Harnessing the Power of the New Moon in Taurus: A Celestial Gateway for Manifestation

Harnessing the Power of the New Moon in Taurus: A Celestial Gateway for Manifestation

Tis FINALLY manifesting time, we survived eclipse and retrograde season and we're overdue for some easy going, peaceful energy. On May 19th at 11:53 a.m. ET something special is happening in the sky, a taurus extravaganza if you will. Everyone has been through a lot lately, and this is a chance for us to get some luck and luxury. This new moon in Taurus is special because it's not an eclipse like the ones we had earlier this year and previously since 2021. It will bring peaceful and positive energy so it's a great time to start something new or make your dreams come true! Six planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and North Node) will line up in Taurus. This can give us a lot of power to make our desires come true. Taurus can help us reach our goals during this special time. Let's use the new moon energy to keep going forward, this energy is giving us the push we need to do so. If ever there was a time to be positively delusional, it's today. If we stay focused on things that bring us peace and safety, then we can get good results from Jupiter being in Taurus at zero degrees.

It'll be hard, granted, but these changes can help us grow and show us how strong we are. We need to think about what is worth fighting for. Today's New Moon in Taurus, is a good time to move on from things you do not want. Think about what things you want to keep, what parts of your life bring you peace and happiness. Mercury and Saturn will help you decide if you are ready to make long term commitments. Mars will be in the same place as the new moon and Neptune; Neptune is known for providing lots of possibilities. Ask yourself if you are working together well or if there are still problems from before that need to be fixed. Hang in there loves, we've got this. Now let's see how each sign will be personally affected:

Aries (March 21 - April 19):

During this New Moon, dear Aries, you'll benefit from grounding your fiery energy. Crystals like Red Jasper and Hematite will provide stability and grounding. Herbs such as Ginger and Patchouli can enhance focus and determination, helping you manifest your desires today. Think about the long term dear Aries, focus on it. Find new ways to make money and use what you are good at to work from home. Decide what things and ideas are not important enough for you to keep. What can you let go of?Jupiter and Pluto are both in Aquarius. When the new moon comes, it will be in your second house which is about stability. This time will help you reach your goals and have more power. Believe in yourself and stick to what you believe is right.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20):

Taurus should take advantage of the powerful New Moon in Taurus to set intentions for personal growth and abundance. Green Aventurine and Citrine crystals can help you attract prosperity and enhance the energies of manifestation. Herbs such as Rose and Lavender can infuse self-love and tranquility, aiding Taurus in manifesting their desires. This month, you are getting a chance to start over. The sun and moon will be in your sign, along with everyone else that matter in the cosmos. When Jupiter and Pluto are facing each other in the sky, think carefully about what kind of power you have. Ask yourself if your personal beliefs and dreams are being respected. Before taking on more work or responsibility, make sure it is something you want to do for a long time because it could change your job and how people see you.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20):

For Gemini, this New Moon brings opportunities for increased communication and clarity. Crystals like Blue Lace Agate and Sodalite will enhance self-expression and calm the mind. Herbs such as Lemon Balm and Peppermint can promote mental clarity and focus, aiding Gemini in manifesting their intentions. As a Gemini, you may feel comfortable with daydreams and fantasies. The New Moon will occur in your 12th house which is about finishing things, getting better, and hidden patterns. It'll also affected by Venus in Cancer which is in your second house. That house helps you find stability and figure out what is important to you dear Gemi's. This is a time for you to think about what is important to you and how you feel. Pluto might make things difficult when it faces Jupiter. This could mean your beliefs or ideas change, even if you do not realize it yet. So let the fuck go and go with the flow!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):

During this New Moon, Cancer can focus on nurturing emotional healing and stability. Crystals like Moonstone and Rose Quartz will support emotional balance and self-care. Herbs such as Chamomile and Yarrow can enhance relaxation and release emotional blockages, assisting Cancer in manifesting their heartfelt desires. People are starting to notice the things you do to help your community. When Venus is in your sign, the moon will be in Taurus and this will help bring more opportunities for you to make a difference dear Cancers. This special event in the sky might help you feel better, you've been down and not motivated but no worries, it won't be for much longer. You will start to feel better about yourself and have more security. It is important to stay confident even though things can seem scary at first.

Leo (July 23 - August 22):

For Leo, the New Moon in Taurus encourages self-expression and creative manifestation. Crystals like Carnelian and Sunstone will ignite passion and boost confidence. Herbs such as Cinnamon and Basil can enhance creativity and amplify Leo's vibrant energy, empowering them to manifest their dreams. The moon is going to make it easier for you to start something new and successful, fucking finally right? This will help with your reputation and how people think of you. Remember to stand in your confidence, charge that solar plexus chakra. Venus in Cancer will also help this process. It might be a good time for you to take a break or do something different. This is especially true if it helps you close chapters of the past, makes your dreams come true, or helps you understand yourself better. Pay attention if something bad happens in your relationships because Jupiter and Pluto might be working against each other. Remember what is important to you and don't let anyone make you feel less powerful.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):

This New Moon invites Virgo to focus on practical manifestation and personal growth. Crystals like Amazonite and Clear Quartz will promote clarity and practicality. Herbs such as Sage and Eucalyptus can purify and cleanse the space, helping Virgo manifest their intentions with precision. The moon is moving into the Taurus zodiac sign. This means it will affect the ninth house. The ninth house is about discovering yourself, spiritual wisdom, and things you don't know about yet. If you feel like you should join a new group of friends with similar interests, then go for it! Listen to your gut feeling. You may have noticed new chances coming your way. Jupiter and Pluto will be moving in a special way that might make it hard to stay on track with what you want. Make sure to know exactly what it is you want. That way, you can stick to it and not get lost along the way.

Libra (September 23 - October 22):

During this New Moon, Libra can harness the energies of balance and harmony. Crystals like Rose Quartz and Amethyst will promote love and inner peace. Herbs such as Jasmine and Rosemary can enhance self-love and clarity, supporting Libra in manifesting their desires with grace. You are looking at your money and how it is doing. The moon will change in the eighth house when Taurus starts. This house includes things like shared money, close relationships, and other ways to make money.Remember that the moon is being affected by Venus, which is in your 10th house. This could change how you think about authority figures and parenting. Some of you may get money or a special object from your family.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):

For Scorpio, the New Moon in Taurus brings opportunities for transformation and manifestation. Crystals like Black Obsidian and Labradorite will facilitate deep introspection and protection. Herbs such as Mugwort and Patchouli can enhance psychic abilities and clarity, assisting Scorpio in manifesting their deepest desires. You have a chance to start over and make better relationships with people. The moon is changing in a way that will help you work together with others. Venus is making it easier for you to find yourself, learn new things, and explore things you don't know about. This can help you grow in the future. But, Jupiter and Pluto will be going in different directions. This affects your home life and relationships. Don't let this stop you from making commitments or having good relationships.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):

During this New Moon, Sagittarius can focus on expanding their horizons and manifesting abundance. Crystals like Citrine and Pyrite will attract prosperity and amplify positive energy. Herbs such as Frankincense and Sage can purify and invite abundance, supporting Sagittarius in manifesting their aspirations.In May, the new moon will give you a chance to make a good plan for the future. This can be about your health or other things like your daily routine. The Taurus sign will make the moon more stable and help you stay focused on taking care of yourself and helping others. If Venus is in Cancer and affects your eighth house of shared resources, you will start to feel more in control and realize how important you are. This is especially true if you have been working too hard and not taking care of yourself.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):

The New Moon in Taurus empowers Capricorn to set intentions for stability and success. Crystals like Tiger's Eye and Garnet will provide grounding and enhance manifestation abilities. Herbs such as Cedar and Bay Leaf can invite prosperity and create a sense of stability, aiding Capricorn in manifesting their goals.Are you using your special talents, Capricorn? The moon controls your relationships. They will get better when it moves to Taurus. This will help your self-expression and how you express yourself. Venus is in charge of relationships right now.If you are in a serious relationship, it might be a good time to talk about having a baby. Or, you could decide to work on a long-term project together. During Pluto retrograde, your worries and changes about feeling safe could become more obvious. It is important to stay true to what makes you happy while going through this time.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):

During this New Moon, Aquarius can focus on manifesting their visions and aspirations. Crystals like Aquamarine and Celestite will enhance intuition and spiritual connection. Herbs such as Lavender and Sage can promote clarity and enhance intuition, assisting Aquarius in manifesting their dreams. Do something special on your journey. The moon will affect your home, family and feelings. This may bring chances to get better at feeling happy and secure in your home. The moon is affected by Venus in Cancer. This means you need to look at how healthy you are and if you are paying attention to the small things. You might need to change some rules in your house. Pluto is going backwards and it does not agree with Jupiter in Taurus. Be careful of how you act around your family.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20):

For Pisces, the New Moon in Taurus encourages emotional healing and manifestation. Crystals like Amethyst and Moonstone will enhance intuition and spiritual growth. Herbs such as Chamomile and Lavender can promote relaxation and enhance dream work, aiding Pisces in manifesting their desires.You don't realize how good you are at learning new things. But that is starting to change. The moon will move into the sign of Taurus and go through your third house. This house is about talking, thinking, and the places around you. You can take this chance to learn something new that could help you in a good way. You can also ask your friends for ideas. Right now, Venus in Cancer is controlling this moon. This affects your fifth house which is about your creative projects and ideas. You may find people who like the same things as you and enjoy what you can do.


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