Navigate the Stars: A Guide to Mars in Virgo

Navigate the Stars: A Guide to Mars in Virgo

Good morrow loves, if you've been wondering why the energy is just... fucking off?! Well there's a lot going on in the sky at the moment but for the sake of our attention spans and my Gemini mind's inability to stick to one topic for very long; we'll be centering on Mars in Virgo in this blog. Mars in Virgo commences on July 10 and ends on August 27 but there's a ton of shit occurring in between, so hold on this will be a time for change. And with so many planets currently retrograding, this chaotic part of the summer will be heavy on the self-reflection/ over thinking theme. On July 11th, Mars will align with the North Node in Taurus at 0 degrees, causing an increase in ambition and determination. This is a good opportunity to concentrate on turning our goals and desires into reality. Tis time to get motivated bitches, you can thank this energy for the large amount of content I've published today! This is a powerful aspect of manifestation energy ya'll, so be sure to stay focused and patient during this period because it could get overwhelming. Remember to self-care and self-reflect, bad bitches are composed bitches, channel that Virgo energy dolls.

Mars will oppose Saturn in Pisces on July 20th, you the one currently retrograding. This suggests that we should pause and reflect on our actions, think before you act because the consequences to our actions will be swift. Taking a break to assess the situation is crucial guys, this is what retrograde season is all about. Granted we normally go through this with a lot less action going on astrologically but what's a chaotic summer without some extraness. On the 22nd of August, Mars will oppose Neptune retrograde in Pisces, so be careful not to let your dreams keep you from reality! And a day later, on the 23rd of August, Mercury will go retrograde. I am quite literally, fucking dreading it. Shout out to my Gemini's and Virgo's, we're about to hate everyone...again. And then Finally on the 24th of August, Mars will trine with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn - this is an opportunity to focus your energy and create something meaningful for yourself! You may have noticed a very Karmic/ Retrograde theme going on during this transit and you'd be right, from the movement of the Nodes to all these planets retrograding in illusion breaking Pisces. Mars in Virgo is about orderly action and with of the rest of the energies going on, it seems we'll be facing our fears loves. Karma is approaching, are you ready? Now, let's see how each zodiac sign will be affected by this transit:

Aries: For you this transit will be affecting your 6th house of health and day-to-day work. You've been racking your mind for quite some time dear Aries. The beginning half of 2023 was awhile lot of energy and nowhere to necessarily focus it...yet. However, during this transit you'll be feeling more motivated to take care of your body and mind and not on your life purpose. This transit will highly affect you, as your home planet is Mars and it will be in your opposing sign of Virgo. While this energy will feel a bit strange at first, it'll help give order to your laser focus. You can't achieve your dreams if your health is lacking and your routine is non existent. Before that purpose can arrive, you dear Aries, need to get your shit together.

For you we recommend the Ayuvrdic Nasal care ritual. Starting new habits, especially health ones is never easy but thats where rituals lend a helpful hand. The more you do something, the more it becomes habit, in more than one way. Within Ayurveda it is believed that the nasal passageways are the entryway for prana, our breath & life force energy, to enter the body via a direct route to the brain. That’s why it is important to keep these vital passageways clean, healthy & clear via the use of neti & nasya in your daily routine. Keeping your body, mind and spirit healthy is no easy task but it is important. You want to achieve your best, you need to be at your best and that starts with putting ourselves and our health first Aries. You can find the Nasal Care Ritual here!


Taurus: This transit will be affecting your 5th house of creativity and pleasure. You may feel like doing something creative or adventurous for yourself! Go forth and explore a new hobby, especially if that's flirting Taurus! You've had a heavy last year with the nodes and eclipses in your sign. It's time to treat yourself, let that inner child out. Mars in Virgo is about action use this new found energy to bring life to your thoughts and fantasy's to life.

For you we recommend this brilliant Green Onyx necklace. Besides green being your color this enchanting Green Onyx has the power to relieve you of tension, worry, stress and fears. It'll help keep any of those intrusive thoughts away, while you're dancing the night away. Let your creativity shine without any fear clouding it. This crystal is also said to encourage wise decision making and helps to keep you eager and inspired. Hang in there Taurus, it wasn't all for nothing, keep your chin up. Let the rest melt away and remember why life is worth living, you got this boo! You can find the the Green Onyx necklace here.

Gemini: This transit will affect your 4th house of home and family. Your focus is now on strengthening relationships with those close to you, reevaluating where you come from and how it affects who you are today. And no Gemini's, I don't mean the friends and realities within your head. With Mars in Virgo you may be feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by this strict aggressive energy and overthinking your current familial and friendship situation. You focused on everything but your home life during 2023, so sorry loves, it's time to get shit in order. Real people, real moments we can't hide in our minds for, it's time to find out what matters and shake off the rest. But no worries we've got something for you too dear Gemi's, and that's a milk bath.

I know, I know, sounds anti-climatic but spiritual bath's are no simple bitch when it comes to healing our minds, bodies and souls. And for us Gemini's...serious conversations and relationships are just...not a vibe. So indulge in the Ayurvedic ritual of milk bathing to cleanse your body, pamper your skin, and relax your senses.Take out some time from your day for self-care and soak your body in a warm bath infused with healing Ayurvedic herbs. This product is a blend of Moisturizing Coconut Milk, Himalayan Salt, and Cardamom. It helps to deeply hydrate, detoxify and gently cleanse the skin. Did we mention its infused with Ayurvedic Healing Mantras? This healing bath will nourish you physically, mentally and spiritually. Just what you'll need during those overwhelming moments in which you'll turn to overthinking. You can find the Coconut Milk Bath here!

Cancer: This transit will be affecting your 3rd house of communications and learning. You may find that this time is best used to hone your writing and communication skills, so take the opportunity to read more and write more! It's time to bring to life the ideas you've been nurturing since the beginning of 2023. With the assertive energy of Mars and the direction of Virgo, you can make it happen. Don't just talk about your beliefs, take action and talk some shit! For you we recommend this Opalite Moon Necklace, to help channel that creative energy while you reflect and grow.

The period after a full moon is called "waning" and it's associated with spiritual rebirth. The luminous opalite gemstone represents this phase. It's a time to reflect on our achievements and evaluate what we can let go of, as we set intentions for the upcoming new moon. Use this crystals energy to help guide you during this time. Opalite can provide support during times of change and help us communicate our inner emotions more confidently (literally perfect for you right now). It also promotes determination and resilience, did I mention its one of your zodiac signs stones? You can find the Opalite Moon Necklace here!

Leo: This transit will be affecting your 2nd house of possessions and finances. Get ready for a financial rollercoaster, as you'll be focused on earning money and learning how to manage it better. It will be stressful but it is crucial dear Leo's. Stay cool and calm throughout and you'll make it better than you could have imagined. For you we recommend the Hydrate tea blend during this transit.

The Hydrate Blend uses grounding and demulcent herbs to balance excess vata. It includes Ashwagandha, a traditional Ayurvedic root that is adaptogenic, as well as Shatavari, Licorice, and Cinnamon, which all have moisturizing properties. Together, these herbs rehydrate, rejuvenate, and nourish deep within the body. It'll help keep your mind clear and focused while you learn to retrain your mind frame around wealth and your accessibility to it. You can find the Hydrate Blend here!


Virgo: This transit will affect your 1st house of self-image. You may feel like it's time for a makeover or just a general revamp in how you present yourself to the world. Step out of that comfort zone Virgo! You've spent the beginning half of 2023 being...basic. But that's all changing now, while you've been dormant astrologically this new 'you' is going to burst through the rest of the year. And in normal Virgo fashion, that means a re-organizing of who 'you' are. This transit will affect you highly, if you feel yourself shrinking back then we've got the perfect thing for you.

While Mars is being charged by your sign, let Pink Moon's Fire element collection keep that Mars fire under your ass. It's time to be loud and confident Virgo, how else do you get to the truth? The fire element enlivens, awakens and has a bold energy. This energizing three-step ritual is for those in need of activating fiery “inner child” energy. Fueled by warming, spicy, balancing botanicals: Green coffee oil, ginseng, neem oil, white nettle, hibiscus, vitamin C, cardamom. Find the Fire Element collection here!

Libra: This transit will be affecting your 12th house of subconscious and spirituality. You'll be focusing on spiritual growth, self-exploration and understanding your deeper feelings. With Mars in Virgo you may feel more aggressive and anxious than usual, but it's important to remember that spiritual growth doesn't always have to be intense. Make sure to drink calming teas like lavender, chamomile or Blue lotus; they'll help calm that intense energy while awakening your dreams to you.

Your dreams are about to be pretty intense, pay special attention to them. This is how your subconscious communicates, once the moon is in Cancer, they'll only grow in intensity. Find the balance between reflection and action. For this transit we recommend our Dream Journal. It will not only help you better understand your dreams and what your subconscious is trying to communicate but also how to lucid dream more frequently and even astral project. You can find our Dream Journal here!


Scorpio: This transit will be affecting your 11th house of friends and networks. Get ready to network like crazy Scorpio! You'll find yourself more focused on the people around you, wanting to build connections and create meaningful relationships. After all the work you've done in the beginning of this year, it's time to bring it all together. But with the intense energy of Mars in Virgo, you may feel more irritable than usual. It's important to remember that this transit is all about balance. Balance between staying true to who you are and being present enough to build relationships with others.

For this transit we recommend the Aromatherapy Ritual Set. Aromatherapy Spritzers are portable essential oil diffusers meant to encourage the practice of Ayurveda & Aromatherapy as a way to balance each dosha and improve one's overall mood. Use them as a tool to enhance your happiness, balance, and bliss in your daily life. You can find the Aromatherapy collection here!

Sagittarius: This transit will be affecting your 10th house of career and ambition. It's time to focus on what you want to achieve in life Sagittarius! Start dreaming big, and make those dreams come true! But with the energy of Mars in Virgo, it may feel like you're being pulled in multiple directions. To find focus and clarity we recommend Pink Moon's Air Element Collection.

The air element is responsible for bringing about change and influencing the other elements. It governs new starts, lightheartedness, and a willingness to be receptive. This whimsical and weightless practice creates a sensation akin to drifting through the clouds.The Amethyst crystal is known to be a powerful stone for protection and for bringing clarity while creating a space of peace and serenity (which we all need right now). Keep your amethyst crystal in your pocket while you go through this transit. You can find the Air Element Collection here!


Capricorn: This transit will be affecting your 9th house of travel and higher learning. Take the opportunity to open up your horizons Capricorn - this is a great time to explore new cultures and learn more about the world around you. But with the intense energy of Mars in Virgo, you may feel more overwhelmed than usual. Stay grounded and stay foucsed during this time. For this transit, we recommend the Earth Element Collection.

The earth element brings about grounding and is associated with stability, wisdom, and foundation. This practice is meant to create balance within the body and nourish your connection to nature. Inhale peace & exhale stress — you'll be able to feel grounded in a way that's both natural and effective. You can find the Earth Element Collection here!


Aquarius: This transit will be affecting your 8th house of transformation and sex. You're likely to find yourself more interested in exploring the depths of your sexuality Aquarius, so don't be afraid to embrace this part of yourself! But with the intense energy of Mars in Virgo, it's important to stay connected to your intuition. For you we recommend the Hisbicus Facial grain 3 in 1 mask and cleanser.

Hibiscus is an incredibly powerful plant used for centuries for lust inducing properties, spiritual protection, and skin care. It's often used as a tonic to balance the emotions as well as provide deep nourishment to the skin. This product is perfect for promoting a calm yet alert state of mind so you can navigate any energy that comes your way. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Hibiscus helps keep skin looking youthful and refreshed. You can find the Hibiscus Facial Grain 3 in 1 Mask & Cleanser here!



Pisces: This transit will be affecting your 7th house of relationships and commitments. It's time for a reevaluation Pisces - take this chance to strengthen your bonds with those closest to you, or let go if needed. With the intense energy of Mars in Virgo, however, you may be feeling more irrational than usual. However, it will be a time of deep introspection of those around you in your life. Take a moment to practice mindfulness and stay centered. For this transit we recommend the Pink Moon Water Element collection.

The Water element is associated with the power of transformation and emotionality, allowing for a deep connection between the body & soul. Connecting to this element will bring about feelings of peace, replenishment, and tranquility. You can find the Water Element Collection here!

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