New Moon In Cancer: Manifesting Ritual

New Moon In Cancer: Manifesting Ritual


Who here is exhausted of June?? As a Gemini, I should say differently, it's normally my favorite month of the year but the stars just straight mind warped us these last few weeks. Not only had we just gone through eclipse season and finally finish up Mercury Retrograde but Saturn and Neptune were and are right behind. The biggest event of all, five planets literally aligned. They are planets that represent communication, love, strength to act, abundance, and discipline. This alignment basically turned our lives and views upside down, and got us to question what we're doing and why. That being said this New Moon in Cancer is exactly what we all need to recover, a breath of fresh air. It's also an intensely powerful time to manifest but we can't do so if we're carrying the past behind us. Make sure to cleanse yourself and your space before attempting any New Moon rituals, you don't want anything interfering with your manifestation. Here are a few brief and simple New Moon Rituals to do in the upcoming days:

1. Cleanse yourself and your space: as I said before, you want to make sure that you're starting from a clean slate. This means physically and mentally cleansing yourself. Take a bath with some bath salts (Epsom, Himalayan, Dead sea, etc.) and add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to help soothe your body and mind. Remember, the Cancer sign is all about being a homebody and having familiar and familial comforts. So things that remind you of home and help you feel safe. As for cleaning your space, open all the windows to air everything out and sweep/vacuum the floors. You can also smudge your space with some sage or Palo Santo to get rid of any negative energy. You want to start fresh that means all energy not just on yourself but all over your home as well.

2. Set your intention: what do you want to manifest during this New Moon? Before manifesting anything you have to truly figure out what you want and why. Remember we're all about developing the self, getting back with your ex helps no one, especially not you. So think, what is it you genuinely want, then think deeper and find its core meaning. For example, if your following was "find love", think deeper and ask yourself if you've ever truly loved yourself. We can't expect to even know what love is, looks, or feels like if we've never truly loved ourselves.

3. Perform your ritual: there are many different ways to do this but I'll share one of my favorites. We all know I'm a huge fan of making moon water, candle magic, and writing down my wishes on Bay leaves but since Cancer is a water element we'll be changing things up for this one. First, you'll need a glass bowl, salt, water (better if it's witchy water), 3 Bay leaves, and a silver marker. On the night of the full moon write your 3 wishes on each bay leaf with the silver marker and place them in the bowl with the water. Surround the bowl with salt and leave it out in view of the night sky and remove it before the morning.

This spell will remove any blockages in the way of your desires manifesting. Don't forget to remove it before the sun comes up. Bay leaves are used in multiple crafts for abundance and manifestation. The act of writing our desires out makes them that much closer to reality. Think of Sigils and their amazing ability to manifest simply by putting letters together down and creating a shape. The most important part of the magic is to believe in yourself and what you're doing.


Overall, the New Moon in Cancer is a powerful time to manifest your desires. However, it's important to cleanse yourself and your space before attempting any rituals. Additionally, you should set your intention and perform your ritual with conviction. Remember, the most important part of the magic is believing in yourself and what you're doing. If you can do that, you'll be well on your way to manifesting your desires into reality. As always loves, Happy Self-Care Witching!!!

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