Ready to Transform Scorpio?!

Ready to Transform Scorpio?!

Hold on tight Scorpio, it's going to be one heck of a year for you! This year brings immense, impactful changes with it - from lunar eclipses in your sign to the commencement of Pluto's retrograde. At its beginning, Mars (one of your ruling planets) remains in a state of reversal but turns direct on Thursday January 12th. According to astrology, Mars embodies the divine masculine energy while Venus represents the divine feminine. No matter our gender, we all possess Mars' aggressive and passionate qualities. As these matters are closely intertwined with work and health, your dedication to helping others could prove incredibly beneficial. Your dedication to hard work is especially impressive in this day and age. Whether it's for your health, wellness, or providing a service, putting forth the effort you have can result in financial gain. Are you all set for the most impacting 2023? Then you need to check out our Astrology Self-care Calendar! It's chock full of all the advice and strategies you'll need. Plus, it just so happens that Mars is still in retrograde when 2023 kicks off, so you'll be needing an extra hand at the start of this new year. So take advantage and stay ahead with this incredible tool!


During the month of February and first half of March, many individuals experience breakthroughs in health or career that energize their overall well-being. This is a powerful period for strengthening one's physical, mental and emotional self Scorpio. This period is a great chance to refine your collaborative skills, negotiation tactics, and partnership capacities. You may now encounter the opportunity for brand new partnerships or breathe fresh life into an existing relationship. Relationships you encounter now have the potential to be extremely fulfilling and beneficial for both parties involved. Sometimes this transit may result in ending an existing partnership, but should that occur it would likely provide a sense of liberation or become a positive experience overall. If you're considering a change in partner, it may be because someone more compatible for your current situation has come along. However, don't let the allure of something new cloud your judgment; remember that 'the grass isn't always greener on the other side'. For you we recommend the Blue Sodalite and Blackwood bracelet. Sodalite grants you the power to heighten your spiritual development and healing. It can also benefit one’s self-expression, by helping to temper anxiousness while boosting intuition. With Embrace tranquility in your life and unlock your potential by introducing Sodalite into your everyday routine. Though not technically a rock, this deep blue mineral is often crafted into statues, pyramids, obelisks, as well as stylish jewelry pieces – all of which are sure to make an elegant statement! Whether used for healing purposes or simply adornment in your home decor - the power of Sodalite will never cease to amaze you. Sodalite, a sodium-rich magma rock which is also referred to as the "Logic Stone," possesses incredible powers that can help one clear their mind and activate deep thought. This blue stone has been known to stimulate creativity, observation skills, discipline and even enhance vision. Embrace its energy to access your analytical side!



Scorpio, you are blessed with two powerful ruling planets: Mars and Pluto. As the ruler of the underworld, Pluto is especially influential in shaping your destiny! As Pluto retrogrades from May 1 to October 10 of 2023, use this time to identify and rid yourself of any detrimental habits or attitudes that could be hindering you. On Friday, May 5th a full moon and lunar eclipse will occur in your sign - so brace yourself for the potential drama that may ensue! As you work on self-improvement throughout these months note how powerful it feels when changes are made with intention during such influential astrological moments. Eclipses have the power to accelerate time and inspire rapid transformation. So, don't be shocked if this eclipse - combined with Pluto's retrograde cycle - ends a damaging relationship on your behalf even if you haven't been able to take that necessary step yourself yet. Sigils are a great way to focus our intention and can be used for everything from protection to manifestation. A sigil is a symbol that is used as a representation of something else. In the context of magic, a sigil is an emblem used to represent a magical goal. Whether its our Evil eye protection sugar mug or our Empowerment sigil mug; you'll be needing both during the hectic eclipse time.



As Pluto retrograde draws to a close, your season will begin. However, the apex of 2023 may be when Mars enters your sign on Thursday, October 12 - and that's exciting news considering it is also your ruling planet! Make sure you're prepared for some significant changes as this planetary alignment takes place. When Mars places itself in comfort at home with Scorpio, a sense of assurance and sensuality quickly overcomes you but don't forget the lesson you went through and learned! You'll find yourself being more assertive than usual when it comes to demanding your wants be met in any area of life - whether it's asking for that promotion or going on the very first date! Mercury supports this power as it enters into your domain on Sunday 22nd October, proudly giving you an edge so communication will effortlessly follow. Finally, on Monday October 23rd the sun will enter your sign and Scorpio season begins! This delightful time of year lasts through Wednesday November 22nd. With Halloween amidst this period too it's easy to embrace that spooky Scorpion energy you have within! Consider this entire stretch to be like one big birthday; take advantage of each opportunity for a grand celebration. Allow yourself to indulge in these exquisite raw emerald earrings, which are light and comfy enough for all-day wear. The emerald is known as the divine stone of Venus and was thought to safeguard love; it has been a symbol of optimism since antiquity. It's even said that this remarkable gemstone brings forth prophecies! Some people believe that the emerald can bring peace and harmony into an uneasy mind. As planets Pluto and Venus guide your journey through 2023, take a look at these pieces and stay inspired for what lies ahead!




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