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My self-care lust magic is all about building strong sensual awareness then embracing alluring confidence. The lust ritual is charged by the new moon and centers around herbal healing and meditations that help heighten self-love and self-appreciation.

The Lust Ritual - 

So, the lust ritual chose you and now you’re here to learn more about what the lust ritual is? And what can it do for you? So let’s get right to it then, shall we? Self-care magic revolves heavily on matching your intentions within your everyday activities. What does that mean? Well, I like to think of everyday activities like brushing your hair, taking a shower/bath, wearing make-up and so on. Think of it like this, if you woke up and wrote down everything you did in a single day you would have a long list of things by the end of the day. That is the literal definition of everyday activities. Now, there’s things in life that we do more often than others, which I like to call these everyday rituals. You may not wear lipstick everyday, but you probably brush your teeth everyday… at least I hope so, if not then idk do you love, you do you. Anyway, the things we tend to do more often really affect our daily lives and these are the things we should be taking advantage of. I know for me, one ritual that I do not skip, is morning coffee. So, I always take advantage of setting my intentions in my cup every morning. *Self-care magic tip #1- take a moment to think of something you do everyday and use that to start your self-care ritual magic.*

quiz results - lust ritual box

Now that you understand the foundation of my self-care magic and my rituals you’re ready to learn about the lust ritual. What is the lust ritual and why is it right for you? Your answer to the moon phase question was your ultimate intention setting self. By asking you, “which lunar phase calls out to you?” I got your truest self in your answer. I didn’t get your ego, nor did I get your desire. It was an objective answer which spoke loudly straight from your soul. So, since you chose the new moon you essentially told me that you wanted a fresh start, to build confidence, gain deeper intimacy or you’re looking for sensual liberation. The lust ritual is not just charged with lunar magic during the new moon, it’s a ritual centered around the very essence of what new moon magic stands for. I really compounded the effects of matching intentions to amplify the lunar energy. As explained in the quiz the new moon is for fresh starts and self love. The lust ritual has six handmade, spell charged products that revolve around self love and manifesting deeper sensual awareness. To help make the ritual easier for you I have made sure each product is a common product for everyday activities.

Although each product is common you may see the lust ritual has some items that you may not use everyday, but it is important to follow the ritual as instructed to gain all of the benefits. You may also find it difficult to meditate, but the point of self-care magic is to try. I am here for you along the way to help give tips and tricks through the process. Just send me a DM on instagram or contact me via our contact page through the website. I want to hear from you so I will be reaching out anyway, but in case you need immediate assistance definitely reach out first.


So, let’s empower your day with some magically self-care charged lust and have you deepening your connection to intimacy between yourself and your life partners.

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