When In Doubt, Just Chill Out (green)

When In Doubt, Just Chill Out (green)

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When in doubt, like this candle, and chill out. The perfect candle for that person that is always on edge. Lavender has been used for more than 2,500 years for fragrances, therapeutics, and cooking and as an ornamental shrub. Egyptians used lavender oil in embalming, and the Greeks benefited from its medicinal properties for easing headaches, gastritis, and sore throats. The Egyptians dedicated chamomile to their sun gods because the flower reminded them of the sun. It was associated with the god Ra for its healing powers and was used as a cure for agu which is a form of malaria. It is believed that chamomile was used in the mummification process for its insect repelling qualities. The Romans also dedicated chamomile to their gods, bathed in it, walked on it and used it medicinally. The Vikings added chamomile to hair shampoos to aid in the lightening of blonde hair.

Scent notes:

Cucumber, Lavender, Chamomile, White Tea.


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