Take a breathe Capricorn, the hard part is over!

Take a breathe Capricorn, the hard part is over!

Dear Capricorn, with the end of New Year's Eve festivities, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The chaotic environment was far from soothing for your anxious spirit; it is time to get back into your usual groove. Although you may struggle to regain your vigor, be not discouraged. When the new year begins, Mars, along with Mercury will be in retrograde; literally no one is motivated. Make sure to take a breather and unwind - it will benefit your productivity in the long haul. A heads up, Capricorn: 2023 is beginning with lots of exciting energy! Come New Year's Day, Venus and Pluto align in Capricorn with perfect precision - a celestial conjuncture that will undoubtedly stir up intense emotions and open new pathways to powerful beginnings. As Mercury retrograde in Capricorn draws to a close on February 3rd, you will have the opportunity to make decisions with greater capacity and confidence. Make sure that you take time for yourself and listen closely to your inner voice so that you can be aware of what it is telling you.  Are you all set for your dynamic 2023?Then you need to check out our Astrology Self-care Calendar! It's chock full of all the advice and strategies you'll need. Plus, it just so happens that Mars is still in retrograde when 2023 kicks off, so you'll be needing an extra hand at the start of this new year. So take advantage and stay ahead with this incredible tool!


March marks the beginning of mind-altering spiritual modifications for you, with Capricorns and those ascending as such being particularly affected. As your ruling planet Saturn transitions into Pisces on March 7th, your third house governing communication and intimate connections will be completely reworked over the course of two years. So strap in tight – epic changes are coming! During this time, you have the opportunity to speak up with honesty and hold yourself accountable for your words (and silence). When Pluto departs from Capricorn on March 23rd, it will enter your second house of personal value. Over the next 20 years, its presence is sure to bring about significant changes in both your bank account and self-assurance. Get ready for risks that could pay off in big ways, both financially and personally. On March 23rd when Mars enters Cancer be prepared for any disputes between your close relationships to come back into focus. Conflict is unavoidable; however, don’t waste time and energy with arguments that are not worth having. For you we recommend these carefully selected herbs, flowers & roots make for a relaxing tisane in this Avaris blend, named after the ancient Greek healer and priest of the god Apollo. Unlock the power of nature's most ancient healing elixir - Ayurveda! This blend will have you feeling rejuvenated and restored both internally and externally.


On Sunday, June 11th, Pluto - the ruler of the underworld and currently in retrograde - enters your sign Capricorn to demand a sacrifice from you. But don't be worried; nothing that requires blood will suffice! Instead, Pluto's retrograde asks that you give up an unhealthy habit as part of this exchange. Capricorn, we can all be guilty of clinging to unhealthy habits at times. Whether it's neglecting your nightly skin care routine or continually pushing off essential tasks until tomorrow - for the good of yourself and your goals, you must let go what does not benefit you. Our ruling celestial body Saturn will start its retrograde on Saturday 17th June lasting until 4th November; time is ticking! Known as the "disciplinarian" of the zodiac, Saturn takes charge when it's retrograde and encourages us to enforce stricter standards on ourselves. Our official Incantari Self care Planner will not only put your life in order but also help you reflect upon the issues within it. This planner is far from typical, providing much more than your average daily trackers. With Habit tracking, Vibe Check-ins, Astro & Numerology charts and a Dream Notes section - you will find balance in all components of life: physical, mental and spiritual.


Get ready to take a step into the unknown this April 20th, as an intense new-moon-solar eclipse in Aries will bring disruption and transformation to your fourth house of home and family. It's time for you to embrace this change with open arms - who knows what exciting surprises await! With the intense and rare occurrence of a blood-moon-lunar eclipse in Scorpio affecting your eleventh house of companionship and extended circles, you may discover yourself connecting more deeply with those who already surround you. A powerful message of unconditional love and support may come your way during this time, inspiring you to take the leap of faith and commit more fully to those close to you. Use this information to stay ahead of the cosmic curve and make sure you maximize these important transits. As we look forward to the new year, be prepared for a shift in communication and intimate connections; the health of your sacral chakra is crucial. Embrace the blissful aroma of our Sacral Essence. This exquisite kit is designed to provide your body, both physical and spiritual with a powerful sacral energy remedy. Pamper yourself with this luxurious collection today!

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