Lust Ritual consists of bathing ritual , candle, floor wash, herbal tea, anointing oil and lip balm
Candle called erotic aura 8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle
Bathing ritual called blooming lust in a 1 oz glass tube
Herbal tea ritual called ambrosia&
Body massage butter called Bare Body in a 4 oz glass jar
Anointing oil called essence of ivy in a 10 ml glass tube
Lip balm called binding touch in a 30 g glass jar

Lust Ritual

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Our lust ritual is crafted through a combination of wiccan and pagan herbal magick; which consists of two areas of spiritual concentration in order to achieve higher levels of self healing and sensual liberation: erotic aura, blooming lust and ambrosias kiss focus on the inner body and soul to heal insecurities and heighten confidence, preparing you for a well deserved night of ecstasy; bare body, essence of ivy and binding touch focus on the outer body to assist in glamouring and attracting others, while creating an addictive desire.


Ritual includes six full size products:

1. Erotic Aura (8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle)

Our Awakening candle includes the combined alluring scents of ylang-ylang, myrrh and patchouli, to create a sensual atmosphere. The moon cleansed crystals, oils and herbs within the candle work to purify and cleanse the space; while our hand crafted witch braid wicks, created through knot magic, manifest peace and self love as the braid burns and unravels.

2. Blooming Lust (1 oz)

The alluring scent of the aphrodisiac herbs and oils within the Blooming bath salts are combined to both soothe and excite. Spiritual baths are an ancient witchcraft ritual used in many different crafts, the moon charged herbs, blossoming flower and oils within this spiritual bath heighten, cleanse and heal the vibrations within the body and soul through the waters.

3. Ambrosia's Kiss (3.4 oz)

The invigorating teas delectable fusion of hibiscus, marjoram, ginseng and damiana ignites the body and alerts the mind. These combined aphrodisiac herbs create a potion that manifests desire quickly. Can be served as warm tea, iced beverage or combined with spirits for a heightened effect.

4. Bare Body (4 oz)

Our healing seduction butter leaves the skin silky to the touch, while the dizzying aromatherapy of jasmine, damiana and ylang ylang create a sensual effect on the inhaler.

5. Essence Of Ivy (10 ml)

This luring oil is a moon charged anointing scented oil to seduce and attract potential lovers. The charged rose quartz and amethyst crystal roll ons manifest self love and happiness. The aphrodisiac herbs and oils within create an irresistible glamour that bewitches those that inhale it.

6. Binding Touch (30 g)

This aphrodisiac filled, delicious balm makes the wearers kisses irresistible and unforgettable; for a lasting impression.

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