Abundance Ritual consists of bathing ritual , candle, floor wash, herbal tea, anointing oil and lip balm
Candle called Morning Dew 8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle
Bathing ritual called evergreen roots in a 1 oz glass tube
Herbal tea ritual called inner truth in a 3.4 oz glass jar
Floor wash ritual called Agua Florida in a 3.4 oz glass jar with a gold wax seal
Anointing oil called Brisk Fortune in a 10 ml glass tube
Lip balm called Silver Tongue in a 30 g glass jar

Abundance Ritual

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Our abundance ritual is crafted through a combination of ancestral voodoo and hoodoo root work to promote financial success and confidence. This ritual consists of six items: morning dew, evergreen roots, inner truth, agua florida, brisk fortune and silver tongue, that work together to remove blockage, create instant luck and attract abundance towards the user and their space.

Ritual includes six full size products:

Morning Dew (8 oz beeswax & hemp wick candle)

The cinnamon, patchouli and clove combination within the aura candle create a powerful  cleansing reaction to the root chakra. The moon cleansed crystals, oils and herbs within the candle work to purify and cleanse the space; while our hand crafted witch braid wicks, created through knot magic, manifest abundance and confidence as the braid burns and unravels. 

Evergreen Roots (1 oz)

Our rejuvenating bath salts invigorating scents of vanilla, patchouli and peppermint heal you from within and out. Spiritual baths are an ancient witchcraft ritual used in many different crafts for spiritual cleansing; the moon charged herbs, flowers and oils within this spiritual bath release deep tension from past trauma and a euphoric after effect within the body and soul through the waters.

Inner Truth (3.4 oz)

This herbal brew of peppermint, ginger, sunflower and lemongrass relaxes the consumer and lowers barriers. Can be served as warm tea, iced beverage or combined with spirits for a heightened effect. Drink one serving of the truth tea with someone to ensure loyalty or by yourself to induce confidence.

Agua Florida 

Florida water is an infusion of sanitizing alcohol and the essence of flowers and herbs. It can be used for multiple cleansing purposes due to its ability to purify people, spaces and objects of excess negativity, while attracting prosperity; use it as floor wash to cleanse your home and bring in wealth.

Brisk Fortune (10 ml)

New Orleans fast luck oil has been used for centuries within voodoo and other crafts, for its ability to grant instant luck, remove obstacles and enhance attractions. Apply on your wrists and neck, when in need of quick luck.

Silver Tongue (30 g)

This confidence inducing decadent balm makes the wearer's insecurities temporarily drift away, while leaving a refreshing sensation upon another's lips. Apply the balm on your lips when in need of a confidence boost.

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