Psychic ability: What it is and how to tell if you have it

Psychic ability: What it is and how to tell if you have it


Have you ever wondered how psychic people are...well psychic? If so, it's actually a lot more psychological than you'd imagine. Our psychic abilities act much like our natural 5 senses. The psychic senses are referred to as the Clairs, which essentially means clear in French. Also known as the "four clairs," our psychic senses are essentially enhanced forms of our physical ones; four of the distinct ways our intuition/ spiritual knowledge communicates with us: (hearing voices) Clairaudient, (seeing images) Clairvoyant, (recognizing feelings), Clairsentient and (knowing) Claircognizant. There are two more psychic Clairs that are lesser-known and they're called: Clairgustance (taste) and Clairolfactance (smell), don't worry about these for now but if you'd like to learn more about them or any of the other Clairs, check out our Guild for more information and helpful prompts to enhance.



 Psychic abilities are something that some people are born with, but others may develop them over time. Especcially during and after a spiritual awakening, our senses and selves are simply more intuned. If you think you might have psychic abilities, the best thing to do is to experiment with different techniques and see what works for you. We have dozens of exercises on our Guild for each psychic Clair because it's not a one fit for all. While meditations work for several spells work for others. My strongest Clair is Clairsentient and I've pretty much hated it for most of my life. Most of you would call it being an Empath, the same thing, we essentially feel everything others feel, and man if that hasn't led me to some toxic humans in my life lol but I digress. We gather all the spiritual practices so you can figure out which best calls to you. As an Empath, I gravitate towards the water as a cleansing method and find the Compass exercise the best in building my ability.


Regardless of what you believe or don't by knowing what my main psychic Clairs were, I was not only able to enhance them but more specifically and importantly, I was able to control them. As amazing as it is to sense others, it's fucking exhausting when you cant tell the difference between your emotions and those around you. The beauty of Self-care magic is that it's all up to you, you choose. Who knows what you can learn - you may be more psychic than you think. Psychic abilities are something that we all have to varying degrees. If you think you might have a stronger psychic connection, there are a few things you can do to test your abilities and find out for sure. Remember, practice makes perfect- so the more you use your abilities, the stronger they will become! If you're not sure whether or not you have any psychic abilities, there are a few of the main signs you can look out for in the psychic Clairs:


1) Do you often have déjà vu experiences?

2) Do you frequently "know" things without knowing how or why you know them?

3) Do you have dreams that later come true?

4) Do you see, feel, or hear things that other people don't?

5) Do people unload their problems on you often because of how "understanding" you are?

6) Do you hear frequency or loud pitch changes?

7)Do large gatherings make you feel overwhelmed and afterward drained?


If you don't have any of these don't fret, you can enhance, every single one of your Clairs. Remember we're all psychic and can channel just like anyone else. We just have to work on the blockages before us and enhance our own natural abilities. It's what we use magic for, the development of self. Using specific tea/oils blends while listening to certain sound frequencies can not only control but also enhance your Clairaudient abilities. Creating an energy shield and learning the position of your inner compass can help you harness your Clairsentient abilities, so stay calm and as always loves happy self-care witching!

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