Cleanse Ritual consists of bathing ritual , candle, floor wash, herbal tea, anointing oil and lip balm
Floor wash ritual called four thieves in a 3.4 oz glass jar with a black wax seal
Candle called pure mist 8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle
Bathing ritual called divine relief in a 1 oz glass tube
Anointing oil called sacred anointing in a 10 ml glass tube
String tied herbal burn bundle called spirits away
Herbal tea ritual called serene fire in a 3.4 oz glass jar

Cleanse Ritual

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Our cleansing ritual is crafted through a combination of catholicism and Santeria brujeria; consisting of six items that complete one ritual to rid yourself, your tools and your space of negativity for a fresh new positive environment. The four thieves, pure mist and devine relief focus on banishing, purifying and cleansing both your space and self. After the cleansing of the previous items and self, the sacred anointing, spirits away and serene fire focus on fortifying and consecrating both your tools and self.

Ritual Includes six full sized products: 

Four Thieves

Four thieves' vinegar was created in the 15th century by four men that anointed themselves with it and successfully avoided catching the black plague, while robbing the sick. Use our all natural four thieves' vinegar as a floor wash to cleanse your home and keep illnesses out. 

Pure Mist (8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle)

Light our cleansing candle and inhale its calming mixture of myrrh, cedar and frankincense, in an area in need of cleansing and calmness. The moon cleansed crystals, oils and herbs within the candle work to purify and cleanse the space; while our hand crafted witch braid wicks, created through knot magic, manifest positivity and peacefulness as the braid burns and unravels. 

Divine Relief (1 oz)

Our banishing bath salts purifying scents of cedar and rosemary relinquish negative energy from within and manifest spiritual comfort. Spiritual baths are an ancient witchcraft ritual used in many different crafts for spiritual cleansing; the moon charged herbs, flowers and oils within this spiritual bath purge you of deep rooted negative energy within the body and soul through the waters.

Sacred Anointing (10 ml)

Our sacred anointing oil recipe is roughly 2,000 years old and stays true to the original biblical reference. You can apply said anointment on your tools to consecrate them or apply onto your temples and wrists to alleviate surrounding negative energy and psychic attacks.

Spirits Away

Smudging is practiced within many different crafts: it’s the action of burning dried bundled herbs to rid negative energy from a place, person or object. Various herbs are used to smudge. The combination of the blessing smudge stick is intended to purge and cleanse while attracting abundance.

Serene Fire (3.4 oz)

The renewing tea purges your body and mind of any lingering negativity, creating a sensation of relief and calmness, as it strengthens your mind and body. Can be served as warm tea, iced beverage or combined with spirits for a heightened effect.

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