It's time to find your Inner Balance Libra....

It's time to find your Inner Balance Libra....

From February to the first half of March, it's a great time for reviving relationships and gaining clarity on your relationship objectives dear Libra. With the help of a supportive partner or significant other, one can easily reach their career ambitions and keep sight of long-term objectives. This transit offers numerous opportunities for success - you can negotiate effectively, and if applicable, win legal disputes with ease. The beautiful Venus retrograde this year promises abundant charm and prosperity (about damn time)! Love will also be in the air, as long as no extreme changes occur during that period. To bring joyous celebration, you can look forward to a luminous full moon illuminating your zodiac on Thursday April 6th. Embrace this powerful moon and reinvent yourself during this stagnant time in your life Libra!

You're stronger than you think. With this new moon comes a chaotic solar eclipse, but that doesn't mean you should forgo the opportunity to make something of it. Instead of using this defining moment as an excuse to embark on yet another thrilling venture, take some time out and give yourself the restful break your body needs! Eclipses are chaotic energy, let it do its work without you interfering; trust me you'll feel its effects regardlessly. Solar eclipses are often associated with chaos anyway - so why add any extra drama? The therapeutic powers of lavender will take away the negative energy obstructing your sleep and help you to cure your nightmares and insomnia. Lavender's spiritual significance is not to be underestimated. These flowers are associated with the crown chakra, which is also known as the center of energy. It influences spiritual awareness and awakening. Check out the lavender bath and serum here!


On Saturday, July 22nd, the enigmatic Venus retrograde will start its voyage until Sunday September 3rd. During this period of waiting for Venus to go direct again, you may feel that your beauty routine isn't as dynamic and matters regarding love and money could appear unproductive. However don't let these difficulties inhibit you from pursuing your life goals! Harness the power of Venus retrograde to your advantage by taking time for yourself and finding some inner peace. From September 23rd until October 23rd, make a statement with a new hairstyle or makeup look - trust us when we say you'll be getting plenty of compliments in both your professional and private life! Step out into the world with confidence this season! On Wednesday, October 4th, the messenger Mercury will arrive in your sign and bestow you with tremendous faith that will give you a newfound courage to seek whatever assistance or resources necessary for success. An impressive new moon solar eclipse will take place under your sign on Saturday, October 14th as well! Are you all set for your transformation in 2023? Then you need to check out our Astrology Self-care Calendar! It's chock full of all the advice and strategies you'll need. So take advantage and stay ahead with this incredible tool! 


The cosmos could very well propose examinations for us to guarantee that the foundations of our lives are strong and sound. Without a firm foundation and support, these critical systems will quickly become compromised when put under stress. Constructed with strength, these structures are designed to withstand any test of time - and in fact, may become even more robust through the course of enduring tests. Since its inception in 2020, this profound impact has been affecting the lives of many and will culminate at the end of March 2023. Depending on when you were born in Libra's cycle can greatly determine your relationship to it. Whether early or late-born individuals, each one feels its strength differently. For those with birthdays between October 16-23 and Libra Ascenders of 23 to 30 degrees, expect a remarkable revolution in your life this year. This is an amazingly profound time in your life. On Monday, January 2nd, Venus – your planet of romance and love - will enter Aquarius and the 5th House of Pleasure. This is an opportunity for you to ignite new sparks in any partnerships or friendships that you seek. Positive energy will be surrounding these endeavors from the start! To keep your mood positive and light, we recommend the Basic balm, Bazic is truly far from basic! This nourishing skin balm contains pure and natural raw shea butter, blended with natural olive oil - that’s been infused with chamomile, comfrey, and calendula petals for 6 weeks. With skin loving lavender and essential oils, this is a gentle and healing skin balm that is perfect for a range of uses. Check out the healing balm here!


When loving Venus enters Aries and graces your partnership house on Monday February 20th, be sure to expect wonderful developments in all of your relationships, romantic or otherwise. By taking this transit, you discover the power to bring your desires into fruition. After a difficult journey through pain and disappointment, many Libras are able to depart their unkind partners unscathed - now ready to embrace single life on their own terms.It's about damn time! For the lucky few, they find their soulmate and can share in a passionate connection that is out of this world. To ensure that you reap the rewards of Venus retrograde, it's important to put in some hard work during its cycle. If you are already in love, this transit will bring new life to your relationship and take it to never before seen heights! For centuries, the Rose has been a symbol of wildly disparate things, from love to war. Its geographic origins and meaning have varied just as greatly over time. Love spells often utilize roses, as they have long been associated with love. The potent mystical properties of roses include love, it is also a symbol for friendship and can provide protection and happiness.

Additionally, they have many medicinal uses, like reducing inflammation and controlling menstrual cycles. They're also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and may even alleviate depression. Roses are your best friend in 2023, dear Libra's. Attract the love and life you deserve with the help of Venus and roses. Check out our spiritual rose products here!

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