How to Use Ayurveda Chocolate to Balance Your Mind, Body Spirit During a Lunar Eclipse


The power of Ayurveda chocolate is not to be underestimated. By using the right kind of Ayurveda combination, you can help balance your body and emotions while experiencing the spiritual energy of a lunar eclipse and not being overwhelmed by it. As the moon slowly passes through the earth's shadow, the celestial event known as a lunar eclipse can be a powerful and moving experience - and you can harness Ayurveda chocolate to enhance the effects of this already potent phenomenon.

What is a lunar eclipse and why should you care

A lunar eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This can happen only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, lunar eclipses can only occur during a full moon. A lunar eclipse brings strong magical and spiritual meanings including :

- A time of revealing that which is hidden

- A time of introspection and reflection

- A time for release and forgiveness

This Lunar eclipse happens in the sign of Scorpio, the notorious detective of the zodiac signs; adding to the fact that lunar eclipse always reveals secrets... we're bound to have quite the memorable eclipse. Scorpios are known for tackling issues head-on, disasters be damned. Combining that energy with Mercury Retrograde calls for some intense activity, expect confrontations, and sudden mood swings. It may take a moment to gather up the pieces afterward but remember, the truth may not be easy but it sure is necessary.

How Ayurveda chocolate can help balance your body and emotions!

Ayurveda chocolate is a specially curated type of chocolate that helps to balance our minds, bodies, and spirits. The unique blend of spices and herbs in Ayurveda chocolate helps to open up the senses and prepare the mind and body for the spiritual transformative energy of a lunar eclipse. Using Ayurveda chocolate during a lunar eclipse can help balance yourself and prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the celestial energy given by the lunar eclipse. Eclipses are commonly known for being a chaotic and intense time. These Ayurveda chocolates by Elements Truffles can help ease your experience. Granted, we've got to work through our issues and grow spiritually but who says we can't make it fun? Self-care magic is about growing spiritually and enjoying yourself throughout it. Instead of fearing Retrogrades and Eclipses, we can use self-care magic to enhance these experiences and take control of our journey, our way. Incantari is an retailer of a wonderful Ayurveda chocolate company that not only hold high eco-freindly morals, but gives a tremendous back to their local communities. If you want to enjoy Ayurveda chocolate during the next lunar eclipse event you can buy a pack of six full sized chocolate bars here. 


The benefits of using Ayurveda chocolates

Benefits of Ayurveda chocolates include:

- Aligns your mind, body, and spirit

- Preparing and Enhancing you for the spiritual energy of a lunar eclipse during Mercury Retrograde

- Antioxidant-rich substance and an abundant source of Iron and Magnesium

Chocolate is one of the most loved foods in the world. But what if there was a type of chocolate that not only tasted great but also had health benefits and could help to balance your emotions? Ayurveda chocolate, which is based on the principles of Ayurveda medicine, is just that! In this article, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to use Ayurveda chocolate to balance your body and emotions while harnessing the power of the lunar eclipse energy. BUY YOUR SIX PACK OF FULL SIZED AYURVEDA CHOCOLATE BARS →


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