Ancient Wisdom: Solar Eclipse in Aries, how will your sign be affected?!

Ancient Wisdom: Solar Eclipse in Aries, how will your sign be affected?!

Astrology has been a part of human civilization since ancient times. The position of the sun, moon, and planets has always been of interest to people, and many societies have developed their own unique astrological practices. One particularly significant event in astrology is an eclipse. Eclipses have been viewed as powerful and mystical events throughout history, and their impact on society and culture cannot be overstated. Ancient societies, such as the Babylonians and the Mayans, were particularly interested in eclipses. These societies developed complex astrological systems, and the occurrence of an eclipse was seen as an important sign or omen. In Babylonian astrology, eclipses were viewed as particularly powerful, and were often used to predict the fall of rulers and the downfall of civilizations. The Mayans, on the other hand, viewed eclipses as a time of great change, and often used them to mark important events or changes in their calendars.

In addition to being viewed as important omens, eclipses were also associated with various myths and legends in ancient societies. In ancient Chinese mythology, a solar eclipse was believed to happen when a celestial dragon consumed the sun. According to Norse mythology, a solar eclipse was considered a premonition for Ragnarok, which is the ultimate doom and destruction of the world. In Vietnamese culture, it is believed that eclipses occur when a giant frog eats the sun. In Chinese culture, it is believed that a celestial dragon devours the sun during an eclipse. This belief is reflected in the Chinese word for eclipse, "Chih," which translates to "to eat." Both Korean and ancient Greek cultures considered a solar eclipse as a bad omen for the Sun, which is the ruler of our solar system. In Korean culture, it was believed that dogs were trying to snatch the Sun, whereas ancient Greeks viewed it as a sign of divine fury causing devastation and calamity.

Eclipses have always been a source of fascination for people, and the fear and awe they evoke still linger today. Despite our modern understanding of eclipses, we still look skyward with wonder when one occurs. Whether viewed as important omens or simply a wondrous natural phenomenon, eclipses remain an integral part of human history, culture, and mythology. In modern times, eclipses still hold a significant place in our lives. Astrologers around the world use them to make predictions about the future, and many cultures observe special rituals during an eclipse. For example, some Hindus believe that fasting during an eclipse is beneficial for spiritual growth. In India, people often take a dip in the river Ganges during an eclipse to cleanse their souls. Eclipses are also of great importance to astronomers and scientists who use them as opportunities to study various celestial bodies. By studying eclipses, they gain insight into the formation of stars and galaxies, and can even test Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. 

Eclipses are a powerful reminder of the vastness and complexity of our universe, and have been influencing human culture for centuries. From ancient myths to modern science, eclipses remain an integral part of the human experience. On April 20th, we'll experience a hybrid solar eclipse in the passionate sign of Aries. This powerful eclipse will be at the karmic 29 degrees. What makes this eclipse even more potent is the fact that it is happening during a Mars-Chiron square. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, while Chiron represents our inner wounds and healing. This event is set to mark a powerful shift in energy and usher in a new era of growth, transformation, and change. The sign of Aries is associated with courage, leadership, and new beginnings. As the first sign of the zodiac, The 29th degree of any sign is known as the "anaretic degree," which is believed to hold a karmic significance. It is thought to represent a sense of completion and the need to release what no longer serves us before we can move forward, so no manifesting, just relax and let the eclipse do its thing. This solar eclipse will be particularly potent as it occurs just a month after the Spring Equinox, which marked the beginning of the astrological new year and was also a New Moon in Aries. 

The New Moon in Aries on the Spring Equinox was at 0 degrees, representing a new beginning, while this solar eclipse in Aries at 29 degrees represents the end of a cycle. During this time, it's important to reflect on what we need to release and let go of in order to move forward. This could include old patterns, beliefs, or relationships that no longer serve our highest good. We can use this energy to set intentions for what we want to create and manifest in the new cycle ahead. It's also important to note that this solar eclipse is a "hybrid" eclipse, which means that it will be visible as both a total and annular eclipse, depending on where you are located. This duality is reflective of the energy of Aries, which is both assertive and passionate, yet also impulsive and quick to anger. This square aspect between Mars and Chiron brings a dynamic tension that can feel intense and uncomfortable, hence why we're all feeling exhausted. We may find ourselves confronting old wounds and patterns that need to be healed in order for us to move forward. Mars' influence can make us feel impulsive and quick to react, while Chiron reminds us to slow down and be gentle with ourselves. Not to mention that Mercury decides to go into Retrograde in Taurus the day after the Eclipse and a Meteor shower a day after that. So while we may feel exhausted with the intense energy and expense miscommunication and tech glitches thanks to Mercury, we will have the hopeful energy of a meteor shower swooping through. So hang in there loves. Eclipses occur in seasons and we'll be experiencing a lunar Eclipse in May but first, let's find out how your sign will be affected. While we normally always center on the four signs feeling the astronomical effect, eclipses are for us all: 

Aries: You may be feeling a strong urge to take action and it’s important to make sure that you are taking the time to really think your decisions through before jumping in with both feet. This solar eclipse marks the second occurrence of a new moon in your sign this season. It also signifies a strong surge of energy that you will experience and need to work with until 2025. You should have confidence in yourself and be open to taking on a leadership role that is destined for you. Solar eclipses occurring in your first house of self, mean the start of a significant change in your sense of identity.When a sudden change occurs in your life, it may be an opportunity for you to break away from your usual routine and grow into a better version of yourself. You have surpassed your current situation and are prepared to explore new possibilities, there's no shame in that. Follow your heart Aries, now's quit literally the time to do so. 

As an Aries, you may be feeling particularly energetic and driven during this time. Focus on skincare products with brightening ingredients like vitamin C to help your skin look as radiant as you feel. Aries is a fire sign that is known for its energy and enthusiasm. Therefore, skincare products that can provide energy and vitality, such as energizing face wash or facial sprays, would work well for Aries during this eclipse season. Our recommendation for you is to try Pink Moon's Fire Collection which was co-created with Evelyn Zuel, an AAPI astrologer. This product is designed specifically for people born under Fire signs who want to energize their skin and awaken their inner fire. It uses warming, spicy, and balancing botanicals such as green coffee oil, ginseng, neem oil, white nettle, hibiscus, vitamin C, and cardamom. Find the Collection here!

Taurus: This is a great time to work on healing and letting go of past wounds or habits that are no longer beneficial to you. Take this chance to ponder on what you have discovered and how you can apply this newfound insight in the future. Taurus, in the next six months, your attention will be on closure, recovery, and relinquishment. But, you may already have a feeling that something in your life has finished. Think about the ways in which your personal identity and freedom to make decisions for yourself might be under threat. You may feel emotionally exposed about your siblings, peers, or local community due to the conflict between the ruler of the eclipse (Mars) and the wounded healer, Chiron.

As a Taurus, you appreciate the finer things in life, so treat yourself to a luxurious skincare routine without the large price tag attached to it. Incorporate rich, nourishing ingredients like shea butter and argan oil to help keep your skin soft and supple. Taurus is an earth sign that values stability and grounding. Therefore, skincare products that can provide nourishment and hydration, such as moisturizing face masks or serums, would work well for Taurus. We suggest Home Farm's Organic Argan Face Serum, which is decadent and 100% undiluted. It is made from certified organic, edible grade Moroccan Argan oil and can do wonders for even sensitive or acne-prone skin. It is a natural superfood for your skin that won't clog your pores. This serum reduces red inflammation, hydrates your skin and makes it glow silky-smooth. Find it here!


Gemini: This could be a time of powerful creative energy for you, so make sure to use it! Don’t let any doubts or fears keep you from expressing yourself and your ideas. The solar eclipse happening now is affecting your 11th house, which represents your connections with others, involvement in community activities, and feeling of fitting in. This event marks the beginning of a new phase, where you will become more proactive in society and build a positive reputation in society. Between now and 2025, you'll feel vulnerable about your sense of security due to the ongoing influence of Mars square Chiron. I know, we Gemini's have had enough of Mars after being retrograded in it for the last 7 months but alas here we are. So pay close attention dear Gemi's, these transits are occurring for a reason, are we listening?

Geminis are known for being social and outgoing, but during the solar eclipse, you may feel the need to retreat and take some time for yourself. Try incorporating calming ingredients into your skincare routine to help soothe your skin and your mind. Gemini is an air sign that is known for its versatility and adaptability but also for it's overthinking and flaking. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a range of benefits, such as multi-purpose moisturizers or toners, work well for you dear Gemini; options are important for you. For you, mindful Gemi's, we recommend the Air element Collection by Pink Moon.This product is designed for individuals born under Air signs, including Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It is ideal for those who want to feel uplifted and refreshed in both their life and their skin. Its key ingredients include Licorice root, gotu kola, rice bran, olive squalane, sodium hyaluronate, and ylang ylang. Soothe your mind and body and feel as if you're floating among the clouds with this product. Find the collection here!


Cancer: You may be feeling extra sensitive during this time, so make sure to take extra care of yourself, you're going to need it for this new start. The solar eclipse occurring in your 10th house, which represents your ambition and how you are viewed by others, indicates that you are being guided towards a fresh chapter in your career. You've been craving change in career such as a new job, promotion, or even a new career path overall . It's time to embrace the opportunities and take on the responsibilities that come with them, because you are fully capable of handling them. Listen to your intuition dear Cancers and use this solar eclipse to rid of whatever still holding you back.

As a Cancer, you're known for being sensitive and emotional, so it's important to use skincare products that are gentle and non-irritating. Look for products with soothing ingredients to help calm your skin, Cancer is a water sign that is associated with emotions and sensitivity. Therefore, skincare products that can soothe and calm the skin, work well for Cancer. We suggest trying Pink Moon's Over the Moon Scent collection. You can make a daily self-care routine by using the Over the Moon scent in three different products. The scent has earthy, floral, and rose notes which creates a fragrance like being in a rose garden on the moon. You can try it out in our Lunar Rose Mist, Gua Sha Facial Oil, and Perfume Oil. Find the Collection here!



Leo: Now is a great time for self-reflection and looking inward. Take some time to really get in touch with your feelings and how they may be affecting your decisions. Until 2025, you may feel more emotions and defensive about things that happened in the past. This is because Mars is in a special part of the sky called the 12th house. This house affects how we finish things, dream, feel shy or scared, and repeat patterns without even knowing it. The upcoming solar eclipse, along with Mars being in a square aspect with Chiron, might bring back old emotional wounds. However, it also presents an opportunity for personal growth and healing. The journey might not be easy, especially for Leos, but it will be rewarding.

Leos love to be the center of attention, and during the solar eclipse, your skin can be just as dazzling as you are. Look for products with illuminating ingredients like pearl powder or mica to help give your skin a glowing, radiant look.  Leo is a fire sign that is known for its confidence and self-expression. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a radiant and glowing complexion, such as illuminating face serums or facial oils, would work well for Leo. For you we recommend Home Farm's Organic Rosehip face oil.Rosehip Face Oil is a nourishing addition to your skincare routine. It contains antioxidants, linolenic acid, pro-vitamin A and omega fatty acids, which help to replenish and brighten your skin, giving it a healthy glow. This highly regenerative multi-tasking face oil helps heal blemishes, dryness, dullness, pigmentation, redness and fine-lines. Find it here!

Virgo: If you’ve been feeling stuck, this is the perfect time to break through any barriers that have been holding you back. You may find yourself taking some risks and speaking your truth more openly. The solar eclipse is affecting your eighth house related to partnerships, collaborations, and shared finances. Be prepared for unexpected changes that may shake up your current situation. The planet Mars is still affecting your 11th house of community matters, but it will also come into a conflicting position with Chiron, the wounded healer. This may highlight a deep-seated issue (possibly related to privacy or independence) that you're currently working to resolve. Not to mention Mercury's retrograde directly after will also impact you, so stay calm Virgo and avoid...doing the most during this time.

Since you're a Virgo with a reputation for being detail-oriented and analytical, you might want to consider adding science-backed skincare ingredients to your regimen. To maintain your skin's youthful and radiant appearance, seek out products that contain proven anti-aging components, such as retinol or peptides. Virgo is an earth sign that values simplicity and practicality. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a natural and minimalistic approach to skincare, such as simple cleansers or organic facial oils, would work well for Virgo. This serum essence is perfect for multitasking, just like Virgos. It can hydrate, nourish, and soften your skin while promoting harmony and balancing your energy. You can trust that it is just as attentive to detail as you are, ensuring that your skincare routine is just as hardworking as you are. Find it here!


Libra: This is a great time to take stock of all your relationships and assess how they are serving you. It’s also a good time to focus on nurturing and deepening your existing bonds. The solar eclipse is happening in Aries, which is your opposite sign. This will bring energy to your seventh house, which represents your relationships with significant others such as partners, enemies, allies, and exes. The solar eclipse could be interpreted in two ways: it may signify the need to end a relationship, or it may suggest a shift in the relationship towards something more significant and meaningful. Either way, this solar eclipse is going to teach you a lot about what makes a relationship work. Libras, are you prepared to release and embrace?

Libras are all about balance and harmony, and this extends to their skincare routines as well. Look for gentle, balancing ingredients like rosewater or witch hazel to help keep your skin looking clear and balanced. Libra is an air sign that is associated with balance and harmony. Therefore, skincare products that can provide balance and evenness to the skin, such as pH-balancing toners or gentle exfoliators, work well for Libra. ​For you we recommend Pink Moon's Libra essence. ​Bring balance and harmony to your skin with this serum essence infused with clear quartz. Not only does it hydrate, nourish, and soften skin, but it also fosters the Libra desire for balance and harmony in all relationships. While applying the essence, reflect on how you can create equilibrium in your own life. Find it here!

Scorpio: Use this time to reflect on what you want out of life and how you can make changes to get closer to achieving your goals. You will likely find yourself feeling more confident in taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. The upcoming total solar eclipse in April may disrupt your usual routine, but it could also provide a beneficial cleanse for your mind and body. Mars, which rules the eclipse, is currently moving through Cancer and your ninth house of self-discovery. At the same time, you are focused on being responsible and thorough in your sixth house. Even if you don't have a clear idea of what to do next, remember that there is a higher plan at work. Take this chance to think about how your upbringing shaped your beliefs and if you still connect with them. Not all things are meant to last forever dear Scorpio, are you ready to shed?

As a Scorpio, you're all about intensity and passion. Incorporate powerful, active ingredients like glycolic acid or salicylic acid to help keep your skin looking clear and vibrant. Scorpio is a water sign that is associated with intensity and transformation. Therefore, skincare products that can provide deep cleansing and detoxification, such as charcoal face masks or clay cleansers, would work well for Scorpio.Using this serum essence will hydrate, nourish, and soften your skin while also connecting you to Scorpio's deep intuition and awakening your third eye. Allow Scorpio's intuition to guide you, and experience the awakening of your third eye with the beautiful scent blend of blue lotus and sandalwood fragrance. Find it Here!

Sagittarius: Now a great time to focus on healing and self-care. Make sure to take the time for some much needed rest and relaxation so you can be recharged for the future. Reflect on the source of your desires and whether they stem from an unconscious wound, as your fifth house of authenticity and self-love is being enhanced while the ruler of this house also affects your eighth house of intimate unions and shared resources. The planet Mars will be in opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, in your fifth house, which represents happiness and children. This will highlight a vulnerability that you are currently working on healing. Consider dear Sag, whether your thoughts and actions are true to yourself or if there is an unaddressed past hurt that needs attention.

Sagittarians love adventure and exploration, and this can extend to their skincare routines as well. Look for products with unique, exotic ingredients to help nourish and protect your skin. Sagittarius is a fire sign that is known for its adventurous and free-spirited nature. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a refreshing and energizing feel, such as invigorating face sprays or cooling eye creams, would work well for Sagittarius. This moisturizer has powerful ingredients such as green coffee oil, ginseng, hibiscus, and vitamin C that can soothe and energize your skin. It is especially beneficial for individuals with rosacea or redness-prone skin. Additionally, this product is perfect for those who love adventure and dislike stagnation, as the ginseng, green coffee, and hibiscus offer a sensory experience. Find it here!

Capricorn: It's a great time for creativity and problem-solving. If you've been craving a new challenge, this is the perfect moment to start. The solar eclipse occurring in your fourth house could bring changes to your home and family life. You've been contemplating moving, preparing for a new family member, or redesigning your living space and the time for it close behind. Moving to a new city for a better opportunity can show your readiness for change. However, it's essential to remember that adjusting to your new life may require patience, and success may not come immediately. Are ready to let go of what's holding you back dear Cap?

Capricorns are known for being practical and grounded, so they may be interested in no-nonsense, straightforward skincare products. Look for products with simple, effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid or niacinamide to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Capricorn is an earth sign that values structure and discipline. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a focused and goal-oriented approach to skincare, such as anti-aging serums or firming creams, would work well for Capricorn. This moisturizer is highly moisturizing and can also be used as an overnight mask. It contains active ingredients like ceramides, peptides, and calendula that work hard to repair, rejuvenate, and calm the skin, leaving it supple, firm, and radiant. Like the zodiac sign Capricorn, it is also hardworking, goal-oriented, and driven in nourishing your skin. Find it here!

Aquarius: Now is a great time to focus on your relationships and make sure that you are expressing yourself in a way that feels comfortable for you. Make sure to take some extra time for self-care during this period as well. With Mars influencing both your communication and wellness habits, it's crucial to balance your personal desires with your responsibilities. Stay true to yourself while taking care of your daily affairs. This primarily affects your inner circles and local affairs. The planet Mars is currently creating a square aspect with Chiron, known as the wounded healer. This aspect brings attention to a possible area of vulnerability or resentment from the past. Use this time to cleanse yourself of the past with water Aquarius, the moments have run their course, is the resentment really worth it?

Aquarians are known for being independent and unconventional, so they may be interested in trying out new and unusual skincare ingredients. Look for products with unique, innovative ingredients to help nourish and protect your skin. Aquarius is an air sign that is associated with innovation and individuality. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a unique and personalized approach to skincare, such as customizable facial oils or personalized moisturizers, would work well for Aquarius. Improve the appearance of dull skin with this light and airy moisturizer. It contains natural ingredients such as licorice, rice bran, and gotu kola that have been proven effective over time. Aquarius is a lively zodiac sign that can instantly lift your spirits, and this moisturizer does the same for your skin. You'll see an instant glow that shines from within, just like an Aquarius. Find it here!


Pisces: This is an excellent time for you to take some risks and express yourself in new ways. Now is the perfect time to start something new or explore a creative venture that you’ve been wanting to try out. The solar eclipse will activate your second house of finances and value systems, which is important for your stability. This will happen while Mars continues to energize your fifth house of self-expression and recognition, which is centered around your heart. Do you feel confident in following your inspirations? The planet Mars will come into conflict with the symbol for healing past wounds, Chiron, which will draw attention to an area of vulnerability or past hurt related to how you feel about yourself. It's important to be gentle with yourself and make sure you allow yourself to enjoy the things that truly bring you happiness.

As a Pisces, you're known for being creative and intuitive. Look for skincare products with nourishing, hydrating ingredients like coconut oil or jojoba oil to help keep your skin looking soft and supple, just like your artistic spirit. Pisces is a water sign that is associated with empathy and creativity. Therefore, skincare products that can provide a nourishing and hydrating feel, such as hydrating face masks or nourishing face oils, would work well for Pisces. For you we recomend Pink Moon's Water Element Collection.Experience the soothing and refreshing qualities of water with our ultra-hydrating ritual, which is inspired by the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Ingredients such as rose water, Irish moss (seaweed), aloe vera, cucumber water, marshmallow root, and blue lotus can help you connect with your innermost desires. Find it here!




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