Onwards & Upwards Virgo, its time for structure!

Onwards & Upwards Virgo, its time for structure!

2023 centers on progress and success for you dear Virgo, all the organizing and planning you've done, will bear fruit! As Saturn transitions into Pisces, you may encounter an impetus to become more conscious of how your relationship works in the real world. For the next two years, Saturn urges you to commit wholly and trust those who have gained your confidence unconditionally. Switch that coffee routine for some Matcha. Matcha is the Champion of Green teas, a super concentrated green tea powder made from the finely ground, shade-grown leaves and is vivid green in color. It has been used for centuries by Japanese monks to relax and meditate whilst remaining alert. On March 23rd, Pluto will start an expansive 20-year journey into Aquarius, ushering in a shift to your sixth house of daily habits and practices. This year, you're making strides to become more productive and mindful of your daily tasks, productivity may be key but purpose is the literal essence of life. The point is to be mindful of not only what we're doing but also of what we're ingesting during. Qi teas are ethically sourced from small farmers in an environmentally protected area high in the Yellow Mountains of Southern China. Check out our spiritual food and drinks here!



On March 23, Mars will enter Cancer and further invigorate your 11th house of networking and friendship for a more energizing experience. Now is the ideal moment to nurture your team spirit and grow in strength together! Your cosmic path for 2023 predicts, you are about to reach a crossroad in your career; therefore, take control of your destiny and seize this opportunity. As we begin the New Year, Mars' retrograde in Gemini will finally conclude on January 12th. This shift of energies will revive your passion and determination to achieve success with your professional objectives. As Mercury retrograde concludes in your creative fifth house on February 3rd, you'll be able to appreciate the return of your artistic vibes and improved outlook. As 2023 commences, your ruling planet Mercury continues its disorienting retrograde. You'll finally see some relief Wednesday, January 18th when it turns direct once again. If the beginning of the year seems hectic, keep in mind that you're not alone as everyone is catching up on emails. Give yourself permission to move at your own speed instead of rushing through tasks just for the sake of it. Starting Friday, April 21st and lasting until Sunday, May 18th; Wednesday August 23rd to Friday September 15th; and finally from Wednesday December 13th through Monday January 1st 2024 - Mercury will be in retrograde. Put a pin in these dates, and keep them at the forefront of your mind as you read through your yearly horoscope. As we cannot arrange every essential discussion around your ruling planet, it is imperative that you take advantage of the opportunity when Mercury graces its way through Virgo on Friday July 28th. At this time, communication comes naturally and easier than ever - making it an ideal moment to tackle those tougher conversations with ease. Commencing on Wednesday, August 23rd and running through Saturday, September 23rd is your highly-anticipated season. Rejoice when the sun or your ruling planet is in your sign, for that signifies the stars are on your side. But do not forget about the moon's influence either! Ready to make the most of 2023? Then you need to check out our Astrology Self-care Calendar! It's chock full of all the advice and strategies you'll need. Plus, it just so happens that Mercury - your ruling planet (fitting, right?) is still in retrograde when 2023 kicks off, so you'll be needing an extra hand at the start of this new year. So take advantage and stay ahead with this incredible tool!



As the full moon arrives in your sign, Virgo, on Tuesday March 7th, you will finally have resolution to ongoing issues. These could be professional negotiations or a petty argument with your partner—regardless of what type of situation it is, this marks a culmination and puts them both to rest! On Thursday, September 14th, a new moon in your sign will initiate an exciting cycle of growth and enlightenment. As the season transitions, this is a perfect opportunity to welcome new friends into your life, explore exciting places with your significant other, or begin that project you've been dreaming of. Continue reading to find out what the universe has in store for you regarding your love life, social relationships, career path and overall wellbeing. As Saturn transitions into Pisces, you'll be encouraged to develop a more realistic perspective on the dynamics of your relationships. For the next two years, Saturn encourages you to build strong and meaningful relationships with those who have earned your trust and support. You will be rewarded for putting in effort to invest yourself into stable long-term commitments. On March 23, the planet Pluto will commence its two-decade exploration into Aquarius. This movement will bring an alteration to your sixth house of daily practices and regular habits. This year, you're mastering the art of managing your time more effectively by being mindful and strategic in how you spend each day. On March 23, Mars will enter Cancer to invigorate your 11th house of social and communal circles with fresh ideas. With all the extra curricular activity bound to occur during this time, we recommend the House Warming Smudging Pack, these herbal smoke blends will not only cleanse your home and office space but also new guests and friends you invite within your space. To reach your fullest potential, make sure to keep your energy renewed and pure!



On April 20, when a new-moon solar eclipse in Aries illuminates your eighth house of shared resources, you might feel the need to protect yourself and set boundaries. This cosmic event will ignite a spark that encourages self-care and compassion for yourself. If you've been over-giving, yet underappreciated for your efforts, it's time to reclaim what belongs to you. Take back control and don't allow yourself more of the same treatment! On May 5th, when the blood-moon-lunar eclipse in Taurus ends within your third house of communication, you may just have a discussion that alters everything - particularly if it's with a sibling, neighbor or close friend. Get ready for an unexpected surprise! The year culminates with the grand finale of a blood-moon-lunar eclipse on October 28, occurring in both Taurus and Scorpio. As transformation takes place in your ninth house of perspectives and beliefs, you may find that one notion is replaced with another. Keep the eclipse in mind with this gorgeous ring, inspired by a lunar eclipse and blood moons, this flat wide ring features the phases of the Moon and set with a flashy black opal to represent the moon going into full eclipse. The black opal is a mystical and gorgeous stone that's highly underrated. The Black Opal is a mystical and ancient talisman, with its dark depths juxtaposed against dazzlingly bright flashes of light. It harnesses the power to bridge darkness and positivity like no other stone can! Historically, a sacred amulet was used to bring forth guidance and prosperity. And this is still true today - particularly when infused with the magic of black opal, which has long been associated with the Crown Chakra: stimulating feelings of self-assurance and safety within us. Keep your balance throughout the eclipse with this amulet by your side!


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