences your birth chart. What has been breaking down since December 2022? Causes that's the main focus here ya'll. You are currently experiencing a significant moment in your life where things are coming full circle...if you did the work that is. The mental breakdowns you've had since the beginning of 2023 are for a reason. In order for things to change, they must break apart first. The potent Super Full Moon associated with Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus will impact each zodiac sign differently but we will ALL be impacted. But, Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus and Pisces will be center stage.


During Saturn's retrograde in Pisces, we are noticing how we unintentionally undermine ourselves and where we need to establish stronger limits. Not to mention Neptune retrograding in Pisces has everyones dreams becoming more vivid and strange. Write those down, it'll be important later on. Luckily, Jupiter is there to provide celestial assistance and approval for our future decisions. The current super full moon is urging us to differentiate between what feels secure and comforting versus the systems or structures that are no longer beneficial for us. It presents an opportunity to ponder on career, legacy, discipline, and authority, which are Capricorn themes. It prompts us to differentiate between what is truly beneficial and what is no longer serving our best interests. Take advantage of the support of the planet Jupiter during the Super Full Moon by reflecting, releasing and most importantly dreaming. We can't have our dreams come true if we don't have any, so be delusional bitches! This will help you solidify your purpose and receive benefits from this astrological fuck fest i the sky. Now that i've made you read enough for a day lol let's see how your zodiac sign will be affected and what you can do to help make those dreams come true:



Aries: This is a good time to concentrate on your aspirations and goals dear Aries. If you're feeling stuck, reach out to others who can provide encouragement and remind you of your value. The moon is currently highlighting your career and leadership potential in your birth chart. Moreover, Saturn retrograde (which influences the moon) is moving through your 12th house, which represents closure and letting go. This signifies that it's a suitable moment to accept what you cannot change and take a break. According to the current alignment of the sun and Mercury, your home, family, and emotions are ALL highlighted. This means that you can count on your loved ones for support. Instead of focusing on what you don't have or what you've lost, it's a good idea to take a moment to appreciate and recognize all of your accomplishments and successes. I know it's easier said than done but you've got this and we're here for you.


Taurus: The Super Full Moon can help you grow personally by prompting you to take risks and explore new paths.Jupiter is in your sign after all. Pay attention to both your future goals and your past experiences during this lunar event. The energy of this full moon is focused on your ninth house, which is linked to personal development, education, and exploration. This message suggests that you could be finishing a chapter in your life or embracing a different set of values. It's important to note that the sun and Mercury are currently positioned in the Cancer zodiac sign, specifically in your third house which is related to communication, siblings, and your local surroundings. Things are about to drastically change dear Taurus, are you ready?


Gemini: The Super Full Moon means you should be confident and resolute in your choices, about time isn't it dear Gummy's. Take advantage of this moment to evaluate which steps will help you make progress towards your objectives. The current full moon will deeply affect your personal relationships, financial transactions, and sources of income because it will trigger your eighth house. The full moon in Capricorn that is approaching may link to the idea of reciprocity during a significant moment of your life. Don't let fear get you, breeze through the chaos-it's your super power! Your perception of your level of authority at work may be influenced by the retrograde of Saturn in Pisces, which governs the moon and impacts your professional sphere (10th house). What is it you seek, what do you want to accomplish, this is not the time for


Cancer: Take of this opportunity for self-reflection to gain clarity on your priorities. Don't shy away from difficult conversations that can lead to progress. The full moon in Capricorn during July will focus on the "me vs. we" dynamic, which will impact your seventh house relating to commitments, compromise, negotiations, and relationships with significant others. The alignment of the sun and Mercury in your sign may lead to more emphasis on discussing your innermost thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, Saturn retrograde is currently affecting your ninth house, which relates to your beliefs and future aspirations. This suggests that an upcoming meeting or conversation could hold significant significance.


Leo: The Super Full Moon suggests that it's a good time to consider fresh career options and ways to achieve your long-term goals. Reflect on your individual strengths and how you can utilise them for success. The moon will align with your sixth house, linked to your daily tasks, responsibilities, and service-oriented activities. Additionally, Mercury and the sun will be in your 12th house, connecting to your personal life and subconscious behaviours. This alignment invites you to reflect on the hidden mechanisms of your life and your reasons for fulfilling your daily responsibilities. You might be questioning the value of your dedications and duties as Saturn, the ruler of this phase, is currently in retrograde and transiting your eighth house related to shared resources.


Virgo: The Super Full Moon's energy in Capricorn and your fifth house (which represents recognition, authenticity, and self-expression) presents a good opportunity to assess your financial and resource situation. Make a plan to use your resources more effectively during this time. Remember that this part of your chart relates to your creativity and skills, which you may be focused on enhancing. Also, given that the sun and Mercury are in Cancer, positioned in your 11th house linked to your community and future goals, it's important to assess whether or not you're in the right social circle. Due to Saturn's current retrograde and its influence on this lunar phase, it's advised that you establish clear boundaries with others, especially in terms of your relationships.


Libra: This is an excellent time for self-reflection. Consider how you can be more balanced and disciplined in order to reach your goals. You will be more aware of your emotions and your family unit because of the full moon in your domestic fourth house that illuminates your home and emotional foundations.Are there any traditions or structures that don't feel right for you anymore? It's possible that your issues stem from how you view authority figures, such as a parent-like figure. The sun and Mercury are both currently moving through your 10th house. This lunar phase means that you're in the process of reorganizing your daily routine and becoming more confident in setting personal boundaries. Saturn retrograde is also impacting this period as it rules your sixth house of hard work and service.


Scorpio: Take advantage of the energy of the Super Full Moon by creating a plan and making progress towards your goals. The current astrological position indicates that the full moon may affect your daily activities and communication in the short term, especially if you are a responsible and organized Capricorn. It is important to honor commitments instead of simply agreeing to them, whether in personal or professional contexts. Also, reflecting on what was important to you in December 2022 can be useful as you navigate a similar situation now. With the current position of As in retrograde over your fifth house, which is associated with creativity, recognition, and self-expression, you might be thinking about your personal brand. But, as Mercury and the sun are in Cancer, it is crucial to maintain authenticity during this process.


Sagittarius: Use this time to get clear on your goals and focus on how you can stay disciplined in order to achieve them. You may need to set some boundaries or release certain obligations in order to find balance. The full moon in July will affect your second house, which relates to your values, finances, and sense of security. Additionally, the sun and Mercury, which govern your relationships, will be situated in your eighth house, which pertains to intimate bonds and shared resources.Dealing with sensitive financial and personal matters can be challenging. However, due to the influence of Saturn retrograde (the ruler of this lunar cycle) in your fourth house related to home and emotional stability, it's essential to confront any subconscious obstacles that might be hindering your progress.



Capricorn: It's a good opportunity to think deeply about your priorities and make the most of your resources. To achieve your desired outcomes, remain determined and stay on track. During the full moon, your sign will be directly opposed by the sun and Mercury in Cancer in your seventh house. This message suggests that you focus on your own personal power within your important relationships. It is reminding you to maintain your sense of commitment and compromise, even if you have been putting too much attention on the relationship itself. This message is reminding you to balance your own needs with those of your relationship. Due to Saturn retrograde being your planetary ruler in the third house, your communication style and relationships with siblings may be going through some challenges.


Aquarius: Take advantage of the energy of the Super Full Moon to search for opportunities that are in line with your objectives. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity to assess how you can improve your discipline and concentrate on your top priorities. The moon will move into the 12th house, which is connected to finishing things, aspirations, and subconscious patterns. We are a private sector that specializes in surrender and coping mechanisms. We want to let you know that the current position of the Sun and Mercury in your sixth house is causing disruption in your work routines and daily tasks. Our advice is to seek support from your colleagues and not be afraid to ask for help when needed. Is your need for control getting in the way of self-care? Saturn retrograde, governing this occasion, suggests you be honest about how you're using your resources and energy.


Pisces: Reflect on the things that bring you peace and joy, and think about ways to improve your support system. This will help you stay focused and achieve your goals more easily. As the Capricorn full moon reaches its peak in your 11th house of community and associations, you might be going through a time of clarity concerning your beliefs, future goals, and feeling of fitting in the world. Do you surround yourself with individuals who have comparable beliefs and values? According to astrology, the sun and Mercury in Cancer will oppose the moon in your fifth house, which focuses on self-honesty, creativity, and self-love. The alignment encourages you to be authentic and go after what you genuinely want in life. As the governing force of the current lunar cycle, Saturn retrograde is currently moving through your sign. This movement may aid you in your pursuit of self-control.

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