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Nicole - Tarot Reader

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If you were a NY resident in the last 10 years specifically, Washington Heights & the Bronx area you may know or have come in contact with someone who frequented Nicole's tarot card reading sessions. Nicole's story is quite vast, but her spiritual traditions stem from her familial ties to the taino culture and modern brujas in Dominican Republic. If you know a thing or two about various religious cultures then her's might ring a bell to you. Her faith and practice centers around the religion known as the 21 divisions. 

You can book Nicole for a 30 min tarot card reading. Nicole will never promise that you need all 30 mins, but to keep things as formal as possible you will be blocking off 30 mins of your time and she will be blocking off 30 mins of her time. When you get a hair cut does it take the same amount of time each and every time? No, so the same rule applies for this. Your reading is as long as it has to be, but she will try her best to keep it below 30 mins out of courtesy for your time, hers and other awaiting her readings.

What to expect:

1. EXTREME HONESTY - This is not to be taken lightly. Nicole is not one to beat around the bush. If the reading calls for her to be tough she will and you will feel it. If you are easily offended we suggest you don't take this reading or PREPARE yourself by acknowledging that EVERYTHING Nicole does is coming from a helpful heart and not a malice one. Please just be open to why she may be tough, you may need it to actually listen. 

2. EXTREME POLITENESS - Nicole is a professional. You will be greeted with a welcoming voice and soul.

3. No promises or guarantees - Remember this is a spiritual experience. You must have an open mind. If you're looking for something else we do suggest finding it, but if you're open to the process of Nicole's tarot reading then keep your mind open and trust the process.

4. No refunds - If you are unsatisfied with the reading that doesn't constitute a refund. Expectation number 3 is there to tell you that you must have an open mind. Part of that is to go into this knowing you will not be eligible for a refund.

5. Suggested helpful advice - Nicole allows the readings to come in, but usually ends each one with a little one on one personal suggestion. Could be as simple as take a day to yourself and do nothing OR as extreme as performing a ritual that has a nine day commitment. Either way, the suggestions are there for your benefit.

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