Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Time to let go...

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Time to let go...


Today's total lunar eclipse in Taurus is special for a number of reasons. Not only is it the last one till 2025 but t's also occurring in opposition to Uranus. While Lunar eclipses center on revealing that which is hidden and shedding what no longer serves us. Uranus is the planet of chaos and change. So, it's no surprise that this powerful combination is linked to some major life-altering events. Many people feel anxious on the day of Mid-term elections. If you missed it, the November 8,2022 total lunar eclipse began at 6:02 a.m. ET while most people were sound asleep—but even if you didn't see it, this event was probably still affecting your life in some way. If you're feeling strange, it's because of the lunar eclipse, hang in there you'll be feeling the effects of this eclipse for quite some time.


The lunar eclipse will force us to reconcile our actions. It's a call to let go of what's no longer working and embrace the change that is inevitable. However, we must be careful not to get caught up in the frenzy of it all. This is a time to be mindful and act from a place of love rather than fear. Center on yourself, use that energy to solve YOUR problems and no pinpoint anyone else. The universe is giving us an opportunity to break free from our limitations, but only if we're willing to do the work. This Uranus energy mixed with Mars retrograde can make many of us seem like Villains to others, when in reality; holding back is no longer an option, hiding our truth will no longer be accepted, consequences be damned. In a world full of toxic positivity, choose you and not the societal norm. Someones opinion of you can only define you if you allow it.


In astrology, the North Node is your ultimate destiny; it is the path you were always meant to take. The South Node is representative of your past lives and the things you still bring with you from those experiences. The eclipse you just experienced was a lunar one, and it formed a conjunction with the South Node. As a result of this phenomenon, you may find yourself getting rid of something in your life that's been weighing you down needlessly. So now's not the time to be complacent. The power of this eclipse is extreme, and probably everyone can sense it. Keep in mind, this eclipse will not be partial, but instead total. The Blood Moon is one of the most influential lunar events that can occur. The next eclipse of this kind will not happen again until 2025. In other words...b**** this is important, so listen to that intuition and figure out what you need to release in order to grow. Whatever it is, allow yourself the freedom to let it go, you can't keep bringing your past into your present and expecting a different future.


Eclipses are often seen as a portents of change, both on an individual and collective level. This can be intimidating I know but the Universe only dishes out that which we can handle...even if we don't quite realize it yet. Although their spiritual influence can be a tad bit disruptive, instead of fearing the unfamiliar and unknown, think of these moments as crucial life lessons and moments; the more we understand something, the less we fear it. Eclipses are precisely what help us achieve our destiny and becoming whom we are meant to be, so embrace the chaos and do you boo! While this cosmic event will affect us all, it will do so differently, so let's see how YOUR zodiac will handle this cosmic madness ?




When you're going through tough times, it's easy to feel like giving up, we're all human it's understandable dear Aries. But remember all that you've accomplished so far and know that you can get through this. You are strong enough to make it on your own, your past is evidence of just that! The lunar eclipse is making you face the darker aspects of your comfort zone and security, not to ruin your life but to enhance it and remove the bulsh** from it. These lunar revelations aren't the only thing shaking up your world so is Mars in retrograde. They're both pushing you to shake up your world and free it from the toxicity of attachments, power dynamics and relationship obsessions. If you find yourself feeling indebted to others or struggling to be conscious about how you spend your energy, then this is the time to stop that shi*.




The moon is being eclipsed in your sign dear Taurus, which means big changes are coming for you soon - both good and bad. The planet Uranus is being supercharged during this potent lunation, which means that there could be some surprise shake-ups and unexpected occurrences. So hang in there, as surprising as these events will be they're also necessary for your growth. These events will propel you towards a brand-new world that you never thought possible. Though it may be tough, this transition will upheaval your soul contractual agreements, committed partnerships and significant others because you're abandoning an old persona that doesn't fit with who you are anymore. Shed that old skin love and embrace your new and improved self! Be authentic with yourself first, nurture yourself first, then worry about the rest of the world.




We all deal with stress differently, but during this eclipse, you may find that you're unintentionally running into your dark side in ways you never expected. While you're normally more active and energetic, thanks to Uranus, your psyche is supercharged and electric with intuition and wisdom. This highlights everything from the dark side of your day-to-day surroundings to the driving forces behind your acts of service. Though it may make you feel uneasy, what's being brought to your attention is important. You tend to brush off what you have no interest in dear Gemini, this eclipse isn't letting you do that. Sometimes you have to face the dark side in order to appreciate the light. If you're putting too much effort into something that's no longer productive, or if you can't stop thinking about a negative situation, it's time for a change beloved.



A new and exciting time is about to begin in your social life dear Cancer but there's some preparation you need to do first. With this eclipse, Venus (the celestial ruler), is sitting with the sun and Mercury in Scorpio. This draws attention to the more taboo aspects of your passion projects, romantic encounters, and desire to love and be loved. Being recognized by your peers, community and colleagues is important. It's all right to want recognition for your endevor's. Some people find it difficult to share their talents with the world, choosing instead to stay reserved. But for your Cancer, it's time to let that shyness take a back seat and be the bad bit** you were always meant to be.




Personal and professional life are two worlds that we often keep separate, but it is important to remember that they are interconnected. How you conduct yourself in one sphere will affect your reputation and credibility in the other. For you dear Leo, your personal life and work life tend to go hand in hand. Putting difficult conversation on the back burner is good for no one dear Leo, whether it's work or family related. Therefore, it is crucial to consider what in your life is no longer working well with the amount of time you are dedicating to work. If you're finding that your family life is feeling a little tense or off-kilter, don't worry. This cosmic orgy will force you into a working balance, whether you want it to or not.




Your understanding is expanding, possibly faster than you anticipated dear Virgo. Challenging your default mindset and the way things are done in your current environment is key to taking advantage of this new opportunity. You currently feel both lost and driven at this moment and as confusing as that may sound, you're exactly where you need to be. Confronting your innermost thoughts and feelings can be daunting, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship or self-discovery. These challenges may bring up doubt and cause you to question yourself but it is necessary in order to achieve success. The North Node is pointing you in the direction of a fresh start, so don't be afraid to take some risks and explore new territory, even if that means stretching yourself financially or getting out of your comfort zone in terms of relationships and belief systems. For once, Virgo, just fuc**** let go.




The North Node brings about change that may be uncomfortable but it is for the better. As scary as eclipses and retrogrades are, they help us accomplish that which we stagger to. These changes can be personal or professional, regardless of which, it will help you to build a stronger foundation; a stronger sense of self. If you have been feeling insecure or worried about your finances, an exciting opportunity for new sources of income may come your way. However, this chance could require that you give up greed and the fear of commitment, I know right, easier said than done. The things you value most in a relationship and life can no longer be hidden. You must choose and move forward dear Libra.




If you feel unimportant and unremarkable, it may be because you are repressing your own wants and needs dear Scorpio. Though it is difficult, the work continues until YOU determine YOUR worth love. Though it may be difficult to stomach at times, you must come to terms with the rougher aspects of your relationships and what they mean to you. Examine situations where you might have let others down or vice versa, as well as what limits you're willing to move when meeting in the middle. This also applies to your fixations, obsessions and/or fears surrounding other people. When we lack trust in others, the cosmos challenges us to explore what low-vibrational patterns might be at play. The sooner you're able to face the difficult truths about a situation, the quicker you'll be able to break free from it.




This lunar eclipse will mark a major change in your employment or responsibilities. If a job doesn't suit you anymore, don't be afraid to seek out something that is more fitting for your skills and schedule.  Even if you think you're prepared for anything, the eclipse will probably surprise you. Your unconsciousness attempts to protect you from your shadow side and the difficulties of life are only holding you back dear Sagittarius. Some of you might be afraid to take responsibility because it would mean giving up control, but the truth is, you don't have any control to begin with, so what's there to loose? Making productivity-enhancing changes will always be beneficial, even though it might initially feel like too much work to break old habits.




Is it truly worth sacrificing your contentment and personal expression to try and keep up with someone else? While some of you may have picked the more difficult path to please others instead of doing what makes you happy, following your bliss is a far wiser choice. Capricorn, know that the universe always has your best interest at heart. You've worked hard enough; it's time to let things flow a little easier. During this time Capricorn, you'll feel the sudden urge to finish a project before taking some time to figure out what's next. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore new and exciting relationships, or perhaps give your creativity a chance to shine. This is the time to express yourself more openly and be your authentic self.




As Saturn and Uranus, the planets representing old and new dynamics in the sign, come together, you might feel your heart racing. The recent shakeup in your personal life may be unconventional, but it is exactly what you need to break free from repressive norms and toxic people who have been holding you back. Don't let your fears take over; if something feels off, trust your instincts. This lunar eclipse will bring some big changes to your life at home and with family. A powerful ending may now be at hand, such as moving to a new house, renovating your current home, or deciding to entirely redecorate. If this affects your family, you may now be required to step in and help a loved one.




The things you think about on a regular basis will eventually become your reality dear Pisces. Pursuing your goals should be done with caution and a clear understanding of the potential obstacles you may face. It's easy to get wrapped up in what we want without considering the reality of the situation or how others will react. The lunar eclipse will bring about unexpected changes, some beneficial, that could last longterm. But only if you're up for an adventure and willing to explore unknown horizons.Overcome your trepidation and take a chance. You might be feeling overwhelmed by everything going on, but don't let the Blood Moon get to you. When you're feeling overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list, it's time to take some action and de-clutter. But don't worry, it's okay to take your time and go at your own pace.

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