Leaving This World Better Than We Came

Our Impact

Organic Ingredients:

We are hellbent on making sure our products include ingredients that are natural and not tainted by harmful man made chemicals. We can’t expect to heal ourselves or empower ourselves with poison disguised as helpful materials. 

Ethical Buying:

Sourcing from places that hold a high regard for humanity is a major priority to us. There is no way we can preach self-care while supporting sources that cause harm in order to achieve business practices. 


A percentage of our profits are set aside to further plan our facilities sustainability. It is our goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% within the first year. We are investing in replacing what we take from mother earth and eventually giving more than we take. This includes sustainable energy sources to run and operate our facilities, planting much needed resources to help the planet and it’s ecosystem and donations to further the sciences behind sustainability. 

Environmental Conservation:

Since we are a small local business we volunteer our time to our local communities around us. Cleaning litter from parks, beaches and highways. We currently use almost 0% plastic in all of our packaging. We plan to move from our current packaging to a 100% recycled material packaging upon future iterations.