Saint Cyprian of Antioch: An Ancient Saint with Ties to Witchcraft

Saint Cyprian of Antioch: An Ancient Saint with Ties to Witchcraft

Saint Cyprian of Antioch is a lesser-known saint in the Christian and Catholic tradition, but his story is a fascinating one that connects him to the world of magic and witchcraft. He's a dual Saint if you will because although he converts to religion, he can never truly leave magic behind. Before we go deeper into his story I want to talk about the Native American belief of the two wolves that live within us. The two wolves depict the war between good and evil that we all face, and it is said that whichever wolf we feed will win in this battle. Saint Cyprian of Antioch was no exception to this rule. As a student of magic he had access to knowledge and power, but could never use it since it goes against his faith. Yet, he found a way to use this knowledge for good without breaking his faith. He used it to fight against those that we're using powers for evil. He became known as the patron saint of sorcery and witchcraft because of his willingness to use magic in order to fight dark forces. Cyprian was also called upon by many people for protection against evil. He is said to have helped cure people of demonic possession, cast out evil spirits, and protect those who were vulnerable to dark forces. He also wrote extensively about the use of magic for good in his works, which was unusual during his time period. It was a risk, a risk he was willing to take upon him self to save those around him, remember that.


Born in the 3rd century AD, Cyprian was a pagan sorcerer who practiced black magic. He was a master of spells, charms, and potions. However, after a life-altering experience he had a religious conversion and vowed to use his powers for good. He used his knowledge of occult to ward off demons and evil spirits, helping people in need of protection against the dark forces. To this day there are many churches that still invoke his name as a protector against evil. There are also churches that curse his name and accuse him of being a witch in equal numbers. Despite his conversion, Cyprian's past as a sorcerer remained a prominent part of his story. Legend has it that he continued to perform miracles and use his knowledge of magic to help those in need. Cyprian's story illustrates an interesting overlap between the worlds of religion and witchcraft. In many cultures and traditions, the line between the two is not always clear-cut. In fact, many aspects of traditional witchcraft are similar to practices found in various religions around the world. Witchcraft, much like everything in life, has duality, you can choose whichever path to walk upon.

In the end, Cyprian’s story is a reminder that we all have access to knowledge and power through our own inner wolf. With each decision we can choose whether to feed the good or bad. If Saint Cyprian of Antioch could use his powers for good, so can you. It's up to us to decide which wolf we want to feed. The legacy of Saint Cyprian of Antioch lives on and is a reminder that sometimes the only way to fight evil is with good. He used his magical knowledge to fight darkness with light by employing it for healing and protection. It's worth noting that there are many similarities between religions and witchcraft that may be beyond our comprehension. For example, both witchcraft and many religions use ritual and ceremony to connect with the divine or with spiritual forces. Both also often incorporate the use of herbs, candles, and other physical tools to help focus and amplify their intentions. By embracing these similarities and understanding the duality of life, we can learn to appreciate the potential that lies within us.

Like Cyprian, many religious figures throughout history have been accused of practicing magic or witchcraft. Some, like Cyprian, were said to have used their powers for good, while others were considered to be using their abilities for evil or selfish purposes. In many ways, Cyprian's story illustrates the complex relationship between religion, magic, and spirituality. While they may appear to be separate and distinct practices, there is often a great deal of overlap and shared history between them. The story of Saint Cyprian of Antioch serves as a reminder that our understanding of religion, magic, and spirituality is often shaped by the cultures and traditions that have come before us. By exploring the stories and histories of figures like Cyprian, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the rich and complex tapestry of human beliefs and experiences that have shaped our world. It's important to remember that self-care magic encompasses not just healing and self-discovery, but also finding our purpose. The path we take towards that purpose is determined by which wolf we choose to nourish. Whether it's religion, magic, or spirituality that we feed, the power lies within us. Cyprian’s story is a testament to the power of light and goodness over darkness. It is a reminder that each of us has access to knowledge and power through our own inner wolf. It is up to us to choose which path we will take, but if Saint Cyprian of Antioch could use his powers for good, so can we.

Saint Cyprian is known for his association with magic and the occult. He was believed to have practiced various forms of magic and was often consulted by people seeking his help in matters of love, health, and protection. One of the magical practices that Saint Cyprian was known to perform was the creation of amulets and talismans. In modern times, we can recreate this practice by creating our own amulets and talismans. To do this, we can choose symbols and materials that are meaningful to us and imbue them with our intentions and desires. This can be done through rituals such as meditation, visualization, and energy work. Firstly, choose your medium, both the metal and stone of your talisman/ amulet will enhance and power your intention. Here are some options Saint Cyprian would approve of: 

Green Onyx has the power to relieve you of tension, worry, stress and fears. It is also said to encourage wise decision making and helps to keep you eager and inspired. This will make a great stone for Empaths to shield and protect their energy, while enhancing your heart chakra. Find it here!

 Astrophyllite is one of the most powerful stones for developing spiritual and intellectual strength, Derived from the Greek word meaning “star leaf”. A rare stone, known for filling wearers with light and positive energy, for allowing acceptance of negative aspects in life so that they can be let go and replaced with the positive. This necklace is a beautiful reminder of our power to change the world by dispelling darkness with light and would make a powerful talisman. Find it here!


Perfect for centering during meditation, Botswana Agate also enhances love and the strength to look for solutions rather than dwelling on difficulties. If you have difficulty meditating, then this the stone for your amulet. Once charged, it'll be able to help you center quicker and meditate with ease. Find it here!


Another magical practice that Saint Cyprian was known to do was divination. He would use various methods such as tarot cards, scrying, and dream interpretation to provide insight and guidance to his clients. In modern times, we can also use these same methods of divination to gain insight (hence self-care magic) into our own lives and to seek guidance from the universe. It is important to note that while Saint Cyprian used his magical abilities to help others, he was also a devout Christian and believed in the power of prayer and devotion. We can incorporate this aspect of his practice by combining our magical workings with acts of faith and devotion that are meaningful to us. This can include prayer, meditation, and attending religious services. Overall, Saint Cyprian serves as an example of how magic can be used for good, and his practices can be adapted and recreated in modern times to help us in our own spiritual journeys.

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