Cancer, Are you ready for Love?

Cancer, Are you ready for Love?

Cancer, be prepared to experience a year of jubilation, celestial occurrences and adoration in 2023. After the difficulties endured during 2022 came to pass so that serenity could prevail this upcoming year! From retrogrades to chaotic eclipses, it is sure to be an unforgettable journey! However, no matter what the day brings your way, you are always resilient and emotionally savvy, remember your strength lies in your intuition and emotions. You certainly deserve to be acknowledged for being one of the most powerful zodiac signs out there! Your emotions are your super power, don't hide or deny them. Are you prepared to take on whatever comes your way in 2023 and make it the best year yet? You have what it takes! Then you need to check out our Astrology Self-care Calendar! It's chock full of all the advice and strategies you'll need. Plus, it just so happens that Mars - your ruling planet (fitting, right?) is still in retrograde when 2021 kicks off, so you'll be needing an extra hand at the start of this new year. So take advantage and stay ahead with this incredible tool!


This year is a particularly pivotal moment for Cancers and Cancer risings alike. On March 7, Saturn will enter Pisces, your ninth house of learning and exploration for the next two years. During this time you can look forward to exciting new possibilities in these areas! With Saturn's guidance, you will learn how to become more grounded in your convictions and disciplined as you carry out your practice. This important astrological force encourages a much-needed shift in perspective that enables us to live with greater realism. On March 23, Pluto will begin its transit into Aquarius and trigger a worldwide transformation that is sure to manifest over the course of two decades. As this transit transpires, your eighth house of creation and destruction will be illuminated. Cycles are never easy but they are necessary and you will find your fitting once again Cancer. On March 23, Mars enters Cancer and provides a surge of enthusiasm, strength, and dedication to all. Buckle up everybody -- these Cancers are coming out in full force this 2023! Learn to embrace your emotions and not fear them dear Cancer's, we recommend centering on your Heart chakra during this time. Check out our Heart chakra self-care products by Kalio. Combined with organic essential oils and 5 elements of energetic infusions, these products will help restore balance to the heart chakra - supporting you feeling full of love and compassion for self and others, peaceful, and empathetic.


Cancers are in for a treat this year, as 2023 is set to kick off and close with powerful full moons. On January 6th, the first of its kind will mark the start of an incredible journey. Then come December 26th, another full moon will light up your sky and bring closure to what's sure to be an epic adventure! It's important to remember that full moons signify the start of a new cycle, and when they fall under your sign, it's even more auspicious for manifestation.To put it simply, whatever you wish for in January is sure to manifest by December! With the moon being your planetary ruler, these lunar cycles have an especially profound effect on you compared to other signs. The same phenomenon applies to eclipses. On Thursday, April 20th, the new moon and solar eclipse in Aries are looming, so keep your eyes open for any potential effects. On Friday, May 5th, a full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio will light up your fifth House of Pleasure. On Saturday, October 14th the skies will be abuzz with a new moon and solar eclipse in Libra illuminating your fourth House of Home and Family. On the 28th of October, a remarkable celestial event will take place: The full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus. Embrace the time of eclipses with extra special self-care and relaxation, as they can be a chaotic time. Crafted from Sheesham wood & bronze, which is known as kansa in India, the Kansa Wand is “the official” Ayurvedic facial tool used for centuries to enhance skin health. Kansa is known for having the unique power to heal & restore due to its natural ability to balance pH. Our Kansa Wand is the ultimate skincare tool to help you achieve glowing, balanced skin. Not only does it bring out your best features by stimulating marma points on your face & body, but its unique properties balance all three doshas regardless of skin type! Get yours now and experience radiant results in no time.


Get ready for your social life to blossom in ways you never thought possible when Jupiter moves into Taurus and brings abundance to your 11th house of community, starting on May 16. Not only will you have the chance to form meaningful connections, but you may also quickly build strong bonds. Though, due to Jupiter's opposition with Pluto, your relationship with certain existing friends could face a shift in dynamics. On July 17th, the North Node of Destiny will come into your 10th house to encourage you on a path that leads straight to success. Embrace this opportunity and reach for your ambitions! 2023 could be your defining year, Cancer. On Thursday, June 22, the day after you kick off your season - Juno 'the asteroid of commitment' will enter in your sign and give you a new lease of life! If any changes occurred during a lunar eclipse or Pluto retrograde, it was simply meant to be. This transit enables you to take an existing connection more seriously or even meet someone who is worthy of your devotion. On Monday, July 3rd, this lunar cycle culminates with a beautiful full moon in Capricorn and your 7th House of Partnership. The majority of your celestial and romantic experiences will commence during the initial portion of this year, which is far from lackluster; in reality, it implies that any amorous difficulties you encounter can be swiftly resolved. After dedicating the first half of 2023 to hard work, you can reap all the rewards and luxuriate in love and pleasure for the remainder. Remember your deep connection with the moon and your ability to manifest during it with this gorgeous Opalite moon necklace. After a full moon (represented by the luminous opalite gemstone), the moon is referred to as “waning”. It is a period known for spiritual rebirth; during this time, we internally reflect on our accomplishments and evaluate what we can release as we set intentions for the new moon. Opalite, Moonstone, and Citrine are all powerful crystals that can help a Cancer sign foster strong connections with others. In particular, Opalite is known to boost their communication skills exponentially! Opalite is deeply meaningful to crystal healers, its beauty and energy speaking volumes. Opalite is seen as a symbol of youthful hope, joy and strength. Additionally, the primary colors blue and white that this gemstone usually possesses represent serenity, harmony and innocence. Check out Opalite pieces here!

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