Self Help With Self-Care Magic!

Self-Care Magic For The Spiritual Misfits (working title)

Hey everyone! Along with our self-care rituals which are filled with wonderful products made to magically enhance your life through self-care we are also hard at work on a book. The book is a guide, a magical self help book...LITERALLY. We won’t be subtle about this one. The book is being written to showcase the true essence of our co-founder and head witch’s personality. She is a LOVELY person to have in your life especially when she goes on rants and tells it like it is. She’s full of a no BULL lifestyle and literally embodies the meaning of unapologetically authenticity.

This magical self help book will not be for everyone. We want to stress that yes, it is super positive and yes there is an immense amount of value and magic involved, but it is completely up to you to take advantage of the value and implement it. The thing is… our head witch will likely follow up with you after you purchase this book and we want to make sure you’re ready for a very very very real talk if you don’t take charge and push down your self-care in your life’s priority list. Don’t take it personally when she responds to your progress, she is just super passionate about you building a life that you deserve.

Anywho, the book is 1 of a 3 part series. The first part is to learn and “Know Thy Self”. In order to appropriately set the foundations and build your craft/spirit you will need to become fully self aware. The point is to go beyond your physical self and understand your mental, emotional and spiritual self. 

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