New Moon in Aries: Wish Upon a...

New Moon in Aries: Wish Upon a...


Happy New Moon in Aries and Spring Equinox loves! For the sake of not writing long winded blogs, we'll reserve this one for only New Moon purposes but you can check out our Spring Equinox article HERE! It's been a wild and shaky 2023 and we've only just reached March. It's safe to say we're all burnout and exhausted, physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually. But don't despair loves, whenever we go through a shadow period, like we just did it's because greater things are coming. You know, like that really annoying saying goes "sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better". While New Moons are usually great times to naivest your desires and hopes, this one is especially so. Even though the new moon is cloaked in darkness, it exerts a powerful influence over our lives. During this quiet phase of its 28-day cycle, the celestial body uses these moments to quietly replenish itself before continuing on its next mission across our night sky.

This New Moon will be in the sign of Aries at exactly 0 degrees! The degree of creation. So loves, be fucking delusional today, let yourself dream because this New Moon, is quite literally like wishing upon a shooting star. Are you ready for your dreams to come true??? I know I sure am, a bitch is tired of reality, someone drop me in a magical forest ASAP. Aries is known for its firey energy and this New Moon will bring a renewed sense of optimism, hope and courage. Additionally, Aries is a sign that knows how to take initiative and lead the way in any situation. This energy can be used to your advantage when it comes to manifesting your desires or embarking on something new. It will help you to conquer your fears and pursue what makes you truly happy.


On March 21st at 1:23 p.m ET, the new moon brings an opportunity for a fresh start, amplified by its powerful numerological significance! This extraordinary new moon is particularly noteworthy; with a few numeral similarities enhancing its profoundness, this serves as an invigorating and empowering change in our collective spiritual and social power. As the sun departs from dreamy Pisces, now is your time to spring into action! The new moon in Aries has come and it's ready to boost up your energy and start a fresh cycle in life. Remember, what you manifest over this New Moon will be the new life and energy YOU want to bring into your life, so wish carefully loves! Let's see what's in store for your sign:

Aries: With your fiery sign, this new moon brings a surge of energy and motivation. Now is the time to take charge, utilizing courage and confidence in order to reach any goal that you’ve set for yourself. This new moon can be used as an opportunity to get clarity on what you want out of life, while also allowing for a much needed re-connection to your inner power.As you wind down, keep in mind that this new moon forms a square with Mars—your ruling planet. This emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of every moment during this period.

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Taurus: For Tauruses, the new moon of Aries inspires a period of confidence and clarity. Allowing yourself to take the lead in any situation is key; embracing the strength within yourself to make decisions that you believe are right. This is an ideal time to start a new project or career path, as the energy of Aries will help you to stay focused and motivated.


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Gemini: With the new moon in Aries comes an opportunity for Geminis to take control over their lives. This is your chance to set clear boundaries while also allowing yourself to be truly honest in any situation. Aries energy encourages new beginnings and it’s the perfect time for you to take a leap of faith and trust in yourself. After weeks of anticipation, Mars will removing from Gemini to Cancer on the 25th. You can finally relax and breathe a sigh of relief! You've done the shadow work, it's time to step into your power and shine.

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Cancer: You'll be feeling like quite the homebody today dear Cancer. Although Aries energy is often connected to adventure and creativity, this energy is affecting you differently. It's highlighting the things you find most important but are they? Remember to look out for yourself dear Cancers. Your emotions are your super power, use them! As the moon moves through Aries, you can take this time to focus on yourself and your relationships with others.


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Leo: Leo signs are blessed with a boost in creativity during this new moon. Now is the time to express yourself in whatever way you feel necessary, whether that be through art, music or any other form of expression. Aries energy will help you to find inspiration and use it as your guide; allowing yourself to explore depths that you never thought possible.

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Virgo: As a Virgo, this new moon serves as an opportunity for personal growth and exploration. This is the perfect time for you to connect with your inner strength and utilize it as a tool in order to find joy and happiness in life. Aries energy will help you let go of anything that no longer serves you and make room for something new. Mars being in Gemini has affected you as well. With it shifting to Cancer, now is the time for you to start new projects and take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to you.

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Libra: The new moon in Aries brings a surge of confidence to Libras, allowing them to take control over their lives. This is the perfect time for you to learn how to balance your personal and professional life; utilizing your energy efficiently in order to reach any goal. Aries energy will help you to be assertive and take action! Fight for the balance you seek dear Libra!

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Scorpio: Scorpios are given a surge of new insight during this new moon. Understanding your own needs and desires is key, as you should use this time to embrace the power within yourself. Allow yourself to be honest in any situation, while also taking a step back and reflecting on what it means to be true to yourself. Aries energy will help you to have meaningful conversations with those around you and keep an open mind as you explore any opportunities presented.


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Sagittarius: This new moon in Aries is the perfect time for Sagittarians to explore any passion that they have been feeling recently. With an invigorating boost of energy, you will now be able to take action and make your ideas come to life. Aries energy can be used as a tool in order to find joy and self-expression in any situation.

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Capricorn: This new moon of Aries is the perfect time for Capricorns to take control over their lives. Gaining clarity on what you want out of life and setting clear boundaries in any situation is essential. The energy of Aries will help you to be courageous and move forward with any goals that you have set for yourself. Dear Caps, Pluto is leaving your zodiac sign after a grueling 15 years. You can feel the intensity in the air as that energy starts to shift.

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Aquarius: Aquarians are granted a surge of creativity during this new moon. This is the perfect time to learn how to express yourself in whatever way you feel necessary, whether that be through art, music or any surge of confidence that comes along with this new moon will help you to take the lead and trust yourself in any decision-making process. Aries energy encourages Aquarians to take a leap of faith and explore their creativity during this new moon. Allowing your inner voice to be heard and trusting your intuition is essential; this is the perfect time to take a risk and try something new.

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Pisces: The new moon in Aries gives Pisces signs an opportunity for self-growth and exploration. Now is your chance to understand yourself better and make decisions that will benefit your happiness. Utilize the Aries energy to take control of any situation, trust in yourself, and have faith that you can accomplish anything. With the help of Mars shifting to Cancer, you will have a newfound sense of understanding and clarity.

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