Full Moon in Capricorn & How your Zodiac will be affected...

Full Moon in Capricorn & How your Zodiac will be affected...

Who's ready to get triggered? The next Full Moon is on July 13th in both the sun sign of Cancer (the crab) and its counterpoint Capricorn (the goat). The two couldn't be any more different, while Cancer's evoke super empathic artsy chick vibes, Capricorn's give off bad bitch CEO energy. This zodiac sign is all about the hard work and perks that come with. Cancer is a water sign, and the Cancerian personality type is associated with emotions, creativity, intuition and imagination. Capricorn represents organizations and traditions; the contrast between them in this solar-lunar drama is reminiscent of the recent challenges faced by this nation. This raises issues such as work, duty, and responsibility to the forefront. What you do and how you do it will be taking over our minds over the next few days. Essentially, we're about to be in our feelings about our jobs/ careers.

This full moon offers a cleansing energy, an opportunity to let go of those who add more pain than pleasure, as well as negative thought patterns and behaviors. During this time, Pluto's challenge for change is raw honesty, surrender, and compassion. The moon will be joined by Neptune during this period, which will offer a soothing energy and encourage self-forgiveness as the moon's intensity rises. Full Moon's are a time for processing and revealing. So, if you've been holding onto something, or someone, this is the time to let it go. This Full Moon in Capricorn also happens to be a Super full moon. A Super full moon is when the moon is closer to the earth, making it appear larger in the sky. This also amplifies the effects of the full moon.

So, if you're someone who's affected by moon phases, be prepared for this one to pack a punch! With this full moon comes a genuine purging energy, an opportunity to let go of individuals who bring more bad than good or negative thoughts and habits. This heavenly dance is ideal for creating financial responsibility boundaries, which will help you achieve your desired house, automobile, or holiday. However, this combination has a more serious tone to it, as the universe reminds you that attaining such objectives is a difficult and drawn-out endeavor. Take some time to reflect on your objectives and make a practical plan that you can accomplish with a reasonable timeline.


The full moon's energies enter your tenth house of achievement, praise, and reputation. The Full Moon in Capricorn falls in your career sector, Aries. You may get recognition or acknowledgement for your hard work. Someone important could take notice of you. However, this full moon will also bring to light any areas where you need to make changes. It's time to put your nose to the grindstone and get things done. You may have to sacrifice your personal life for your career. But don't worry, this is only temporary. The focus will eventually shift back to your personal life and you'll be able to enjoy some well-deserved R&R.


The full moon has an astrological meaning for you, Taurus, since it shines bright in your ninth house of perspective, world view, higher education, travel, and spirituality. You may be thinking about more of the Plutonic heavy themes on the global stage, and this might cause a significant shift in your personal viewpoint. It's an amazing moment to consider any harmful beliefs you might have or cling to. You're viewing things from a global perspective, which is prompting you to reconsider your personal values. What you need to do this Full Moon is concentrate on the long term: a life milestone, or the future situation you're striving to achieve. What is it, exactly? What does it look like? What are the stages and milestones to achieve it? And can you trace your way back from there to now, and begin seeing the road ahead?


Gemini, where have you surrendered your power in order to make others happy? The full moon enters your eighth house of anxiety, terror, and change.It is possible that issues that have been neglected will be addressed. The dark side of this specific moon is that it is an energy draining and charged period, but the emotions it generates serve as a strong reminder that you have the power to reclaim your life at any time: you just need to pick yourself. Don't make a hasty decision, because boredom is your most dangerous enemy and it has caused you to lose interest in your profession . Consider how you feel, and compare it to a specific activity, individual, or scenario. It's not always the entire package that's wrong for you; rather, it's a certain component.Identify the piece that's missing and discuss how you might improve it in the upcoming month.


The most recent full moon lands in your seventh house, which caters on partnerships and deals, making it an excellent time to address any problematic relationship dynamics in your life. It also lands opposite to Cancer within Capricorn, making Cancerians highly affected by this full moon. It's also a fantastic time to establish limits and cut ties with people who are more draining than uplifting. Something mentally taxing, unique to you, and done alone. What might this be about? Consider your personal objectives and desires for the Full Moon, as well as what you may do right now to help yourself. Use the energy of this full moon to push through to the finish line and resolve those unaddressed problems.


The full moon activates your work, routine, and health sixth house. This sort of powerful moon will cause you to consider the amount of energy you invest in your job or projects. Do you find yourself slipping into a pattern of self-sacrificing and putting job first? Do you truly love it or do you feel like you have to? This is an appropriate moment to say no, establish boundaries, and break pattern. You are meant to live the life you desire not the one others believe you should follow. You've decided to pursue your career goals, perhaps a new job, department, company, town or even country! What's the limit? Take a step back and consider your place in your job, as well as the connection between the two. What opportunities might open up if you relocated? Had a change of scenery, perhaps it's time to take a significant plunge.


The full moon moves through your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and love on this month's Full Moon in Capricorn. While this may appear appealing, Pluto's presence with the moon might cause you to focus more on your difficulties rather than your achievements in these areas. Are you having trouble generating ideas? Do you have a hard time integrating pleasure and happiness into your daily routine? It's possible that spending time with your inner child will provide some clues. You're about to start a project, course, business plan, or application that is ideally suited to your skill set, and you'll research and perform it privately, behind closed doors. It's something you take very seriously, and you don't want others interfering with.


Under this full moon, you'll face a lot of drama as it activates your fourth house of home, foundation, and family. It's probable that there will be some secrets or long-buried issues exposed as a result of Pluto's presence. Perhaps you've noticed a recurring behavior in your parents that you've acquired. As long as you're honest and sympathetic, and confront the darknesses, this can be a therapeutic period for the family.You are ruled by Venus, which reflects your high regard for pleasure. If it isn't enjoyable, you're not interested in it; to put it another way, this Full Moon is how you can increase joy, fun, and frolics into your professional life. Consider what you're missing that you want to add in 2022 regarding making work feel like play. Consider whether a year off, travel, a job that feels like play, or increased work/life flexibility, etc., are important to you. Think about how much fun the following tasks will be when they become unnecessary in 2022 this is a heavy and important full moon for you.


More info Scorpio, a powerful news or information may be on the verge of shattering your world. This full moon enters your third house, which is focused on communication, self-expression, and the intellect. Because of Pluto's involvement, the information you hear will probably be secret in nature, which may result in a significant shift in your thinking. You could finally recognize a poisonous dynamic or be ready to make a change in your life due to unhealthy connections. You're missing out on something from your past. It may be a job, a talent, a place, a colleague or superior, a goal or an activity. This Full Moon, take a stroll down memory lane and see where your gaze falls when it comes to reconnecting with something from your past and bringing it into your present work life. Perhaps you've never worked as a veterinarian before, but now that you're interested in the area, there's an opening for it. Perhaps your previous employer misses you. Perhaps there's someplace where things could be different this time around. Consider all your possibilities and follow your heart!


The full moon will pass through your second house of money, resources, and material possessions during your sign's first season. This is an opportunity to examine your feelings about instabilityDo you believe money is the root cause of all your problems? Is your fear logical or does it steam from trauma? You could be receiving a raise, promotion, or new job opportunity at this time of the month. The full moon also signifies significant milestones and transformations, so you might be experiencing one now. Sag, you're so eager for a new road that your thinking begins to conceive this fantastic opportunity. This Full Moon encourages you to let your imagination run rampant and unrestricted. Experiment with new things. You are ready for anything! Consider a different approach. Expand your horizons. Something fresh and remarkable is on the way, and you need to be prepared to convert that energy into a real career advancement. It's something exciting and inventive. And it's right around the corner!


It's time to start over, Capricorn, this is your season for a new beginning. Something you've been striving toward may finally be achieved, but the strain you've been carrying won't leave your mind. You have to let it go, in order to move forward. Shadow sides of your identity come out to play, and it’s easy to feel targeted and triggered under this moon. Be present with yourself. You’re diving into the emotional depths of your psyche and removing what you no longer need to carry. Soon, your burden will be lifted. Get comfy with your notebooks and candles and prepare for a night of pondering. You're going to think of something so fantastic that you can't wait to share it with the world! Cap, you are the CEO of your own destiny. You're in command of your life and you know, deep down inside, what the next move is. This specific moon will hit you hard but don't feel overwhelmed, know that these emotions are there for a reason and keep pushing through.



Is it possible that you've been a little too hard on yourself, Aquarius? If you've been working double shifts at the office and neglecting your health, this full moon may prompt a period of isolation for you. You'll need to relax and unwind.As the moon and Pluto enter your subconsciousness, suppressed memories from the past may resurface, allowing you to deal with, forgive yourself (if applicable), and let go of them. Allow your limiting ideas to take a back seat. You're feeling more inward and thoughtful, and now is a special moment to practice spiritual techniques that promote healing and growth. Talk to someone you can trust about your path, someone who has accumulated knowledge and experience, and discuss it with them. It's wonderful to clarify and express your ideas and emotions once you've bottled up so much stuff. They will subsequently take form and become something tangible that you can work on once you do. Take in the opinions and advice of others.


You may have a lot of strong emotional ties, Pisces, but you might question whether they're worth it. People in your social circle could surprise you or leave a bad taste in your mouth. The moon's conjunction with Pluto is here to help you establish personal limits and cut ties with people who aren't looking out for your interests. Keep going, keep surfing this wave, and building on the foundation you've already established. Head for pay raises, expansions, and even better things. Be proud of yourself; you are entitled to this and the Universe shares your opinion!This Full Moon is an excellent time to reflect on how you can get more of the same, how you may build upon what you've already accomplished and go above it. Set your goals high and think big! You can achieve anything you put your mind to. After all, you are a Pisces, and your intuition is spot on. Trust yourself more.

Super full moons are a great time to release what's no longer serving you, so that you can make space for what will. If you're holding onto something (job or person) that's weighing you down, this is the time to let it go. If there's something you've been wanting too manifest, this is the time to put your desires out there and trust that the Universe will help you get there. No matter what your sign is, we can all use a fresh start every once in awhile. So, let's make the most of this super full moon and set ourselves up for success!

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