Taking Advantage of the Sirius Energy Portal: Tips for Spiritual Growth

Taking Advantage of the Sirius Energy Portal: Tips for Spiritual Growth

Every year during the first week of July, a sacred portal of energy is opened between Earth and Sirius, bringing about greater vibrations and intensifying spiritual progress. This time it occurs from July 3rd to 7th but will be at its peak from July 4th to July 5th, this is called The Sirius Gateway. This phenomenon occurs when the Sun enters in conjunction with Sirius, which is in Cancer's tropical zodiac at 14 degrees. As the Sun and Sirius conjoin, we can all tap into this high-frequency energy and utilize it for creative inspiration, entrepreneurial projects, technological breakthroughs, and intuition development. Whatever you're in need of manifesting at the time, focus on what brings growth to your physical and spiritual life. For many ancient civilizations, Sirius stood for spiritual enlightenment and the natural cycles of change that occur as we progress through life and beyond.


The astrological sign of Sirius is called Sirus, how very original of them, and it is associated with freedom. Its energy can assist us in overcoming inhibitions and feeling free to be our genuine selves. This comes at a great time since we just set our intention during the New Moon in Cancer. It can also be a source of motivation to get out there and make our goals and aspirations a reality. It's usually at this period that we may get more open to connecting with higher beings, and honoring our own death and rebirth cycles, as well as how they have aided us in progressing spiritually. It was once thought that souls passed through Sirius in order to get to heaven in some ancient civilizations. Ancient cities were constructed in alignment with Sirius, which was thought to be able to emanate higher frequencies and assist in the progress of life on Earth, as it was believed that the vibrations of this huge star could rain down and deliver higher frequencies. So don't miss out on it! Here are a few simple things you can do to better harness that energy, that won't interfere with your July 4th plans.


Use affirmations, crystals, and positive visualization to open yourself up to the blessings of the Sirius energy portal. You can do this from anywhere, even in the middle of a conversation. Just say it in your head, no matter how many weird looks you get for it. Crystals have an amazing ability to enhance our energy with their own. Check out our shop for manifesting crystals!


Meditate on the light of Sirius, visualizing it bathing you in its intense love and wisdom. Focus on the things you wish to manifest, think of this like wishing upon a star... since you literally are doing so. Meditation is a crucial portion of our spiritual development. If you don't know how or would simply love to learn more about meditations and specific meditation for your spiritual journey, then check out our Guild!



Cleanse yourself, whether it's your Aura in the shower or even just while at the beach and falling backward within the ocean 3 times.  This last one is a big tradition within Caribbean cultures and a super easy way for the of us that will be at the beach, to thoroughly and easily cleanse ourselves. Grasp that amazing energy with a clean slate. For those who aren't able to make it to a beach to do so, grab your self some bath salts and cleanse that energy from the comfort of your own bathroom. For Spiritual salts and herbal baths check out our store!



Most importantly, enjoy the ride! The energy of Sirius is here to help us expand our consciousness and reach new levels of understanding and enlightenment. Embrace the journey and let yourself be transformed by this powerful force.

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