King Solomon: Exploring the Book of Psalms

King Solomon: Exploring the Book of Psalms


Throughout history, King Solomon has been revered as a wise ruler, a master of magic, and a prophet of God. He is primarily known for his link to God, his spiritual knowledge of seals, and his association with the book of Psalms. According to the Hebrew texts, King Solomon was granted immense wisdom by God, which he used to rule his kingdom justly and to understand the mysteries of the universe. He was also said to have had the ability to communicate with angels and demons, and to command them to do his bidding. Many of King Solomon's esoteric practices have been passed down through the centuries, and are still used today in various forms of magic. For example, he is credited with the creation of the "Solomonic seal," a complex design that has the power to control spirits and demons. One of the most important works associated with King Solomon is his contribution to the book of Psalms, which contains 150 poetic verses traditionally attributed to his son King David of Israel. While the book has been used for religious purposes for centuries, it also has a long history in esoteric magic.

Certain passages from the Psalms are believed to possess powerful spiritual energy that can be used for various magical purposes. King Solomon's legacy endures today in many cultures, both as a wise ruler and as a source of esoteric knowledge. His teachings have been adopted by various occult groups throughout the centuries, and continue to provide mystical insight into the secrets of the universe. As a result, King Solomon remains an important figure in both religious and magical traditions. Here's how you can use his teachings within your self-care practices. King Solomon's Seals are a series of mystical symbols attributed to the biblical King Solomon. It is believed that these symbols were used by the King to control and communicate with spirits and demons. The seals are often used in esoteric magic, particularly in the practice of chaos magic.

Chaos magic is a modern form of magic that emphasizes the creation of sigils, which are symbols that represent a specific intent or desire. These sigils are created by combining letters or symbols together to form a unique design that is charged with the practitioner's intent. This process is similar to the creation of King Solomon's Seals. You can create your own by combining symbols to form a unique design that reflects your intention. Once finished, the seal is charged with magical power and can be used for rituals or spells. King Solomon's Seals have been used for centuries in various forms of magical practice, from protection to love spells. As you explore this type of magic, you can use it as part of your self-care routine by connecting with its spiritual power and drawing on its ancient wisdom. By doing so, you will be able to reap the benefits of King Solomon's kindhearted influence and gain insight into the mysteries of the universe. You can also use sigils to enhance and charge your beverages, much like we do with our Evil eye sigiled mug. Find yours here!


The use of symbols in magic is not unique to King Solomon or chaos magic. It has been used in various magical traditions throughout history, including ancient Egyptian and Greek magic, as well as medieval and Renaissance grimoires. The practice of creating and using symbols in magic is based on the belief that symbols have a certain inherent power and can be used to communicate with the spiritual realm. The creation of sigils and King Solomon's Seals involve a similar process of combining letters or symbols together to form a unique design. However, the purpose of the symbols and the specific methods of charging and using them differ between chaos magic and King Solomon's magic. Despite the differences, the use of symbols in magic highlights the belief in the power of intention and visualization in manifesting desires. Both King Solomon's Seals and chaos magic sigils serve as tools for practitioners to focus their intentions and willpower towards a specific outcome. If you'd prefer to not make your own, then check out our sticker sigils, a modern way to add def-care magic into your daily routine. Check out the Sigils here!


King Solomon's connection to the Book of Psalms is a topic of interest for those who practice modern magic. The Book of Psalms is considered one of the most powerful books in the Bible and has been used for centuries in various forms of esoteric and magical practices. According to legend, King Solomon had a magical ring that he used to summon and control spirits. He used his magical seals to create a talisman. This talisman allowed him to communicate with the spirits and control them. The talisman was said to be inscribed with magical symbols which are now known as King Solomon's Seals. By understanding the power of these seals, you can use them in your own self-care rituals and spells, unlocking their potential to bring positive change into your life. As well as using specific metals and gems to enhance your desired intention. Check out our Gems & Metals here!


Whether it is used for protection, healing, or manifestation, King Solomon's Seals have a long history of helping people find harmony in their lives. As a practitioner of modern magic, you can add these ancient symbols into your own practice and unlock their potential for personal growth and transformation. He also wrote many magical texts, including the Book of Wisdom or the Clavicula Salomonis, which contains instructions for summoning spirits and demons. It is believed that the Psalms contain powerful words and phrases that can be used to protect oneself from harm, bring good luck, and help with various types of magical workings.In modern magic, practitioners often use specific Psalms for specific purposes. For example, Psalm 23 is often used for protection and guidance, while Psalm 91 is used for spiritual cleansing and removing negative energy. Psalm 37 is used for success and prosperity, while Psalm 109 is used for revenge or to curse an enemy. The use of Psalms in modern magic is often combined with other forms of spiritual practices, such as candle magic, herbalism, and crystal healing. The Psalms are often recited or sung during rituals, and some practitioners even write them on parchment or paper to create talismans or amulets.


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