Pluto Enters Aquarius...Let the Revolutions Begin!

Pluto Enters Aquarius...Let the Revolutions Begin!

In astrology, Pluto embodies profundity, intensity and enigma; essentially it signifies the perpetual cycles of birth and death or formation and demolition. Pluto has the capacity to completely re-shape us and generate a remarkable change in our lives. Pluto's mysterious and magnetic power can captivate us all. It embodies all the secrets that are buried deep within us, as well as those revelations which eventually come forth into our awareness. Although it can be difficult to face, this is an essential aspect of our lives. For the last 15 years Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn but now it's entered Aquarius, the last time this occurred was in 1777... quite the year for revolutions. While there will be a greater focus on science, technology and humanitarianism during this period. We'll also witness an increase in social unrest as people fight for better understanding of inequality and justice. We can already see it YESTERDAY during the Congressional hearing with the CEO of TIKTOK. Besides the sheer embarrassment all Americans are feeling right now as our Government essentially yells lies and dismisses a man on national tv, we're collectively outraged with our government. This is the power of Pluto— to force us to face reality and accept what lies beneath. France is currently under heavy protesting and with reason! This is another cause of Pluto in Aquarius, urging us to fight for freedom and justice. While we may not be sure how this period of time will pan out, we can be certain that it won't be just business as usual. As Pluto has moved from Capricorn into Aquarius, it brings a wave of change with it. This is not a time to sit back and let the world happen around us, but instead a time of taking action and being active in our pursuit for justice. We must use this opportunity to make sure that our voices heard and ensure that change comes about in a positive way.

Although 2023 has been a challenging year, Pluto's influence will help usher in more fundamental societal changes — if we're willing to face them. With Pluto being in Aquarius, it will bring about a collective awakening to the issues that our society is facing, and people’s desire for change. As well as greater emphasis on spirituality and difficulty trusting authority figures. We can expect to see a greater focus on individuality and human rights, as well as an increased desire for social justice. The challenges that come with this placement will be great but the rewards could be even greater, so hang in there loves. Pluto's move into Aquarius will bring about necessary changes and in the end, we'll all be better for it. At its core, Pluto is a symbol of transformation and transition. It has the power to uncover hidden truths and show us what needs to be changed in our lives. So while this placement may bring some challenging times, it also offers potential for growth and the opportunity to create real change. Along with that comes a greater sense of responsibility and the opportunity to shape a better future for ourselves, our communities and our world. We should all take this energy as a sign that it’s time to be more mindful of how we interact with each other, take responsibility for our actions and embrace change. With Pluto in Aquarius, there is no doubt that people are ready and eager to bring about the changes that are needed. Let's be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and make the necessary changes to create a better world for everyone. Let's see how this will affect your zodiac sign and how you can keep yourself balanced during this transition:

Aries: As a natural optimist, you will be energized by the changes that this transit brings. Use this time to focus on your goals and dreams for the future and take action in order to make them come true. This is your time to completely revolutionize the way you think about the future, Aries! This is definitely your chance to get lucky! With Pluto's travel through Aquarius, it brings a chance to reinvent how you interact with others. As you begin this transformative journey, take the time to create meaningful relationships with those around you and construct a new supportive network for yourself. 

The social circles you currently inhabit will likely change drastically as your create fresh ties and more powerful relationships grounded in shared ambitions and aspirations. Don't let that sadden you, it's a necessary and fun time in your oath, enjoy it! With this process, you can nurture your beliefs and envision a life that exceeds your wildest expectations - one where you are actively involved in transforming the world for the better. For you dear Aries we recommend Garnet and Jasper to aid in your transformation. Garnet is known for its revitalizing and energizing properties, promotes self-empowerment and higher thinking which, in turn, allows for greater personal creativity. Known as a stone of courage, Jasper also promotes positivity and increases energy, which makes it the perfect stone for a fresh spring start. Find Garnet ad Jasper pieces HERE!



Taurus: This transition is a great opportunity for you to find creative solutions to your financial worries. Try looking at things from a different perspective and experiment with new ways to make money. Taurus, you are about to embark on a journey of professional success and inspiration. Prepare yourself for the intense ups and downs that come with it but never forget your power as an individual to excel in whatever comes your way! Take every opportunity bestowed upon you with pride and own up to being the best version of yourself!


As Pluto moves through your chart over the next two decades, expect to be challenged as you explore and refine your inner authority when it comes to forming a lasting legacy. The route may be tough, but Pluto will ignite a fire within you, motivating you to tirelessly pursue your long-term objectives with an unwavering commitment. Dear Taurus, we highly suggest Green Onyx for its energy-centering and protective properties. This gorgeous necklace has a breathtaking four-petal flower pendant that is created from vibrant green onyx gemstones. As a revered symbol of life, unity and completeness, each petal in the flower embodies its own distinctiveness. All the individual petals then unite to make up the center of this captivating symbol that radiates out with energy far beyond any singular component. Feel inspired by Green Onyx pieces right now!

Gemini: With Pluto in Aquarius, it’s important for you to have balanced conversations and exchange ideas with people who may have different views than yours. Doing so will help you gain a better understanding of the world around you. Gemini, you are someone who embraces change. But get ready for incredible transformations that will challenge your thinking and broaden your horizons over the next two decades. As Pluto navigates through Aquarius, you will have the opportunity to totally transform your perspective and uncover unknown realms of knowledge and experience. As you embark on distant adventures or higher learning, expect to be transformed significantly in the years ahead.


Embrace this change and keep expanding your perspectives by leaving your comfort zone behind. Prepare to reexamine your personal values and create a set of ethics that truly reflects you. As difficult as it may be, confronting the existential questions and spiritual conflicts will ultimately assist in finding the innermost beliefs about life. For you dear Gemini we recommend Rose Quartz . Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal to support you during your transition, as it encourages self-love and understanding, helping to dissolve any negative emotions that may arise. This beautiful pendant necklace features a pink rose quartz gemstone in its center and radiates outwards with an aura of unconditional love. You can find Rose Quartz Pieces Here!


Cancer: This period of time is a great opportunity for you to find ways to express yourself and your feelings. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, even if the outcome may not be what you had hoped. As Pluto begins this transformative new stage in your life, Cancer, don't be afraid to explore the depths of your unconscious and work through any issues you may have. Embrace this chance for inner growth! By learning how to accept difficult realities and being open about your needs, you are drastically elevating the quality of your closest relationships. You will be able to explore complex emotions with a newfound level of depth that leads to greater understanding and connection.

As the skeletons from your past come tumbling out, eventually you'll be facing them with composure and confidence. This prolonged transit will help you to confront all of these secrets without a second thought. Battling the monsters beneath your bed is never an effortless feat, however Pluto's unwavering courage will endow you with strength. Although it may be emotionally taxing at times, after all is said and done, you'll feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders. For you we recommend Turquoise. Turquoise is a talisman of protection that brings peace and serenity to the wearer. These triangle turquoise earrings feature two stunning pieces of turquoise that symbolize protection, wisdom and hope. Check out Turquoise Pieces Here!


Leo: With Pluto in Aquarius, it's essential that you stay positive during this time and keep your focus on the future. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things as they may bring unexpected rewards. As you embark on a new journey into relationships, Leo, it is time to adjust and reinvent your expectations for yourself as well as those around you. Your peers may become a reflection of the parts of yourself that you attempt to ignore or conceal, unveiling aspects of your character that had otherwise been left in the dark. Don't flee from the lessons learned through interpersonal reflections; instead, utilize them as a tool to become better and more honest in your relationships.

It's time to bid farewell to any manipulative love tactics of the past and begin breaking down the power struggles that are blocking you from accessing rewarding, life-altering relationships. For your dear Leo we recommend Malachite. Malachite is known to be a powerful protection stone and can bring calmness and serenity to those who wear it. This gorgeous malachite pendant necklace features an A shaped gemstone at its center that radiates a beautiful dark green hue. Find Malachite Pieces Here!

Virgo: During this time, it's important for you to stay organized and have a plan in place for what you want to accomplish. Harness your innate analytical prowess to uncover the most fitting answers for any issue that emerges. For the Virgo, work and wellness are essential components to consider. As Pluto moves through Aquarius, your everyday routines will open up new paths of self-development and transformation. As the years progress, you'll be tested to free yourself from old habits and form new routines for your life. The way you plan out each day and complete tasks will modify in the long run, so get ready to make changes. By increasing your productivity, you will become unstoppable!

However, it may require forsaking old habits which can be difficult. Take a look within yourself and identify behaviors that are preventing progress in order to break the cycle of stagnation. In the end, you'll have full control over life's outcomes. For you dear Virgo we recommend Amethyst. The Amethyst is a symbol of protection and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. These stunning amethyst raw cluster earrings feature irregularly shaped stones that have a deep, royal purple hue with Bronze. Find Amethyst Pieces Here!

Libra: This is a great time for you to learn how to be more assertive and let your voice be heard. Take initiative and don’t be afraid to speak up when necessary, as this will help you take charge of your life in a positive way. Libra, you are about to enter a passionate and motivated new period of your life! For you Venus-ruled signs, inventive ideas are never in short supply. However, over the forthcoming years your intentions to manifest these creative visions will become even more intense. You'll have a deep need to exercise control of your artistic aspirations.

Embarking on a passion project takes on an entirely new meaning, and you will be unstoppable in your fervent pursuit of self-expression. During this time, the enigmatic power of Pluto will be strongly felt in your love life as you seek a more profound and meaningful connection with your amorous partners. For you dear Libra we recommend Rainbow Moonstone. The Rainbow Moonstone provides emotional balance and helps to create harmony in relationships. Express your inner Moon Goddess or Nature Witch and honor the connection between us, humanity, and our lunar satellite with this stunning statement ring. Crafted in a flat disc style featuring ripples that reflect the moon's phases, it is set with an exquisite rainbow Moonstone to add spectacular flashes of color. Find Rainbow Moonstone Pieces Here!

Scorpio: Use this time to focus on yourself and your own needs. Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life if they are necessary, as it will help you become more balanced overall.Pluto, one of the planets that govern you, Scorpio, is signaling huge and palpable changes in your life. Get ready for this new chapter to take you on an exciting journey like never before! In the next twenty years, your life at home is likely to evolve substantially. Your idea of domesticity may differ drastically from what it looks like today. As you embark on your newfound role in the family, take this time to tackle any underlying animosity or issues among your relatives - it's very likely these will be brought up eventually.

By addressing them proactively now, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly and strengthen bonds between those closest to you. Don't be afraid to explore your past and embrace inner-child healing. By engaging in this essential self-care you'll develop a strong foundation that will support the growth of all areas of your life. For you dear Scorpio we recommend Labradorite. The Labradorite is a powerful protector and brings balance to your life. This stunning handcrafted earrings features iridescent labradorite pendants suspended from a delicate gold encasing. It's simple yet bold design makes for the perfect everyday accessory. Find Labradorite Pieces Here!

Sagittarius: With Pluto in Aquarius, it is important for you to stay open-minded and connect with others who have different backgrounds and experiences. Taking the initiative to explore and expand your knowledge of the world around you will provide immense benefits.As Pluto travels through your communication sector, Sagittarius, you'll experience a transformation in the way you communicate. Strike up conversations that matter and find more meaning in your daily exchanges. With this newfound perspective, everyday discussions will become much deeper than small talk!

Pluto will challenge you to reassess everything you know about life, giving you the opportunity to reconfigure your outlook from scratch. As an eternal dreamer, you are learning to recognize the immense potential of living in the moment. With more vigor than ever before, your words will soon carry weight and authority. Believe in yourself; trust that those around you are keen to hear what you have to say! For you dear Sag we recommend Black Agate. Black Agate is a powerful grounding stone that helps to bring balance and stability in difficult times. This stunning necklace is an exquisite combination of textures that features a glossy black agate gemstone suspended from a jute halo. Black agate has long been believed to bring about protection, purification and cleansing properties for those who use it in meditation or other spiritual practices. Find Black Agate Pieces Here!


Capricorn: Use this time to focus on self-improvement and developing your skills in areas that are important to you. Prioritizing your own wellbeing and asking for help whenever you need it should always be at the top of your list. Over the last 15 years, Pluto has been traversing your sign of Capricorn, completely transforming and redefining who you are as a person. Over the course of two decades, you will find yourself subtly transforming your values and resources. By taking control of your financial wellbeing, you have the perfect opportunity to confront any lingering doubts and anxieties you may possess in regards to money and self-worth. It's time to start breaking through the barrier that has been holding you back!

Do you feel as if a lack of resources holds you back or maybe your fixation on materialistic items keeps you stuck? Don't worry, in the upcoming years, it is time to put these worries aside and start being grateful for what we have. For you dear Capricorn we recommend Pyrite. Pyrite is the perfect stone for protection, shielding you from any unwanted energy and aiding in your journey to success. An array of shimmering pyrite pieces adorn a beautiful bronze earring tray, creating an exquisite addition to any jewelry collection. This stunning accessory will help keep you grounded and remind you of your own power. Find Pyrite Pieces Here!

Aquarius: This period of time is the perfect opportunity for you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new. Overcome any anxieties that are restraining you and take a bold stand to bring about the alterations you dream of in your life. This is an extraordinary occurrence for you, Aquarius - Pluto has entered your sign for the first time in your life. You may be feeling its alchemical course of action more acutely than any other zodiac sign.Embrace your radical spirit and don't be scared to stand out. Over the next twenty years, Pluto will spur you on a transformation that involves realizing you can't control how the world evaluates or regards you.

Embrace the inevitable shift in your appearance and being as you access deeper wells of power within yourself. Do not be dismayed if this transformation takes place – it is a sign that you are entering an exciting new era of identity! From these flames will emerge a rejuvenated, radiant version of yourself - so revel in this change.Aquarians, this luxurious adjustable ring is the perfect piece for you! The sunburst crown design encases a stunning veiny copper calcite lapis lazuli with protective powers that bring insight and clarity to your communication. Indulge in a timeless fashion statement while harnessing the power of Lapis Lazuli.This natural stone is characterized by its mesmerizing combination of deep blue and shimmering gold hues. Find Lapis Lazuli Pieces Here!

Pisces: With Pluto in Aquarius, it's essential that you stay connected with your emotions, as this will help you make decisions in a more balanced way. Make sure to grant yourself the space and time you need to process your emotions during this period of transition. Nurturing yourself is essential right now, so prioritize self-care above all else. As Pluto transits through your sign over the next two decades, Pisces, this period of time will be an opportunity for profound self-reflection and contemplation. Despite the difficulty of this next chapter in your life, it is incredibly essential. You will need to confront and face aspects of yourself that you have never encountered before - delving into your past, shining light on all shadows within you, and exploring every corner of your psyche. Whenever you feel yourself being impulsive, take the time to observe your behavior and search for a concealed agenda.

This is an incredible opportunity to distinguish between your feelings and intuition with more accuracy than ever before. Furthermore, by dedicating yourself to a spiritual practice you can sharpen your intuition and make the visions of your dreams more vivid. And lastly, for you dear Pisces we recommend Diamonds. An elegant diamond and gold necklace will provide comfort and protection during this transformational journey. The diamonds will grant clarity of the senses and open up channels to your intuition, while simultaneously providing you with an unyielding sense of personal strength and courage. This Dream Catcher with Herkimer Diamonds offers the perfect combination of spiritual protection and beauty. Find Diamond Pieces Here!






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