Midnight Melody® Scent Collection
Midnight Melody® Scent Collection

Midnight Melody® Scent Collection

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  • The aroma is reminiscent of a garden in the night: sweet + floral tuberose, creamy ylang ylang, uplifting sweet orange, grounding + woodsy amber, and herbaceous petitgrain
    • Crafted with a proprietary blend of pure essential oils and absolutes created by expert perfumer Crosby Elements just for us
    • The grounding, sensorial aroma will remind you to consciously slow down and love + respect your body
  • Body & Hair Oil is a sensorial, calming & multi-dimensional 4-in-1 oil – made for body, hair, bath & fragrance
    • Leaves skin and hair silky soft and glowing while locking in moisture without feeling greasy or weighed down
    • Base oils of organic sunflower seed, apricot kernel, and meadowfoam are fast-absorbing, vitamin-rich, softening, and wonderful for all skins & hair – especially sensitive skin ♡
  • Perfume Oil features amethyst crystal rollerball and gemstones inside the bottle
    • Amethyst properties: enhances psychic abilities, higher consciousness, and tranquility especially for sleep and dreams
    • Energetic properties are amplified with reiki

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