Flourish Soaking Bath Salts

Flourish Soaking Bath Salts

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For centuries, people have turned to spiritual baths as a way to cleanse the mind and soul. The goal of these baths is ultimately to heal the spirit by balancing the chakras. One of the benefits of taking a spiritual bath is that it can help clear any blockages in your body which could lead to more serious illnesses. Many cultures believe that water is sacred and pure. To enhance the bath, people add herbs, flowers, incense, and an intention or prayer. This is a time to detach yourself from outside distractions and focus on your internal spiritual healing.

When you have a spiritual cleansing, it can help clear away negative situations that may be holding you back. This can attract more positivity into your life and has the added bonus of being relaxing. When we're feeling overwhelmed, it's crucial to take some time for ourselves. A break like this can be really helpful and something you want to consider adding into your regular routine or day of self-care, regardless of your spiritual beleifs... we can all use some down time!

For centuries, this flower has been a symbol of wildly disparate things, from love to war. Its geographic origins and meaning have varied just as greatly over time. Love spells often utilize roses, as they have long been associated with love. The potent mystical properties of roses include love, it is also a symbol for friendship and can provide protection and happiness. Additionally, they have many medicinal uses, like reducing inflammation and controlling menstrual cycles. They're also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and may even alleviate depression.

Various cultural traditions see sunflowers as symbols of good fortune. In addition, sunflowers are often associated with truthfulness, loyalty, and honesty. Place a sunflower under your pillow when you sleep if you wish to know the truth about something - and allegedly, the truth will be revealed to you by sundown the next day. Hoodoo practitioners often associate the sunflower with great joy. Consequently, they use its oil as a base for many magical oils in rituals. If you're looking for a way to boost your spirits and give yourself some extra self-love, this Sunflower & Rose spiritual bath is the perfect thing to do so!

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