New Moon in Cancer: How to harness its energies

New Moon in Cancer: How to harness its energies

The Cancer New Moon happens on June 28th and it's all about being in your feels. The Moon loves to be in the sign of Cancer because it feels most at ease there. So, we can expect to feel a sense of belonging to this New Moon. New Moons attract energy toward us, making them an excellent time to set goals and consider what we want to attract into our life. We may be more sensitive under this New Moon in Cancer but this sensitivity will help us become more intuitive, empathetic, and responsive to our surroundings. Pay close attention to your dreams, we'll all be having more vivid and intense ones thanks to our heightened intuition. Under the New Moon, Neptune, the planet of spirituality, illusion, and higher truth is also highly active. It will commence its retrograde hours before the New Moon peaks. Keep this in mind while your emotions are heightened it means you'll also be feeling the effects of the retrograde and should think carefully before acting.


Here are three tips for making the most of its energy and how to enhance it to your advantage:


1. Get in touch with your feelings. I genuinely don't understand humanity's embarrassment of seeming or coming off as emotional. Being empathic is essentially a superpower, think about it. You get to actually feel what another person is feeling that's an amazing ability. This is a great time to journal, meditate or simply spend some time alone reflecting on how you're feeling before focusing or worrying about anyone else. Emotions will be intense during this time and the last thing you'll want is to confuse yours with another. Protect yourself from any outside energy.


 A funky addition to any outfit. These unique earrings are made from two small pieces of quartz, silver paint, and metal earring posts.  Quartz is a stone of clarity that dispels negative energy. It can be used to purify and clarify the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. It is also powerfully protective and enhances spiritual growth, spirituality, and wisdom. Wonderful for when you're starting out to set your boundaries and energy shields, these will help that negativity away without much effort. Check out Adam Rabbit's pieces for more crystal support!

A beautifully large chunk of raw other-worldly meteorite set in a sterling silver comet shaped center piece. Meteors provide energy that pushes one to completely break down our idea of ourselves, whether we like it or not but also help us build ourselves back up. Campo del Cielo is just as powerful, if not more so than any other meteorite. It works in tandem with all of your cells to help you achieve a total physical makeover and elevate your consciousness to previously inconceivable levels. Check out Yugen for more meteorite pieces!

OIYA's simple but powerful necklace features a symbolic red FIGA pendant attached to a gold thread necklace. FIGA's were once worn as an incantation to The Goddess, a summons for fertility, virility, and fun. In South America, jewelry like this are commonly worn as amulets against the evil eye since the gesture has so much depth and is easily connected. Check out OIYA's for more ancestral amulets!



2. Connect with your loved ones. Spend time with the people who make you feel safe and loved. This could be family, friends, or even your pets. Cancer is the sign of home and family so we'll be craving that sense of connection and belonging. Since both of his things are essentially the foundations of Cancer's, without them they feel ungrounded and unbalanced. During this time, when these things are bound to be questioned and shaken up keep your Root and Sacral Chakra balanced and centered. These chakras mainly deal with the sense of safety and your overall emotional state.



Our Root chakras are nourished by nature and Evolve Botanica's Goddess scrub does just that. A gentle cleanser, mask, and polish all in one, that consists of detoxifying french green clay, raw shea butter, and cucumber seed oil. How much closer to nature can you get than applying mud all over you? Magic doesn't always have to be intense and scary, it truly can be as easy as wearing a clay mask to help you back in balance. Check out Evolve Botanicas for more spiritual skincare!

One of the best parts of the family is having them when you're feeling sick. I know that sounds strange but think about it. Whether it's your mother's homemade soup or the specific tea your grandma always brews, there's something about being taken care of that genuinely makes us feel loved. Sadly not everyone has that, whether they lack the family or that family lacks empathy. Point is, we can still feel loved and cherished during that moment, extra humans or not. PAAVANI's tea ritual and blends help us treat exactly what's ailing us as well as their Nasal care both are packed full of Ayurvedic herbs and oils to help our bodies naturally and soothingly. Check out PAAVANI for more Ayurvedic self-care!

Kailo organic chakra therapy's products were literally made for the balancing of chakras. Not only are their recipes centered in each specific chakra but are also infused with specific sound vibrations and energy. This company takes your chakra health quite seriously and doesn't leave a rock unturned when it comes to the knowledge associated with them. What better way to keep your chakras up to date than to directly treat the source. Check out Kailo for more Chakra healing!


3. Nourish yourself. Cancer is all about self-care, so make sure to treat yourself well during this New Moon. Self-care doesn't just have to be salt baths and face masks. Make your favorite comfort food and turn it into an experience. Cook with intention, setting the mood with some candles or music. Really take your time and be present in every step. The key is to savor every moment, from the chopping of the veggies to the final bite. Let yourself get lost in the process and enjoy the results. Even if cooking isn't your forte, eating the delicious food counts as self-care to doesn't it?


Zelo's Shaman tea and Cretan Honey W thyme & wild herbs are self-care in a cup. Both comforting and invigorating, this tea blend is the perfect Ayuverdic blend to nurture and lift our spirits up. Freshly ground spices combine with the finest black tea in this invigorating Shaman blend. Sweeten it naturally with our new organic Cretan honey - and do try the chai latte recipe in the striking tea tin…you’ll never order out again! Check out Zelo's for more artisanal blends!

Pair your tea & honey with some of the Element truffles Ayuverdic chocolate bars for the healthiest snack you've ever enjoyed. These chocolates are raw and organic. They are free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten, palm oil, GMO and artificial anything. Made by meditators in micro-batches with high vibrational music playing in the background, as the chocolates are being made. Lift your spirits and vibes by simply eating some chocolate, is what all self-care magic should honestly be about. Check out Element Truffles for more Ayurvedic treats!

One of the best things to do during a New Moon is journaling. Writing our emotions down may seem easy but it's actually a form of psychic abilities as well. Automatic writing helps us tune into our shadow selves and the issues we're ignoring. Begin Within's daily healing journal (for those living life with chronic illness, mental illness, or other health-related challenges) helps us take notice and charge of the things occurring to our mind and body. This journal allows you to document everything from your vitals to your nutrition, mood, medications, symptoms, challenges, and accomplishments (big and small), with a focus on gratitude. Check out Begin Today for more Journals!



The Cancer new moon will increase our sensitivity and emphasize our feelings, but it will also bring the promise of enhanced clarity and a higher reality. If you're already feeling emotional and easily affected by others, this New Moon is a great time to practice spiritual precautions and keep your energy safe: set boundaries, practice self-care and remember to listen to your intuition. It's an excellent moment to connect with your feelings, communicate with your loved ones, and relax. Make the most of it by following these suggestions or creating your own New Moon ritual and enjoy the cosmic energies!

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