Nine Day Cleansing Ritual With Candle Service

Nine Day Cleansing Ritual With Candle Service

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Items you'll need to perform this ritual:

1 small bouquet of White flowers

1 vase for the flowers

1 medium sized mason jar with lid

9 small white candles

1 small white dish


Details about this product:

You are given this product link because in your tarot reading it came up that you should do a deep cleanse of yourself. The ritual is performed daily for nine days straight. You will set up the area one time and leave it alone until the nine days are up. You will start this ritual on a Monday and on the second Tuesday after starting you will be done with this ritual. It is very important to start on a Monday and complete the last step nine days later on the second Tuesday. *DO NOT SKIP OR MISS ANY DAY*

After you have completed the ritual it is EXTREMELY important that you reach back out to us at Incantari for a candle service. Nicole will do a special candle service to complete the ritual.

After purchasing this product immediately check your email for the actual ritual prayer, details and directions. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your junk or spam. If you still don't see it, please reach out immediately and someone will help you. 

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