Over the Moon Lunar Rose Mist
Over the Moon Lunar Rose Mist
Over the Moon Lunar Rose Mist

Over the Moon Lunar Rose Mist

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  • Based off of the scent of our floral, earthy "rose garden" Over the Moon Gua Sha Facial Oil
  • A multi-tasking mist that hydrates, conditions, supports, fortifies, and illuminates skin and hair
  • Mist in your sanctuary to fill the air with the dreamy aroma of a lunar rose garden
  • Infused with rose quartz crystal powder – rose quartz is used for heart healing, unconditional love, and self-compassion
  • Features soothing Bulgarian rose water, gromwell root, kimchi, and vegetable glycerin:
    • Rose water has numerous benefits for skin and hair: Rich in vitamins A, B3, C and E to help nourish the scalp / hair, soothe irritations and redness, maintain skin's pH balance, naturally hydrate, control excess oil
    • Chinese medicinal herb gromwell root (aka zi cao, or purple grass) gives the mist its dreamy milky pink color while clearing heat + skin inflammation
    • Kimchi (fermented radishes) preserves the integrity of the formula and is antimicrobial
    • Vegetable glycerin hydrates, supports the skin barrier, and helps skin retain moisture
  • Crafted with a floral, rosy + earthy aroma: neroli, rose, palmarosa and sandalwood essential oils – like walking through a rose garden on the moon

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