Ancient Traditions: Evil eye & it's many Roots

Ancient Traditions: Evil eye & it's many Roots

The evil eye is an ancient superstition found in many cultures around the world. In the Dominican culture, it's a very large and fearful part of our community. Within it we believe that anyone can commit the act of the evil eye, especially unconsciously but what is the evil eye curse and where did it comes from? Well the symbol and the action, although they share a name are complete opposite's. The evil eye curse is an intentional act of causing harm, bad luck and misfortune upon another person. It's believed to be caused by envy or jealousy towards the victim and it’s usually done with a glance or look. The origin of this belief varies from culture to culture, but in the Dominican Republic, it’s believed that our ancestors were taught how to protect themselves from the evil eye through charms and rituals. People in our culture use certain precautions such as placing religious symbols around the house, wearing certain clothing or jewelry with special powers that are meant to ward off any negative energy inflicted by the evil eye.

At its core, the evil eye curse is considered a form of low-level witchcraft and dark magic. Even though it’s a superstition, there are still those who believe in it and choose to take the necessary precautions. It serves as an important reminder to be careful with our words and energy around those we care about because you never know what kind of effect your actions may have on them. The charms and talismans--bearing the same name are believed to ward off the bad luck and negative energy, and can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt and Babylonian cultures. The symbol of the evil eye has been used in various forms throughout history—from jewelry to amulets—often as a sign of protection against evil or misfortune. This blog aims to explore the cultural myths and symbolism behind the evil eye, as well as how it is meant to protect rather than harm those who wear it. Superstitions tend to come attached with a ton of fear mongering and "he said/ she said" vibes, which is why research is so important. The evil eye is an ancient superstition that has been around for centuries and continues to remain popular today, whether it be in the form of jewelry, amulets, pendants or tattoos. It's symbolism and cultural myths have been used to ward off bad luck and negative energy for generations.


Regardless of its mysterious past, there are numerous ways that one can protect themselves from malevolent forces with the evil eye—making it a powerful symbol of protection and resilience in modern society. The most common form of the evil eye is a talisman, usually in the shape of an eye, which is believed to reflect and absorb negative energy away from its wearer. It is said that when someone is envious or jealous of another, they will give them the evil eye, which is why it is also known as the "malocchio" or "mal de ojo". Other common symbols associated with the evil eye include a hand with an eye in its palm or an arrow piercing an eye. The exact origin of the superstition isn't clear, but one theory suggests that it stemmed from people believing that the power of a glance could actually cause harm. Nowadays, the evil eye is more commonly used as a symbol of protection against negative energy and bad luck, rather than causing it. The exact origin of the evil eye is uncertain, but it is believed to have been around since ancient times. It has been found in many cultures across the world and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Babylonian civilizations.

The earliest known example of the symbol being used as a form of protection was in Egypt, where amulets featuring an eye were worn by royalty to ward off evil spirits and misfortune. In Greek culture, the evil eye was used to protect against envy, while in Judaism it was believed that looking at someone with admiration could actually cause them harm. In modern times, the superstition has remained popular among many different cultures—especially those located around the Mediterranean Sea. In Italy, the evil eye is known as the "malocchio", while in Mexico it is referred to as the "ojos malignos" and for Caribbeans like my ancestors, well call it "mal de ojo". It has also been used in some Native American cultures, where it was believed that wearing an amulet featuring an eye could protect against evil spirits and misfortune. The symbol of the evil eye can be found in many forms—from jewelry to tattoos—and its meaning has evolved over time. Nowadays, it is most commonly used as a sign of protection, rather than causing harm. The evil eye is a powerful symbol that has been used for centuries as a form of protection against negative energy and bad luck. Its exact origin is unknown, but it can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Babylonian, where amulets featuring an eye were worn as talismans. In modern times, the superstition has remained popular among many different cultures—especially those located around the Mediterranean Sea. The meaning behind the evil eye varies from culture to culture; some view it as a sign of protection against misfortune or envy, while others believe it can bring good luck and prosperity.


Despite its varied interpretations, the evil eye continues to be a popular symbol of protection today. Now, if you're looking for you own Evil eye protective piece you're in luck. In the rest of this blog article, we'll focus on not only where to find evil eye pieces but also how to charge and enhance it for your own protection! The most popular form of caring an evil eye protection charm is through jewelry but it isn't the only way.

1. Mal de Ojo Hat & Scarf

Placing evil eye symbolism within Caribbean cultures centers on covering and protecting the head. The superstition of El mal de ojo, also known as ‘The evil eye’, or k’ak’as ichi in Maya, is believed throughout all of Latin America, however, each region has its own talismans, causes and cures. This ancient superstitions dates back over a thousand years, specifically to writings by the philosopher, Plato, in Athens, Greece. It was originally based on envy and one could become cursed or bewitched through a certain look or sound of the voice. Grab your Mal De Ojo dad hat or Scarf today and keep the curses away from your!

2. Evil Eye Crystal Bracelet & Necklace

This bracelet is not only the perfect addition to your stack but it also protects you from all negative vibes! Known across cultures around the world as the repellant of evil intentions and negativity, this evil eye pendant is bordered with crystals that is contrasted by a black crystal pupil. We accentuated this bracelet with hematite crystals which are also known as talismans for protection and stability. Dating back approximately 5000 years and spanning cultures across the world, the evil eye has always been used to ward off evil intentions and to reflect harm. One of the most well-known symbols in the world, this necklace features a beautiful evil eye pendant accented with pave set crystals in the centre of a unique beaded bar. We complemented the eye’s black crystal with hematite accents, a grounding crystal known for protection and stability to make this the ultimate necklace to give you positive vibes only, make it a set!

3. Tiny Evil Eye necklace

A delicate evil eye that falls right at your collar bone, perfect for layering! In case you'd prefer something smaller and less conspicuous. This necklace comes wrapped in a box, perfect for gifting to yourself or someone else during the holidays!

4. Evil Eye Sigil Mug

Sigils are a great way to focus our intention and can be used for everything from protection to manifestation. A sigil is a symbol that is used as a representation of something else. In the context of magic, a sigil is an emblem used to represent a magical goal. This protection sigil accompanied with the famous evil eye will help keep you keep away any negative energy. Perfect for an enchanted morning brew.

5. Horus & Evil eye necklace

Based on the love we’ve seen for both the evil eye and Eye of Horus, we decided to create this necklace that combined both elements! Created entirely out of 14KT gold-filled or 925 sterling silver materials, this beautiful necklace features an intricate talisman with an evil eye carefully etched on both sides. Wear it on its own or layer it with others – either way, who would say no to a little extra protection these days?



Now that we've gone over all of our gorgeous Evil eye pieces, let's go over how to charge and enhance! There are many ways to do this. You can use your own breath, the energy of a flame, or the power of crystals. With any of these methods, it's important to remember that you should focus on your intention and visualize the energy around your piece being infused with protection and positivity. Once you have set your intention, simply hold your piece in both hands and imagine a white light emanating from it, visualizing all negativity being banished away by the light. For added effect, you could also recite an affirmation while holding it such as “I am protected” or “I am safe”. You can also charge your pieces by first cleansing them in either a witch water like holy water or Florida water then charging them under the glow of the full moon. Place them on an altar and let the moonlight charge your pieces with its protective energy. It is always important to cleanse your protective pieces before charging them or wearing them! You can also use crystals to charge and enhance your Evil eye pieces.


Crystals contain so much power, especially when it comes to protection and clearing out negative energy. Place a crystal such as hematite, black tourmaline, or clear quartz around your evil eye piece while you are charging it in order to amplify the effect. These crystals will absorb any negative vibes before they reach you! The Evil eye is one of the most powerful and ancient symbols that we can use to protect ourselves from harm. By wearing an Evil Eye piece, you are opening yourself up to protection and stability. The pieces found in our collections are even more special as they are filled with love and positive energy so that you can enjoy them for years to come! Thank you for taking the time to learn about this beautiful symbol - we wish you lots of positivity and protection! Stay safe! Happy shopping! 🧿💙✨

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